Resident Evil 4 Remake Quiz: Just Real Fans Can Score 80%

This Resident Evil 4 Remake Quiz reveals how well you know the game. Only true RE4 fans can beat this trivia test and score more than 80%.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Quiz

The Hardest Resident Evil 4 Remake Quiz

The RE4 Remake Quiz is a trivia test with 20 questions. It is based on the recent changes to the 2005 Resident Evil 4’s lore and gameplay in the 2003 remake.

Resident Evil 4 is a third-person shooter about Leon, a special force agent, who’s on a mission to save the president’s daughter, Ashely. The original game hit consoles in 2005, but its remake was released in 2023 with significant improvements.

With the current test, you can see if you know this video game well enough to call yourself a true fan. The following questions challenge your lore, gameplay, and easter egg knowledge to reveal how big of an RE4 fan you are.

RE4 Remake Question Difficulty
How old is Ashley in the RE4 remake? Easy
What is the most powerful gun in the game? Normal
How many treasures are in the RE4 remake? Hard


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The Test Includes Trivia, Easter Eggs, and Lore Questions

Like previous remakes of RE2 and 3, the remake of Resident Evil 4 comes with countless easter eggs and missable details. The quiz, therefore, includes challenging questions about the subtle nods and references that only diehard RE4 fans would notice.

How to Interpret Your RE4 Remake Quiz Scores

The test rules are simple: You get one point for each correct answer. But what does your final score mean? The higher you score, the better you know the RE4 remake and the higher you rank on the leaderboard.

0-5 Points: Rookie Officer

Having five or fewer correct answers means you’re new to the franchise. Like a rookie officer from Racoon City, you have no idea what’s happening in the Village; you just want to go home.

6-10 Points: Trained Soldier

You know some stuff about RE games, but you’re just trying to disguise yourself as a real fan. Scoring 10 points or less is a huge sign that you don’t know RE4 that well.

11-15 Points: Racoon City Survivor

Although not quite impressive, a score of 11 to 15 means you’ve been around for a while. You have that basic knowledge a player needs to navigate through the remake’s missions.

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16-19 Points: Plagas Expert

Impressive. A score of 16 to 19 indicates you’re either a veteran fan who’s been around since the original game or a new fan obsessed with the remake. Either way, you deserve to be in the RE4 remake fan club. Congrats, soldier.

20 Points: Leon, the Professional

You’re among the top 1% of Resident Evil 4 fans. A perfect score on this quiz is as rare as it gets. But true gamers like you make it look easy.

Test Your RE4 Remake Knowledge Now!

Time to expose fake fans. The following RE4 remake questions determine how well you know the franchise and what kind of player you are—a rookie, a veteran, or a professional.

Hit the start button and let the Leon S. Kennedy in you out.


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