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Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You?

Pikmin Quiz

Are you the Red, Yellow, Blue, or Purple? Take this Pikmin quiz to see which creature matches your personality.

The Pikmin Quiz, Explained

It is a personality quiz with 20 questions that reveals what type of half-plant, half-animal creature lives in you.

Paving the way for games like Tinykin, Pikmin is a puzzle-strategy video game by Nintendo, following the journeys of a space explorer on a mysterious Earth-like planet, PNF-404. In the game, Pikmin are alien life forms that look like both animals and planets.

With the personality test on this page, fans of Pikmin games get to figure out which of the franchise’s iconic characters they resemble in real life—and why.

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Find Your Pikmin Based on MBTI

Although Pikmin’s lore doesn’t emphasize these creature’s personalities, players know that each comes with a set of unique characters. For this reason, we’ve divided all types into different MBTI groups, making it easier—and more accurate—for you to find your doppelganger.

If you’re too impatient to wait for the Pikmin Quiz results, use the following table to see which Pikmin looks like you the most.

Yellow ENFP
Purple ISTP
White INTP
Winged ENFJ


Which OG or New Pikmin Are You

Back in the day, there were only colored Pikmin. But with the release of new-gen installments, new types and species are introduced to the franchise. But the big question is, which one do you belong in? The old, colorful gang or the new, specialized group? This quiz reveals the answer.


Also known as the Pikachu of the Pikmin franchise, Red are iconic creatures with memorable characteristics. Personality-wise, they seem brave, passionate, and risk-taking, as they’re usually in the frontline fighting enemies—or dealing with obstacles.


Known for their flying abilities, the Winged are free-spirited and adaptable. Unlike most other creatures, these accept the change and find their feet in new situations quickly.


One of the new gang members, Ice Pikmin, was introduced in the 2023 installment, Pikmin 4. These creatures might seem cold and distant at first, but they are actually quite helpful and practical, with a knack for building a path when the players hit a dead end.


Strong and resilient, the Rock Pikmin are reliable allies who won’t let obstacles stop them; they destroy everything that stands in their way. Personality-wise, the Rock is quiet, introverted, and determined.

Good News: You Might Match Oatchi!

With the release of Pikmin 4, Nintendo fans met a new species that, despite looking nothing like iconic Pikmin, has stolen everyone’s heart quickly. That being said, Oatchi, the space dog in Pikmin, has made its way to the 2023 Game, and participants might match this friendly puppy—if they’re lucky.

Needless to say, you might also match the myth, the legend himself: Captain Olimar. Although quite rare, some people who take the test end up matching the strange and tiny adventurer instead of those colored alien plant-animal beings.

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What Kind of Pikmin Inhabits in You?

Are you ready to find out which one looks like you? Take this Nintendo-esque quiz and expose your inner explorer so we can determine which one you are.

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Now, let’s travel to PNF-404 and find out which Pikmin you are with a bunch of entertaining—and quite nostalgic—questions.


QuizExpo does not own the images in the quiz and intends no copyright infringement. Nintendo owns all the said pictures.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Your spaceship is broken. What’s the plan?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 1
    • See if everyone’s okay

    • Catch a breath and calm down

    • Look for the problem in the ship

    • Start building a base and gathering food

    • Nothing. Just lay there and feel miserable

  • 2
    How would you react if you saw an alien?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 2
    • Smile and wave

    • Hide and observe

    • Go ahead and say high

    • Prepare for a possible threat

    • Ignore them and mind my own business

  • 3
    What type of plants could be your favorite?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 3
    • Cute and common ones

    • Tall and wild ones

    • Exotic and expensive ones

    • Resilient and tough ones

    • I don’t like plants that much

  • 4
    Which one could be your go-to color combo?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 4
    • Pink and white

    • Green and coral

    • Red and silver

    • Black and teal

    • Blue and yellow

  • 5
    What type of video games do you usually play?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 5
    • Things like Animal Crossing

    • I like simulation games

    • I prefer strategy or puzzle games

    • I like action or shooter stuff

    • I play whatever game that’s poppin’

  • 6
    How would you describe the Pikmin franchise?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 6
    • Lovely

    • Inspiring

    • Nostalgic

    • Challenging

    • Meh

  • 7
    How many Pikmin games have you played?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 7
    • I’ve only played the 2023 version (Pikmin 4)

    • Pikmin 2

    • All of them

    • I think I’ve only played Pikmin 3

    • Pikmin 1; That’s all

  • 8
    What type of Pikmin is your jam?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 8
    • Cute

    • Multi-tasker

    • Aggressive

    • Strong

    • Calm

  • 9
    Which one better describes your problem-solving strategy?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 9
    • Negotiation

    • Workaround

    • Trial and error

    • Persistence

    • Just ask for help

  • 10
    How do you deal with complicated puzzles?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 10
    • I ask for someone’s help

    • I analyze its mechanics

    • I try different things until one eventually works

    • I get mad and try to avoid it

    • I take my time and solve it slowly

  • 11
    What makes the Pikmin franchise memorable?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 11
    • Story

    • Puzzles

    • Pikmin themselves

    • Level design

    • I don’t think it’s that memorable

  • 12
    What did you think of the latest installment, Pikmin 4?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 12
    • I LOVED it

    • It was fun

    • I was a bit disappointed

    • It wasn’t the best Pikmin game, but I liked it

    • I didn’t enjoy it at all

  • 13
    Which is the ideal way of using Pikmin in the game?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 13
    • Sporadically (careful strategy)

    • Specialized (adaptive strategy)

    • All-out (aggressive strategy)

    • Slowly (defensive strategy)

    • Stealthily (sneaky strategy)

  • 14
    Would you consider becoming the leader or the Pikmin?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 14
    • No, I’d like to be one of them

    • Not really, but it depends

    • Yes, I’d love to

    • I’d do that if they really need me

    • Meh, whatever

  • 15
    What would it be if your friends had to describe you in one word?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 15
    • Loyal

    • Agreeable

    • Crazy

    • Trustworthy

    • Unique

  • 16
    How often do you play Pikmin games?
    • Currently, every day!

    • When I have free time

    • It used to be every day

    • A couple of hours a week

    • I haven’t played it recently

  • 17
    What other Nintendo games do you enjoy as much as Pikmin?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 16
    • Animal Crossing

    • Kirby

    • Pokemon

    • Super Smash Bros

    • Mario

  • 18
    Choose a word that you can relate to.
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 17
    • Fluffy

    • Sky

    • Fight

    • Survive

    • Alone

  • 19
    Which one could be your lucky number?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 18
    • 7

    • 111

    • 69

    • 1

    • I don’t believe in lucky number stuff

  • 20
    Final question: How old are you?
    Pikmin Quiz (Ver 4). Which Pikmin Are You? 19
    • 16 or younger

    • 17-18

    • 19-24

    • 25-28

    • 29 or older

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