What Should I Do Today? Free Quiz With +30 Amazing Ideas

Are you desperately asking, what should I do today? Here is a quiz that can generate unique and amazing ideas of what to do today. It saves your day.

What Should I Do Today

Take a Quiz to Tell You What to Do Today—Because!

Understandably, the whole quarantine and lock-down thing left us bored. So, looking for new things to do has kind of became a part of daily life. The What Should I Do Today quiz is the ultimate tool you need to help with that. It generates random fun ideas based on your mood, schedule, interests, and relationship status. (More on this below).

Note: if your feelings are existential, it is probably a better idea to take our What Should Do with My Life quiz. It helps you figure out how you should prepare for your future—rather than planning for one day only.

What to Do Generator Explained

The test has 20 funny but crucial questions to help us come up with cool ideas that actually match your personality. But finding something to do takes more than that. So, we tried to categorize the test into four primary sections, mood, relationship status, current situation, and interests.


If we were to have a wild guess about your mood, we would probably be like, “bored?” That is because you literally searched for what should I do today (or something like that). But wait; that does not explain everyone’s mood properly. During the first section of the quiz, you help us figure out how you feel right now. And that will help us generate ideas that do not disappoint you.

Relationship Status

It matters if you are single, married, quarantined with a stranger, or casually hanging out with your friends despite the pandemic. The second phase of the test helps us answer “what should I do today?” in a way that you, your partner, family, or friends won’t feel left alone.

Current Situation

Let’s face it; the world is not as predictable as it was two years ago. Some states allow people to gather around, while others require you to get vaccinated before doing so. The third section of our quiz focuses on how things are going down where you live. And it is not only going to be about rules and regulations. We need more than that!


Okay, pretty generic, right? We ask what you like and then tell you to do the exact same thing. But hey, that is not how our quiz works. Yes, we do want to know what your interests are. HOWEVER, that will only help us figure out what type of person you are. So, trust us—please?

Why You Always be Like, “What Should I Do Today?”

Boredom is one of the oldest concepts when it comes to abstract stuff. Some suggest that even ancient people—with all the challenges in their daily lives—struggled with it. So, why do we get bored and why it makes us wonder, “what should I do today?” Here are a couple of possible reasons.

Reason #1: You Have Lots of Unplanned Free Time

You might feel like leisure time is all you need to get rid of your uninteresting life. But the truth is that one of the main reasons people face an existential crisis is that they have too much vacation. You will probably hate us for pointing it out, but it is a fact.

Those with no scheduled routine are always soon to get bored and complain about lack of fun.

Reason #2: You Actually Have NO Free Time

The opposite of the first reason can also make you go, ugh! What should I do today? Busy individuals often find themselves surrounded with tasks, like, all the time. And things get even worse when they do not enjoy their job.

Reason #3: It Is the Way Your Brain Works

Let’s get scientific. Some of you reading this post have fewer dopamine receptors than others. So, explained in a simplistic attitude, you need lots of stimulation to feel a bit happy and excited. For some of you, it is even worse—they have dopamine deficiency which makes it nearly impossible to enjoy small happenings.

For those unfamiliar, it is something that affects the way you experience pleasure. So, no “doppies,” no fun. If you are constantly like, what should I do today? (even when you already have a plan), maybe it is because you cannot produce enough dopamine. Sad story.

Reason #4: You Have Been Quarantined. Yeah.

You are used to seeing people wondering, what should I do in quarantine? Or what to do when stuck at home? That is because this whole quarantine thing gave us tons of free time and a bunch of boring options on how to use it.

So, a friendly reminder that it is okay to feel tired, jaded, and irked (if that is a thing). Being locked down was never going to be easy. And we are proud of you for making it this far.

Is It Bad to Get Bored and Ask, What Should I Do Today?

Not at all. Everyone gets bored no matter what they do or how old they are. Scientists also claim that the first evidence of people struggling with boredom has been found in the remains of the ancient city of Pompeii. So, it is pretty generic for our species to feel this way once in a while.

How to Use Boredom as a Tool to Tell You What to Do

Your brain’s activity drops by 5% when you feel uninterested. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Studies show that some parts of your brain function better in that very same state. In other words, you can teach yourself to use boredom as a source of creativity and find the answer to, “what should I do today?”

Things your brain does better in a boring state.

Recalling Autobiographical Memories

Use it as a power resource to write a journey. People are more open to nostalgia when they are bored. So, wondering what you should do today? Make a short autobiography or write down a couple of sentences about your happiest memories. You will be surprised by the details you remember at such a low time.

Conceiving the Thoughts and Feelings of Others

Maybe you should take an interest in the lives of your loved ones today. Yes, you heard it right. One of the things your brain does when bored is considering what others’ feelings and thoughts are. So, use it as an opportunity to have a deep conversation with someone you care about. It will help you know them even better.

Conjuring Hypothetical Events

It is a fact. When you are bored, your brain is slightly more creative. That is because it does its best to find something interesting and survive the uninteresting situation. So, if you are wondering what you should do today, just start daydreaming. If it feels like you are wasting your time, write your thoughts down and turn them into a short science-fiction story.

The Ultimate Prompt List of What Should I Do Today

You can still take our quiz to come up with awesomely cool ideas on how to spend your day. But in case you are not ready, here is a list of 29 things to do by yourself or with a partner during quarantine.

  1. Read one of your childhood books.
  2. Write a letter to your older self and keep it safe for the upcoming years.
  3. Create a time capsule and bury it in your yard.
  4. Hold a long-distance Netflix party.
  5. Play a drinking game with your friends on Skype.
  6. Call someone you have not talked to for a long time.
  7. Pull a prank on someone.
  8. Start a blog.
  9. Go on a date with your partner inside your house.
  10. Change a recipe you hate and try to turn it into something you love.
  11. Play a card game with your partner or friend.
  12. Write a short story in which your childhood character is the antagonist.
  13. Learn how to dance.
  14. Create a list of gifts you would like to buy for your loved ones.
  15. Create a shopping list full of things you would to buy someday.
  16. Create a list of things you would like to receive as a gift.
  17. Go on online window shopping.
  18. Organize your room.
  19. Draw something.
  20. Find new podcasts to listen to while doing chores.
  21. Clean up your phone storage.
  22. Dig into old photos and print or share the ridiculous ones.
  23. Create a new family album with your quarantine photos.
  24. Write a funny survival guide explaining how you deal with your life or family.
  25. Create a list of movies or TV shows you like to binge-watch.
  26. Play a truth-or-dare game with your parents!
  27. Go on a virtual date with your significant other.
  28. Write a letter to your 15-year-old self.
  29. Make a list of all the books you own and organize them properly.

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