Red White And Royal Blue Quiz. Which Character Are You?

This ‘Red White And Royal Blue Quiz’ reveals if you’re Alex, Henry, Nora, or another character from the film and the novel.

Red White And Royal Blue quiz

The First MBTI-Based RWRB Quiz!

With 20 romance questions, the Red, White & Royal Blue quiz determines which character from the book or movie adaptation you are.

Written by Casey McQuiston, Red, White & Royal Blue is a queer love novel. The story revolves around Alex and Henry, two young men of royal descent who develop a romantic relationship despite their rocky past. Additionally, the book has been adapted into a movie by Prime Video, featuring a cast including Nicholas Galitzine, Taylor Zakhar Perez, and Rachel Naomi Hilson.

The RWRB Personality Quiz compares your MBTI with those of the book and movie characters to identify the most similar one.


Red, White & Royal Blue Character MBTI
Alex Claremont-Diaz ENTP
Henry of Wales INFJ
Elen Claremont ENTJ
Nora Holleran ESFP
Princess Bea ISFP
The King ESTJ


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Discover Your Red, White & Royal Blue Character

What kind of personality would you have if you lived as a prince or the first son/daughter of your nation? Well, the RWRB Quiz has the answer. By finding your soulmate or counterpart in the movie and book, you get a glimpse of your royal persona—and your possible love interest.

If you can’t wait to see the test results, find your Red, White & Royal Blue match using the following descriptions.

Alex Claremont-Diaz

If you’re known for your charm, righteousness, and confidence, you’re a perfect match for Alex from Red, White & Royal Blue. Personality-wise, Alex is a bold, ambitious, and political young man with an altruistic attitude.

Prince Henry

You’re a match for Henry of Wales if you’re gentle, kindhearted, and introverted. Known for his contemplative character, Henry is a rather reserved royal family member who values deep relationships and true love above all else.

Nora Holleran

Those RWRB fans with an energetic, supportive, and loyal persona would match Nora. Nora is Alex’s BFF and one of the key characters in the story. She’s impulsive, fierce, and non-confirming, making her rather a role model for conservative characters like Henry.

Including Excluded Characters from the Book

After watching the movie, Red, White & Royal Blue readers couldn’t help but notice the omission of some main characters, such as Princess Catherine. But the good news is that the RWRB Quiz includes all the OG—as well as new characters like Miguel Ramos from the Prime adaptation.

Meet Your Royal Doppelganger Now

By answering the rom-com-themed questions on this page, you get to see which Red, White & Royal Blue character matches your personality. Do you want to see which romantic lover—Alex or Henry—looks like you? You’re on the right page!

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Now, let’s discover which royal or political figure you would be if you were a part of the Red, White & Royal Blue universe.


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