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Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You?

Street Fighter 6 Quiz

Take this Street Fighter 6 Quiz to see which character you are. Will your personality match the OG Ryu and Ken or the newly introduced JP, Marisa, and Kimberly?

This SF6 Personality Quiz Reveals the Fighter in You!

Have you ever wondered which Street Fighter character looks like you and shares the same personality? If yes, you’re on the right page. Our SF6 Personality Quiz exposes the fighter in you based on your appearance and MBTI.

The highly anticipated Street Fighter 6 has finally arrived after a long 7-year wait. And this latest installment features a mix of classic and new characters, with a total of 18 warriors, including 6 newcomers. That being said, Capcom’s new fighting game is sure to excite fans of the series.

But what many hardcore fans wonder is which of these ultimate warriors they resemble in real life. Are they the calm and stoic Ryu, the flamboyant Ken, the self-confident, or the hulk-looking Marisa?

The personality test on this page considers each of these fighters’ iconic features and compares them with your traits to discover the perfect doppelganger of yours.

Which Street Fighter 6 Character Are You?

Following Capcom’s successful remake of Resident Evil 4, gamers are soaked to try their hands at the latest installment of the Street Fighter series. But they’re also intrigued by the changes in characters and stories.

As revealed by the developers, SF6’s story follows the events of SF3 and takes place in the future. That’s why OG fighters like Ryu and Ken look much older than in the previous game.

However, the good news is that the original gang’s personalities aren’t changed that much. If you’re already familiar with the franchise’s iconic warriors, you can guess which one’s similar to you pretty much accurately. (Let the following descriptions help with that.)

·       Ryu

Now a middle-aged guy, Ryu has the same calm, serious, stoic personality in Street Fighter 6. But he seems to be even more concentrated on his battle skills, trying to compete with both the upcoming and experienced opponents.

·       Ken

The good old Ken in SF6 gives off the same showy, risk-taking, and fun-loving vibes. But his personality has clearly developed, as he seems to have a rather careful fighting style with more emphasis on technique—than flashiness.

·       Luke

Luke is now the new face of Street Fighter 6. Personality-wise, he is energetic, ambitious, confident, and charming, making him a more relatable character for the younger generation of players.

·       Chun-Li

SF6 preserves everything about Chun-Li’s personality. In the new game, she’s still a hardworking, determined, and intelligent officer who values justice above all and is not afraid of getting into a fight when opposers stand in her way.

All New Fighters Included

Along with the 12 original fighters, Street Fighter 6 has six new characters: Jamie, JP, Kimberly, Lily, Manon, and Marisa. And the cool thing about our SF6 Personality Quiz is that it includes all of them!

Right now, you have the opportunity to match one of the brand-new fighters of the series with our one-of-a-kind test. Even better, the results are super-accurate because they’re based on the characters’ MBTI types.

Street Fighter 6 Character MBTI
Ken Masters ESTP
Johann Pavlovich “JP” INTJ
Chun-Li ENFJ
Kimberly ENFP
Manon ENTJ
Jamie ESTP
Akuma ISTP


By the way, since SF6 added some new Role-Playing elements to the gameplay, you might want to check out our RPG Class Quiz next. It helps you prepare for the open-world progression mechanics.

Enter the World Warrior Championship Today

Do you still ask yourself, “Which Street Fighter 6 character am I?” If yes, why don’t you try our analytical and fun SF6 Quiz? The following questions determine which of the old or new fighters you are, and the results explain why we think you resemble a specific character IRL.

Let’s unveil the inner warrior in you and find your perfect match in the world of Street Fighter. 🥊👀


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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which character from Street Fighter 1 deserves a better fate?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 1
    • Eagle was cool

    • I don't know

    • Gen

    • Geki

    • Retsu

    • Lee

  • 2
    Which fighting style is your favorite?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 2
    • Creative

    • Strength-orientated

    • Risky

    • Unpredictable

    • Reaction- and counterattack-orientated

    • Slow but steady

  • 3
    How would you treat a Shadaloo gang member?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 3
    • I would ignore them

    • I would crush them

    • I would take them down with precision

    • I would beat them in a flashy way

    • I would offer them a duel

    • I would befriend them

  • 4
    What kind of Street Fighter characters do you usually main?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 4
    • Fast and agile ones

    • Powerhouses

    • Well-rounded ones

    • Flashy and stylish ones

    • Classic ones

    • The tricky ones

  • 5
    What’s the best strategy for winning Street Fighter matches?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 5
    • Keep moving and stay unpredictable

    • Use your strength to overpower your opponent

    • Strike with precision and speed

    • Use flashy moves to stun your opponent

    • Master the basics and outsmart your opponent

    • Use your experience and knowledge to outmaneuver your opponent

  • 6
    What type of combos are your favorite?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 6
    • Hard to predict

    • The ones that showcase my power

    • The ones that flow smoothly

    • The ones that look cool

    • The ones that are classic and effective

    • The ones that catch my opponent off guard

  • 7
    What's your Street Fighter character's backstory like?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 7
    • Relatable or modern

    • Epic

    • Funny

    • Action

    • Tragic

    • Mysterious

  • 8
    How would you describe your fashion taste in one word?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 8
    • Eclectic

    • Bold

    • Trendy

    • Flashy

    • Traditional

    • Understated

  • 9
    Which one could be your hobby?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 9
    • Dancing

    • Bodybuilding

    • Playing video games

    • Performing stunts

    • Meditating

    • Collecting antique weapons

  • 10
    On a scale of 0 to 10, how aggressive are you?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 10
    • 6

    • 9

    • 8

    • 7

    • 5

    • 4

  • 11
    What makes Street Fighter a unique video game franchise?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 11
    • The diverse cast of characters

    • Emphasis on strength and power

    • Fast-paced and exciting gameplay

    • Flashy and entertaining moves

    • Focus on martial arts and discipline

    • Legacy and history

  • 12
    Which Street Fighter villain do you dislike the most?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 12
    • M. Bison

    • Vega

    • Juri

    • Balrog

    • Sagat

    • Gill

  • 13
    Which of the following Street Fighter installments is the best?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 13
    • Street Fighter II

    • Street Fighter Alpha 2

    • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    • Street Fighter IV

    • Street Fighter V

    • Street Fighter EX

  • 14
    Do you watch anime? If yes, what type?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 14
    • Mecha anime

    • Sports anime

    • Action anime

    • Romance anime

    • Samurai anime

    • Mystery anime

  • 15
    What makes a Street Fighter character iconic?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 15
    • Unique personality

    • Physical appearance and strength

    • Memorable moves and combos

    • Entertaining and flashy fighting style

    • Classic and timeless design

    • Mysterious and intriguing backstory

  • 16
    What’s one feature that any Street Fighter should have?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 16
    • Quick reflexes and agility

    • Raw strength and power

    • Precision and accuracy

    • Flashy and entertaining moves

    • Discipline and focus

    • Experience and knowledge

  • 17
    What would you do after winning the World Warrior Championship?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 17
    • Celebrate with my friends and fans

    • Train even harder to defend my title

    • Use my victory to inspire others

    • Take a break and relax for a while

    • Continue to seek out new opponents and challenges

    • Reflect on my journey and experiences

  • 18
    What kind of body would you choose for your Street Fighter persona?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 18
    • Slim and agile

    • Muscular and bulky

    • Lean and toned

    • Athletic and streamlined

    • Balanced and proportional

    • Lean and wiry

  • 19
    In a word, how do you feel about training?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 19
    • Disgusted

    • Motivated

    • Focused

    • Enthusiastic

    • Committed

    • Serene

  • 20
    Of the following options, which one is your favorite martial arts style?
    Street Fighter 6 Quiz. Which Character Are You? 20
    • I don’t know any of them

    • Wrestling

    • Muay Thai

    • Shotokan Karate

    • Ansatsuken

    • Ninjutsu

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