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How do you react when a friend opens up to you?
  • a

    I be supportive and attentive

  • b

    I’m usually agreeable and offer solutions

  • c

    I’m slightly reserved, direct, and bored

  • d

    I be disinterested and avoid involvement


Question 1: How do you react when a friend opens up to you?

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Do you want to know how likable you are? Take this likable person test to see how popular you are among your friends.

The Likable Person Test, Explained

With 20 personality questions, the likable person test determines if you are affable. It analyzes the first impression you leave on people to estimate how likable you are.

While likability is a subjective matter, there are universal attributes that make someone seem friendly—or offensive. Empathy, for example, is a crucial factor in interpersonal relationships, deciding whether a person is relatable or not.

The test on this page factors 20 social likability signs to reveal how your personality is perceived by others—especially when they don’t know you that well.

How Likable Are You?

You are a likable person if you have empathy for others, are an active listener, take an interest in others, and appreciate a good sense of humor. Generally, the more positive energy you spread, the more likable you seem.

However, determining how likable you are by general standards is challenging because people often have unique perceptions of friendliness. While some might think you give off positive vibes, others might assume you’re intimidating.

What Makes a Person Likable?

Likableness corresponds with kindness, empathy, authenticity, and a positive attitude. A person, therefore, is likable if they care about others, are nice to them, and treat them with respect. Other traits that make someone amiable are confidence, humor, and optimism.

How to Know if You’re Unlikable?

Usually, you feel people don’t like you when they refuse to have eye contact, avoid hanging out with you, and have defensive body language around you. With that being said, here are signs you’re an unlikeable person:

Take This Test to Measure Your Likableness

Do you still ask yourself, “Am I likable?” If yes, take this friendliness quiz to see how affable you are. The following questions analyze twenty personality traits to reveal if others would actually like you.

You can also try our Social Awkwardness Test next, as it identifies if your below-average social skills negatively affect your popularity.

Now, let’s find out how likable you are with a bunch of relatable questions. 🤗💗