Am I Ready For a Baby? Find Answer By Analyzing 20 Factors

Am I ready for a baby? Take this test to find out if you are ready to get pregnant. This quiz reveals if you are ready for parenthood or not based on 20 factors.

Am I Ready For a Baby

This Quiz Knows if You Are Ready for a Baby

Taking the test helps you figure out if you are prepared to welcome a baby in your life. It is a set of questions that take then less than 5 minutes to complete. However, the results show if you are ready for pregnancy or not. Read on to find out how it works.

What Does the Test Concern?

The Am I Ready for a Baby is a quiz that works based on parenthood necessities. It evaluates your emotional, physical, and financial state to determine if having a child is a good idea or not. The quiz has four stages that inspect your feelings, health, budget, and career. More on this below.


People who ask, “am I ready for a baby?” obviously have doubts about pregnancy and all that. So, the first thing that matters is your emotions. Are you feeling pressured to conceive? Are you doing it because of your family or spouse? Are you scared? These are all types of questions our test will indirectly expose you to throughout the first stage.


Is your body ready for pregnancy? The second stage of our test focuses on the physical aspects of labor. Of course, only a trained doctor could analyze your bodily readiness. However, our quiz inspects the obvious signs such as age, previous gestations, etc., to come up with a reliable result.


It costs a lot to raise a baby. So, are you ready to pay for the costs? That is the question we want to answer during the third phase of the questionary.


Getting pregnant or becoming a parent affects your professional life. It is crucial to make up your mind before going for it. Even you rely on daycare and childcare services, having a kid will still challenge your career. So, the final stage of the quiz exposes if you could manage both your job and parenthood experience at the same time.

Read If You Feel Like You Might Be Pregnant

People who suspect a pregnancy are more likely to ask, “am I ready for a baby?” If that is the case for you, take our specific test called, “Am I Pregnant?” It analyzes the signs you might ignore to see if you are an expectant or not. You can also find a gender predictor quiz on QuizExpo that exposes your child’s sex based on the early signs.

Big Questions to Ask Before, “Am I Ready for a Baby?”

Parenthood is a whole another level of a relationship. So, it takes more than a simple question like “am I ready?” to go for it. There are at least three other crucial questions to ask before even trying to conceive.

Question #1: Am I Financially Ready a Baby?

According to the latest data of USDA, it costs about $233,610 to raise a child in the United States. You should also add an extra $24,930 to that number for the college expenses. So, you need roughly a quarter of a half a million dollars to raise your baby. Can you afford it?

Question #2: What Age Is Best for Me to Get Pregnant?

In 2016, more women had babies in their early 30s than in their 20s. And that indicates the average pregnancy age is shifting towards the third decade of life. However, your age and physical condition affect the results of your gravidity. That is why you should consider the said matter before asking, “am I ready for a baby?”

Here are some facts that might help with your decision:

  • You have an 86% chance of getting pregnant in your 20s if you try for a year.
  • After a year of trying, the chances of getting pregnant are around 50% when you are in your 30s.
  • Women who labor in their early 30s have more energy, better fitness, and experience less pain.
  • Giving birth to your first child before the age of 35 increases your life expectancy.

Question #3: How Will a Baby Affect My Career?

Let’s face it; raising a child has a huge impact on both parents’ careers. However, the effect is not always negative. Sometimes, parents report significant improvements in their job after having a baby. And sometimes it is the opposite. The thing is that you should be prepared for the possible influences. So, think about your professional life and your expectations of your job before asking, “am I ready for a baby?”

5 Signs You Are Ready for a Baby

An unexpected pregnancy is always a possibility in a romantic relationship. But for many couples, planning their future and choosing the right time for having kids is a priority. That is why they keep an eye on possible signs of the best period to step into parenthood. Well, here are the most crucial ones if you fall into the same category.

It Is a Mutual Decision

Becoming a mother or father is a shared experience. None of the prospective parents should force it on the other. If (for whatsoever reason) one of you guys feels unprepared, you need to postpone it.

You Are Aware of the Numbers

Think about the expenses of a child before asking, “am I ready for a baby?” Feeling confident to pay for the costs is a sign you are ready for pregnancy.

Your Relationship Is Stable

You should never use pregnancy as a tool to cope with a broken relationship. Unfortunately, some traditional beliefs force couples to have a baby when their marriage is unstable. But that is a significant mistake one could ever make. If fixing your relationship is the reason you want a baby, reconsider your decision.

There Are No Physical Barriers

Sometimes, a woman’s body might not be prepared for labor. That could be due to a body- or psychology-related issue. So, one of the signs of being ready for parenthood is being confident about your physic and mentality.

You Are Not Concerned About Housing

29% of the child raise expenses are due to housing. So, on average, you should pay at least $70,000 for your newborn’s shelter. If you are not certain about your house or want to move into a new one, maybe it is a better idea to postpone your parenting attempts.

Can a Test Answer, “Am I Ready to Conceive?”

Yes and no. Lots of factors should be considered when someone asks, “am I ready for a baby?” So, there is no online quiz to give you the ultimate answer. However, the test on this page helps you put your mind together and face the most important questions to answer before trying to conceive.

Hey, Want Something Less Serious?

We have created an entertaining quiz for those wondering, how many kids will I have? It has twenty funny and humorous questions to predict your future as a parent. You can take it for free in case the test on this page sounds too humorless to you.


You are not taking a diagnostic quiz. Only a professional MD can tell if you are physically ready for pregnancy. And it is best to see a psychiatrist in case you have any psychological concerns.

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