Hogwarts Legacy Quiz. Just Pro Fans Score 80%

With the Hogwarts Legacy Quiz, you get your knowledge about the game tested and receive your witch or wizard rank.

Hogwarts Legacy Quiz

Hogwarts Legacy Quiz Explained

Comprised of 20 trivia questions, the Hogwarts Legacy Quiz determines how well you know the game. It differs from the actual trivia in the game and comes with unique gameplay and story questions.

For those unfamiliar, Hogwarts Legacy is an Action-RPG game by Avalanche Software inspired by the Harry Potter series. The game replicates the experience of becoming a wizarding world student and learning magical spells while fighting beasts and evil creatures.

With the current quiz, however, you get to see how much you know about this game—and how advanced of a player you’ve become.

Here are some example questions that you may find in the Hogwarts Legacy Test.

Trivia Difficulty
Who created the original Pepperup Potion? Easy
How many professors are in Hogwarts Legacy? Normal
Who killed Emeric the Evil? Hard


What Do Your Scores Mean?

A cool thing about the Hogwarts Legacy Quiz is that it gives you a score. By the end of the test, you realize how good of a student you have been and how bright your future might be as a witch or wizard. But what do these scores mean? Here’s a quick guide.

0-9 points: Novice Student

Scoring below 10 points is disappointing. It means you don’t know much about Hogwarts Legacy and have much to explore.

10-16 points: Spell Grinder

A score between 10 to 16 is meh. It means that you’re not a pro-Hogwarts Legacy player. But you know enough about spells and potions to survive.

17-19 points: Hogwarts Oldie

Answering 17 to 19 questions correctly is quite impressive. It means that you’re a seasoned Hogwarts student who knows about Harry Potter wands, mythical creatures, and top-secret details in the game.

20 points: Perfect Sorcerer

Only a true witch or wizard can get a perfect score on the Hogwarts Legacy Quiz. And if you did get that, you’re a legend. Basically, you’re like one of the main characters in Harry Potter movies.

Ready to Test Your Hogwarts Legacy Knowledge?

Players have a ton of secrets and easter eggs to discover in the Hogwarts Legacy’s open-world map. But the question is, how much have you discovered so far?

We dare you to take the Hogwarts Legacy Quiz to see if you’re a professor-level player or just a newbie student.

Hit the start button, and let’s cast some spells.



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