Why Am I So Tired Quiz. Results Are Based on 2024 Research

Why Am I So Tired Quiz is the best bet for the chronically weary ones. It has 20 questions about your lifestyle and habits to discover why you always feel tired.

Why Am I So Tired Quiz

What Does “Feeling Tired All the Time” Mean?

According to Dr. Dominic Rowley, Medical Director at Let’s Get Checked, “feeling tired all the time” is how people describe constant or chronic fatigue. It is an extreme or out-of-control feeling of exhaustion that affects daily life, reducing their productivity.

Explaining the ‘Why Am I So Tired Quiz’

Our quiz has two sets of questions. In the first part, you go through a self-report type of questionary about your lifestyle. The second part, however, is about your body, diet, and your overall well-being. More on this below.

Stage #1: Examining the External Factors

The Why Am I So Tired Quiz focuses on your daily life and routine before anything else. Dr. Rowley believes that external dynamics such as a stressful working environment might cause chronic fatigue. But that is only one possible influencing factor. Answering our questions helps us identify what external reasons cause your constant tiredness—if there are any.

Stage #2: Examining the Internal Factors

The second part of the Why Am I So Tired Quiz is all about your body, health, and diet. Dr. Rowley suggests that lack of specific vitamins, Anemia, or diabetes-like diseases are among the top reasons people struggle with low energy and weariness.

Note: depression is one of the common internal causes of lack of energy. We recently created a quiz for those wondering, “Am I Depressed?” It can help you figure out if such mental illnesses are reducing your daily energy.

Final Stage: Calculating the Results

Our algorithms analyze your responses after you pass the two stages of the test. It usually takes a few seconds before you see the results on your screen. And the whole process is 100% free.

6 Genuine Reason You Ask, “Why Am I So Tired?”

Dr. Mike Hansen, a well-known YouTube personality, suggests six energy vampires that cause fatigue. He believes that the following elements are the most common reason you ask, “Why am I so tired?”

#1: You Do NOT Have any Sleep Hygiene

It has nothing to do with taking showers before bed or stuff like that. Sleep Hygiene refers to a series of habits that lead to adequate and sufficient rest during the night. Here is a list of things to do before you go to bed to enhance your bedtime hygiene:

  • Turn off your electronic devices at least two hours before going to bed.
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Do not read, text, or eat in your bed. Use it only for one purpose, sleeping.
  • Find a sufficient amount of daily sleep for your body. (It should be a number between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day).
  • Do not drink coffee or alcohol at least 6 hours before your bedtime.

#2: Your Activity Level Is Low

One of the reasons you searched for a Why Am I So Tired Quiz is that you are inactive. The more you keep your body in the rest mode, the less it will produce ATP or Mitochondria. Eventually, you will feel exhausted even though you haven’t done any intense physical or mental activity.

According to a 2008 study by the University of Georgia, students with a moderate exercise schedule reported having more energy during the day. The said students worked out for three days per week. And they claimed to feel less fatigued throughout the week.

#3: You Are Stressed—Most of the Time

Dr. Hansen says, “too much stress reduces the Cortisol level in your body. And that leads to decrease of ATP which provides energy to cell molecules.” So, as soon as you become uncontrollably anxious, your body starts feeling tired and drained.

#4: Your Diet Is Not Sufficient

People are more likely to ask, “Why am I so tired?” when they do not consume sufficient foods. A diet that lacks vitamins and proteins is not able to provide your body with enough energy. That is why you feel worn out no matter how much sleep you got.

#5: Your Drink Choice Is Poor

One of the things we inspect in the Why Am I So Tired Quiz is your drink choice. Are you are a coffee person? Do you prefer to have a shot before going to bed? How much water do you drink during the day? These are all types of questions that determine why you feel jaded and tired.

#6: You Are Depressed

Depression, anxiety, and an isolated social life can cause chronic exhaustion.

How Can You Fight Fatigue Back?

Regardless of the Why Am I So Tired Quiz’s results, the following actions can improve your energy level.

20-Minute Exercise Plan

You do not need to have an intense workout plan. Studies show that people get the best results when they follow a moderate exercise routine. In the University of Georgia’s study, students with a three-day-a-week schedule reported the most positive effects.

Quitting Caffeine Before Bed

Caffeine addicts usually ask, “Why am I so tired when I wake up?” That is primarily due to their inadequate sleeping routine. Experts suggest having no caffeinated or sugary drinks six or eight hours before going to bed. That is how you can reduce the effects of such drinks on your overall energy.

Consuming Vitamin- and Protein-Rich Food

Eat foods that are rich in vitamin B12 and D. These are the substances your body needs to produce strength.

Getting 20-Minutes of Sunlight Per Day

No sunlight, no vitamin D. Even with a sufficient diet, your body cannot produce enough vitamin D per day. So, it is vital to be in the sunlight for at least 20 minutes per day. If that is not the case, consult your doctor and ask them to prescribe you the right type of supplements.

Things to Do After the Why Am I So Tired Quiz

You should see a doctor if your fatigue does not go away. A disorder such as Systematic Exertion Intolerance might be the real reason you always feel tired. And the said disorder should be treated in a clinical environment—through prescribed medicine.

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