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Do you want a boy or girl? This Gender Predictor Quiz helps you find out the sex of your baby by some questions about the signs and behaviors of pregnancy.

Gender Predictor

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Waiting for a baby as a new family member is very exciting for parents. Pregnancy is one of the sweetest moments that parents experience during their lifetime. Most parents are very eager to know the sex of their child before having any test.

Guessing the sex of the fetus during pregnancy can be fun for parents and their families. There are several methods to determine the sex of a baby, which are specific to each country’s culture and law. One of the most confident of them is to select the gender. In this method, you have identified your child using a few questions and examining the sexual results. There are some other methods such as:

  • Gender predictor test
  • Gender predictor quiz
  • Mayan gender predictor
  • Chinese gender predictor

These methods are viral today, and families use them to determine the sex of their babies. Still, the Gender predictor quiz is one of the most reliable ways that does not require laboratory methods.

Gender predictor test. How it helps to determine the sex of the baby


Gender predictor test in the early 9th week of pregnancy through a simple, non-invasive blood test called NIPT, and it can be effective up to 99% in predicting gender.

Placental villi sampling and CVS and amniocentesis

Another method is placental villi sampling and CVS and amniocentesis. This test is recommended for mothers at risk for miscarriage at 10 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. In this test, the genetic structure of the baby is examined to determine the possibility of miscarriage. It is an invasive method; therefore, it is better not to use it only to determine the sex for the fetus and mother’s health.


At the 18th to 22nd weeks of pregnancy, the sex of the baby can be found out more accurately through ultrasound.

Baby gender predictor through ultrasound is a standard method performed by devices with sound and video waves. Some gel is first applied to the lower abdomen. High-frequency sound waves are then transmitted through an ultrasound probe in the lower abdomen. Finally, the echo waves are taken from the body tissue and displayed as an image on the monitor.

In this way, the fetus’s image after the fourth month is entirely recognizable, and the sex of the baby can be determined. As mentioned, this method is entirely safe and is performed after the fourth month of pregnancy. So if you are in a hurry to know the sex of your baby, it is better to try other methods.

Sex determination kits

These kits are available in pharmacies and online shops. The manufacturers of these kits claim that they can detect the sex of your baby nine weeks after pregnancy. Their error rate is very high because their technology is not reliable enough to find the sex of the baby through the mother’s urine.

All methods mentioned in the Gender prediction test, except the last case, should be performed in reputable clinics and laboratories under a specialist’s supervision.

What is a Gender predictor quiz?

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to determine the sex of your baby, it is better to consider a Gender predictor quiz. In this test, by answering some questions, you can find the gender of your child.

However, the test questions can be based on scientific documents or recorded experiences. The results of these tests are often correctly estimated, and you can find out about your baby’s gender based on the evaluation of the results before having an ultrasound. Here is a detailed example of this test.

What is a Chinese gender predictor?

There are various theories about the Chinese gender predictor. The use of this gender predictor dates back to about 700 years ago when it was discovered from a royal tomb in China.

This sex determination chart is based on two essential components: the mother’s age at pregnancy and the month of fertilization. Other factors such as the Chinese lunar moon (water, wood, fire, metal, and earth), yin and yang, eight diagrams, etc., are all used.

However, many pregnant mothers claim that this chart could help them determine the sex of their child. Some researchers also claim that the use of Chinese gender predictor has been able to help predict the sex of the child up to 93%, But there is no scientific evidence for the exact function of this type of sex determination chart. Using this method with other family members such as grandparents can be fun, though not very accurate.

Introduction to Mayan gender predictor

The Maya are Indian people living in Mexico. They are people with a thousand-year-old and rich ancient civilization. Historians estimate the presence of the first Maya peoples around 7000 BC.

The Miami people had the world’s first scientific advances, including mathematics, physics, astronomy, and architecture. The Maya used the number zero in their calculations 2000 years before the Greeks. Through these sciences, they predicted some influential events and designed structures for this purpose. One of the most important of these achievements is the Mayan gender predictor. Note the following example:

The mother is 27 years old, and she became pregnant in March. The first number is 27, and the second number is 3. You put 27 and 3 together, So the baby will be a girl based on their charts.

Predictors do not provide definitive conclusions about gender determination. However, all these methods that people use to respond to their excitement before having an ultrasound.

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