NHL Best Friend Quiz. 🏒 Reveal Your Hockey Player Bestie

The NHL Best Friend Quiz is a personality analyzer to reveal your hockey player bestie. See which National Hockey League star would vibe with you.

NHL Best Friend Quiz

What’s the Deal?

The NHL Best Friend Quiz consists of 15 questions inspired by the National Hockey League. It identifies which player would be your bestie by comparing your personality traits with those of the top athletes. Think of it as a friendship test, except you’re paired with NFL stars.

You might be asking, “How does the test work?” It’s an MBTI-based process. We’ve compiled a list of hockey players’ personality types that serves as the quiz’s database. Your responses will, therefore, trigger this database, exposing your respective pal.

Here’s a sample of the NHL MBTI database we use:

Connor McDavid ISTJ
Wayne Gretzky ISTP
Steven Stamkos ESTP
Evgeni Malkin ISFJ
Cale Maker INFJ


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Who’s in the Test?

We have included players from the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs along with those in the top-performing skaters. However, to spice up the results, the NHL Best Friend Quiz also contains names from the Fantasy Hockey Top 200 list.

Basically, all the cool ones are here. By taking the test, you get a chance of befriending world-known athletes. And better yet, you find out why you two make a good duo.

Why Bother to Take this NHL Quiz?

It’s one thing to root for a hockey player, it’s a whole other story to have a hockey player best friend. The chances of finding an NHL pal in real life might be close to zero. But hey, you can still see which player would vibe with you. All you need to do is let this test analyze your personality.

By the way, our quiz is totally free (no personal info required). Press start, answer questions, get results. That’s all.

Ready to Meet Your NHL Besite?

Looking to know which National Hockey League player could be your best friend? You’re on the right page. The following questions compare your traits with actual hockey stars, revealing the ones who would surely get along with you.

Next stop? The NFL Quiz. (It’ll prove you don’t know much about this sport.)


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