Quiz: Is My Third Eye Open? Let’s Find Out by 20 Signs

This is the quiz you need if you ask yourself, “Is my third eye open?” Answer 20 meditation and spirituality questions to see if your Ajna is open or closed.

Is My Third Eye Open

How to Identify if Your Third Eye Is Open

Your third eye is open if you can perceive the higher realms of spirit and access higher divine awareness. The third eye (Ajna chakra) awakening is about opening the subtle sense organ for purposes beyond clairvoyance and psychic sight.

Find Out If Your Third Eye Is Open

One easy way to test your chakra is by taking a genuine online quiz. The questionary on this page is a set of spiritual questions that determine if your Anja is already open or you need more meditation. The goal is to assess your current devoutness and look for the signs of an awakened third eye to deliver reliable results.

Analyze Spiritual Signs

The first visible signs of having an open Anja are usually mind- and soul-related. You may not sense any difference in your body or physical aspects of life. But your perceptions, emotions, and decisions go through significant changes. The Third Eye Quiz analyzes the following aspects of your personality to see if you’re awakened.


When your third eye is open, you may face flashes of information and insights. It’s usually described as vivid and complicated ideas that appear out of nowhere, usually during meditation.


An undeniable sign of having an open Anja is becoming empathetic towards every living creature. People with an awakened third eye find it much easier to understand others’ feelings and respect them.


An open eye causes significant life changes. You find yourself drastically changing negative aspects of your everyday life, exchanging them with healthy productive habits.


Most chakra and meditation experts believe that an open third eye attracts positivity. So, one of the signs of having an awakened chakra is dealing with less negative energy throughout the day.

Inspect the Physical Signs

The Third Eye Quiz looks into the bodily characteristics of an open Anja. Spirituality is only one side of the journey. People with higher levels of awakening often report changes in their bodies and observable transformations. Here are the three primary signs the test inspects.

Pressure and tingling around the third eye area.

If you feel more pressure around the forehead and back of your head, your Anja might be opening. This is a sign you may experience in the early days of awakening. People who’ve had their chakra open report increased sensation around the said area for a couple of days, weeks, or even months.

Increased Chi or life energy.

Feeling more energetic is another sign of having an open third eye. You’d feel lively and active most of the day. And your meditations would become deeper and more vivid without any extra effort.

Altered vision.

Some may experience psychic sight or clairvoyance when their Anja opens. However, the most common sign is seeing vivid colors, having detailed dreams, and extremely focused meditation sessions. You’d feel like your eyes see the world differently, although you’d not necessarily see things.

2 Ways to Open Your Third Eye

You may be wondering if your third eye (Anja) is open. But what if the answer is no? Do you want to open it? If yes, how are you going to do so? Here’s what Sadhguru, an Indian yoga guru and author, says about opening your eye chakra. He believes there’re two ways to do so, either by emptying self from everything within or keeping it to the level of explosion.

Selflessness. The most challenging way of opening your third eye is by emptying your soul of everything it contains. You need to let go of every piece of your existence to push the door open and awaken your soul.

Abstinence. Another way to awaken your Anja is abstaining from expressions, keeping your soul filled with emotions, thoughts, and desires. This is a less challenging method and includes remaining silent for many days. But as Sadhguru explains, this is also a less reliable process as your soul might become contaminated again, leading to third eye closure.

How Accurate Is the Third Eye Quiz?

It’s a self-report test. So, the accuracy depends on your responses. We did our best, considering every aspect of having an open Anja. And you can get 100% reliable results if you answer every question precisely and honestly.

What Do I Do if the Quiz Said My Anja Is Open?

Many yoga and meditation enthusiasts ask themselves, “Is my third eye open?” But few of them actually expect to receive a positive answer. And that might confuse them about what to do next. If the quiz says you’re awakened, here’s a list of things you can do to maintain your spirituality.

Keep meditating. You can get to know your inner eye’s powers by meditating and focusing your energy. So, if your Anja is already open, do NOT stop the meditation. Instead, aim for deeper sessions and higher levels of concentration to achieve even more.

Remain humble. Having an open third eye is not something to brag about. Selflessness is one of the necessities of getting your Anja open. So, be a modest person and use your powers/skills to help others instead of making them feel jealous.

Aim for higher levels of divine awareness. There’s no limit when it comes to achieving divine intelligence and higher realms of spirit. So, don’t stop. Keep trying to access higher awareness by focusing on your third eye. But don’t push it too far because opening Anja requires patience and strong will.


The Third Eye Quiz is an entertaining test to analyze spiritual aspects of your life. Some of the signs discussed on the page, such as having visions, might be symptoms of mental disorders or diseases. Please, consult a doctor about the said signs and don’t associate them with yoga and meditation before making sure.

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