Are You a Troll? 👹 100% Fun Social Media Personality Quiz

Are you actually an internet troll disguised as a normie user? Take this Troll-ness Quiz to face your true online persona.

Are You a Troll

So, you think you might be a troll? Let’s clear things up a bit. While it’s pretty straightforward that posting offensive or inflammatory content anonymously online is trolling, there’s more to it than just that.

From a technical standpoint, an internet troll is anyone who intentionally offends or emotionally harms others online, whether it’s for kicks or for more complicated reasons.

Why do we call these online harassers “trolls?” Well, it’s partly because they operate in the shadows like the mythical creatures from folklore. Plus, they often bait people with provocative comments, just like a fisherman would lure fish with trolling—a fishing technique.

But here’s the thing: being labeled a troll isn’t just a light-hearted jab. Psychologists have noticed a link between online harassment and traits like sadism and psychopathy. In other words, being called a troll is like being called a softer version of a sadistic psychopath—not exactly a flattering comparison.

But don’t worry; our Trolling Quiz is here to help you figure things out. In just fifteen questions, we’ll analyze your online behavior to determine if you’re just a regular user or if you’ve got a bit of a trolling streak.

And hey, being called a troll isn’t the worst thing that could happen in the quiz. You might end up labeled as a Grifer or even a Cyberbully—both of which are even more frowned upon in internet culture.

Ready to find out where you stand? Let’s dive in and see if you’re a normie user or a professional stealthy troll. 🤞🏻👹

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