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Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results

Do I Have Abandonment Issues

Are you self-questioning, “Do I have abandonment issues?” This quiz uses trauma and attachment style analysis to discover if you’re afraid of being abandoned.

A Genuine Abandonment Issues Quiz

The test is a set of psychological questions to expose your overwhelming fear of losing closed ones. It helps you self-report emotions and concerns to analyze the validity of your attachment style or dependency in relationships.

The premise of the abandonment issues quiz is similar to that of the trust issues test. It’s designed to help you discover co-dependency, insecurity, or irrational fears of being inadequate.

Things That the Test Considers

One of the early signs of abandonment issues is self-questioning things like, “Am I lovely?” That’s because the person feels unlovable and worthy of being deserted by others. However, that’s not the only factor our quiz considers. We analyze three affecting elements to come up with precise and reliable results: The way your parents treated you as a child, abusive or toxic relationships in early childhood, and your current symptoms.

Here’s what to know about each.

Attachment style.

Psychologists believe that the connection between a child and their parents can lead to further mental issues such as fear of abandonment. Children who’ve gone through the anxiety of losing parents or being ignored by them are more prone to struggle with trust and attachment issues in the future. That’s why the quiz looks into your relationship with your mom and dad to finetune the results.

Childhood trauma.

Divorce, loss, and emotional abuse can also cause abandonment issues. So, another important factor in the test is the possible childhood traumas you’ve experienced. (But beware that we do not require you to give details about your memories as we respect your privacy).

Behavioral symptoms of abandonment issues.

It’s crucial to know the symptoms before answering a question like, “Do I have abandonment issues?” The quiz guides you through a semi-diagnostic process so that you can self-report your symptoms. It might be complicated to do that on your own. But the questions here are designed to be comprehensive and easy to understand.

7 Undeniable Signs You Have Abandonment Issues

Taking a genuine online quiz is the best way of discovering your abandonment issues. But it’s understandable if you’re not a fan of that. Some prefer to look for the symptoms and conclude on their own. If that’s the case, here’s a list of common signs you have a fear of losing loved ones or being deserted.

#1. You are a people-pleaser.

Instead of asking, “Do I have abandonment issues?” try this: Am I a people-pleaser? If yes, you are probably afraid of being inadequate and worthy of rejection. If pleasing others is your priority and you go out of your way to make them happy, you have an attachment issue that needs to be addressed.

#2. You struggle with insecurity.

Another question to ask yourself is, “Am I insecure?” If yes, you are likely to have irrational fears of being abandoned. People with insecurity feel unworthy of love and, therefore, prepare themselves for rejection and betrayal.

#3. You have trust issues.

It’s difficult for a person with abandonment issues to believe in others because they can leave or disappear at any time. So, excessive distrust is also another sign you should be looking for.

#4. You are reserved and private.

Your abandonment issues cause a general distrust towards others. So, you don’t open up to others and avoid expressing your genuine emotions around them. That’s a defense mechanism, though. It helps you feel safe in case people reject or leave you.

#5. You abandon others.

It may sound strange, but individuals with abandonment issues often reject others. It’s rooted in fear of losing them in the future, though. You leave others behind because you’re scared of getting used to their presence and not being able to cope with their loss.

#6. You stay with toxic people.

Since it’s hard to imagine you’re worthy of love, you let toxic people remain in your life. That’s because you’re afraid of losing the last person who claims to love you. (It’s a false belief, though).

#7. You move on too quickly.

It sounds impossible to deal with a breakup when you have abandonment issues. So, you move on quickly and replace people as fast as possible to ease the pain.

What if the Abandonment Issue Quiz Result was Positive?

It’s okay to be afraid of losing your loved ones—we all have some sort of similar anxiety. But if it’s as severe as an abandonment issue, you can try the following steps to change for the better.

Seek professional help

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is your best bet. You can talk to a therapist about your fears and anxiety and address them properly. Other options, such as DBT, can help you manage your emotions and learn how to deal with them.

Value self-awareness

The fact that you asked yourself, “Do I have abandonment issues?” is a good sign. It indicates that you want to be self-aware of your possible mental struggles. Being aware of your emotions and understanding where they come from can ease the pain and give you the power to overcome them.

Learn self-love

You’re worthy of love. Abandonment issues might make you feel otherwise. But you have to practice loving yourself and caring for yourself. That’s how you can lower the sounds in your head trying to tell you that you’re not adequate.

Disclaimer: Read Before Participating

The abandonment issues quiz is not a diagnostic test. It’s a self-report questionnaire to help people wonder if they have an irrational fear of losing loved ones.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which one sounds like something you'd like to keep your friends or family happy about?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 1
    • Try to be there when they need me

    • Change my attitude and be the one they love

    • Always telling the truth no matter what

    • I think they wouldn't be happy no matter what I do.

  • 2
    How would you feel if a toxic partner abandoned you and ended the relationship?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 2
    • I'd feel fine because they were toxic anyway

    • I'd feel broken and unlovable regardless

    • I would never be able to trust others

    • I think I'm used to it, and I'd feel numb

  • 3
    What are you insecure about?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 3
    • I don't think I'm insecure.

    • About my appearance and personality

    • About my capabilities and skills

    • About my current relationship or partner

  • 4
    How easy is it for you to trust others, especially in romantic relationships?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 4
    • It's usually easy

    • It's quite challenging

    • It's nearly impossible

    • I trust easily. But my partner never trusts me.

  • 5
    Have you ever abandoned a relationship because you were too afraid of losing that person in the future?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 5
    • No, that doesn't make any sense

    • Yes, I've done that

    • No, but I think people would do that to me

    • No, but someone did that to me

  • 6
    How easy is it for you to show your vulnerable and insecure side to your lover?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 6
    • I'd say it's somewhat easy (but it depends)

    • I can never show my imperfections to others

    • I feel like people might turn against me if I do that

    • It's easy for me. But my partner is always secretive and private.

  • 7
    How often do you feel like you're unlovable?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 7
    • Rarely or never

    • All the time, because I AM

    • Often

    • Someone told me I'm unlovable. So…

  • 8
    Have you ever tried to fix a toxic relationship because you were afraid of a breakup?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 8
    • No, I don't do that

    • Yes, I cling to my relationships

    • No, I usually run away as soon as I see a red flag

    • No, but someone wanted me to do that

  • 9
    Which one sounds like the way your parents treated you?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 9
    • With respect (mostly)

    • They never cared for me

    • They lied to me about everything

    • They made me feel like I was unlovable

  • 10
    What was your parents' reaction when you needed them emotionally?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 10
    • They were always there for me

    • They left me alone and ignored me

    • They thought I was lying

    • They humiliated me

  • 11
    Do you think it's pointless and stupid to show your true feelings to others?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 11
    • No, you should always express yourself

    • Yes, no one cares anyway

    • Yes, no one believes you anyway

    • Someone told me that I shouldn't express my feelings.

  • 12
    How much do you love yourself? Give an honest answer.
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 12
    • I love and respect myself a lot

    • I'm not worthy of love or attention

    • I think self-love is just a lie

    • I used to love myself more

  • 13
    How quickly do you start a new relationship after a breakup?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 13
    • It takes me some time to do that

    • Immediately

    • It's almost impossible for me to move on

    • It takes some time for me. But my ex moved on immediately.

  • 14
    Have you ever felt like you could not live without your partner?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 14
    • No, that's not a healthy thought

    • Yes, it happens with all my relationships

    • Yes, but I never let others know

    • No, but my partner feels that way

  • 15
    "It's smart not to rely on people because it would hurt less when they're gone." Do you agree with that?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 15
    • No, that's a toxic attitude.

    • Yes, that's my strategy.

    • I think it makes sense

    • No, but someone I know thinks that way

  • 16
    Did you go through a loss as a kid?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 16
    • No, I didn't experience that

    • Yes, I lost a loved one

    • No, but I was afraid of losing my loved ones

    • No, but my parents manipulated me with the fear of losing them

  • 17
    Did your parents get a divorce when you were a kid?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 17
    • No

    • Yes

    • They didn't. But they were always fighting

    • They divorced when I was young/adult

  • 18
    Which one describes your feeling towards your parents?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 18
    • I love them

    • I don't think they love me

    • I don't trust them

    • Our relationship is complicated

  • 19
    How easy is it for you to ask for someone's help when you're emotionally in pain?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 19
    • It's fairly easy

    • It's challenging

    • It's impossible

    • It used to be easier

  • 20
    Final question; what do you think would happen if your partner saw your vulnerable and insecure side?
    Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 100% Honest Results 20
    • They'd get to know me better

    • They'd dump me

    • They'd not believe me

    • It would turn into a messy situation

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