Are You the Mom, Dad, or Sib of Your Friends? 👭 Friends Quiz

Are you the mom, dad, or sibling of your friend group? Take this friendship stereotype quiz to find out!

Are You the Mom, Dad, or Sib of Your Friends

💡 What to Expect: This quiz answers one big question about you in your friend group: Are you the mom, dad, or sibling of your friends? While it might sound like a lighthearted analogy, this personality test can reveal a lot about you—and your besties.

⁉️ Are You Your Friends’ Dad, Mom, or Sib? If you’re curious, moms are the friends who always make sure everyone’s having fun. They constantly ask, “Are you okay?” and won’t let you do anything silly. Dad-type friends are supportive but also strict and assertive, making everyone rely on their opinions. Then, there are the younger and older siblings in every friend group. Younger siblings are usually naughty and spontaneous, while older siblings are old souls who always complain about everything.

We all take on different roles in our friend groups without even realizing it. Some become the mom of the group, others take on the dad role, and some are more like siblings. If you see your friends as family, then you fit into one of these stereotypes, whether you like it or not.

So, which friendship archetype are you? Mom, dad, or sib? Hit the start button now, and let’s reveal your true persona among your besties.

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