Quiz: Which Tennis Player Are You? In 2024 Famous Players

This personality quiz can tell which tennis player you are after analyzing your characteristics (and playstyle, if you’re a tennis player yourself).

Which Tennis Player Are You

2023 brought some tennis highlights, like Djokovic tearing his shirt off after the Alcaraz match and Nadal confirming retirement post-2024. However, setting aside these controversies, my primary focus, as a devoted tennis fan, is on a lighthearted question: Which tennis player are you?

For fellow tennis enthusiasts like me, I’ve crafted an entertaining personality quiz that aligns your traits with some of the greatest players of our era. If you share my passion for the sport, you’re bound to find this quiz enjoyable—I can guarantee that.

Reveal the Tennis Player in You

With 15 sports and personality questions, the Tennis Player Quiz pairs you with one of the world’s top players—Novak, Rafael, Roger, Coco, Serena, and others. The test is unique in that it draws inspiration from both the play style and off-court persona of these players. When it matches you to a star, it offers a multi-layered comparison, envisioning you as a real-world tennis player.

If you’re wondering about our expertise on the topic, rest assured that our team has set records with the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL Player Quizzes. Basically, our sports editorial team, a bunch of Wimbledon enthusiasts, brings their nerdy expertise to the game.

Want to find the tennis player in you on your own? The following descriptions will help.

Top Tennis Players’ Personalities and MBTIs

Below, you can find a list of the best tennis players and their personalities—as well as their MBTIs.

  • Novak Djokovic (ESTP): Known for his confidence and discipline, Novak is a goal-oriented, level-headed, and mentally tough tennis player.
  • Roger Federer (ISFJ): Roger’s stylishness makes him an iconic player. On the court, he’s an elegant and swift opponent. Off the court, he’s a humble, charismatic, and composed guy.
  • Coco Gauff (INFJ): A rising star in WTA, Coco is renowned for her youthful energy and influential personality. When she’s not playing tennis, you can find Coco advocating for social justice and equality—exhibiting a maturity beyond her age.
  • Serena Williams (ESFP): Determined, independent, and competitive, Serena—one of the most admired female tennis players of all time—has a calm and approachable personality.

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Find Your Match in ATP & WTA with a Quiz

The Tennis Player Personality Quiz pinpoints the top player with a personality similar to yours. We’ve gathered a database of current sports stars and have analyzed both their on and off-court personas for accurate and enjoyable matches.

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