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Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun

Are You a Princess

Discover your inner princess! Heroine royalty or pretentious villainess? Solve the mystery with this Princess Detector Quiz. πŸ‘‘βœ¨

5 Subtle Signs You’re a Princess (& 5 Signs You’re Just an Awful Person)

Identifying a princess involves examining one’s lifestyle and ideologies. If you are well-mannered, exude love, and inspire others, labeling you as a princess would be fitting. But if you are entitled, manipulative, and selfish, you are merely an unpleasant individual pretending to be royalty.

You are a heroine princess if you have these attributes:

  • You strive to make a difference.
  • You are optimistic and empathetic.
  • You don’t pretend to be royalty.
  • You don’t look down on people.
  • You are not entitled.

If you have the following traits, you’re actually an evil princess:

  • You look down on people.
  • You are a high-maintenance person.
  • You enjoy manipulation.
  • You make a big deal of your problems.
  • You always receive and never give back.

Is It Bad to Be a Princess?

Indeed, the term β€œprincess” has acquired both positive and negative connotations over the years. When used as an expression of affection or admiration, being called β€œprincess” is generally considered positive. However, if someone employs the term as ironic criticism or mudslinging, it takes on a negative connotation.

For instance, if your boyfriend calls you his princess, it signifies love. But if the waitress believes you behave like royalty, you might want to reconsider your attitude.

The Type of Princess You Are Matters

Similar to the two archetypal princesses in Disney movies, real-life duchesses can also be categorized into two distinct types: heroines and villainesses. The heroine embodies qualities of kindness, niceness, and inspiration, serving as someone to look up to. On the other hand, the villainess is characterized by viciousness, entitlement, and a stone-hearted demeanor, often embodying traits associated with emotional abuse.

So, next time someone calls you a β€œnoblewoman,” you might want to double-check their reference. Are they comparing you to Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty or Belle in Beauty and the Beast? The type matters.

Let’s See if You Have the Personality of a Princess with a Test

Interested in discovering your royal status? Take the Princess Detector Quiz to assess your nobility, classiness, and charm while also examining traits like entitlement, self-centeredness, and narcissism.

Your responses to the following questions will help determine whether you have a delightful princess personality or embody the characteristics of a more malicious royalty lacking in empathy.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about youβ€”or you relate toβ€”and select β€œNext.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you β€œfeel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    How often do you complain about your life conditions?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 1
    • Once in a while

    • Never

    • All the time

  • 2
    What causes most of your problems?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 2
    • Circumstances

    • Myself

    • Others

  • 3
    Would you say you're usually on time?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 3
    • Most of the time, yes

    • All the time, like a clock

    • Not at all. I'm always late

  • 4
    How difficult is it for you to apologize?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 4
    • Slightly difficult

    • Not difficult at all

    • I like to live my life unapologetically

  • 5
    How should your partner show their affection for you?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 5
    • Acts of service (they should support me in life)

    • Nice words (I want to hear that they love me)

    • Gifts (the more expensive, the better)

  • 6
    What do you do when your mood is low?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 6
    • Do you have a thing for lavish lifestyles?

    • No, not my thing

    • Um, maybe. (just a little bit)

  • 7
    How do you spend your money?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 7
    • I save most of it

    • I cover the bills and help my family (when possible)

    • I just spend it on having fun and buying things

  • 8
    Do you treat everyone equally?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 8
    • I think so

    • Yes, that's my motto!

    • No, respect is earned

  • 9
    Which one's your life priority?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 9
    • Mental health

    • Love & relationships

    • Money & career

  • 10
    How excited are you for your birthday?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 10
    • Not excited at all

    • Slightly excited

    • I've been waiting for this day the entire year!

  • 11
    What if a friend forgot your birthday?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 11
    • Haha, that's totally fine

    • A bit sad, but I forgive them

    • They're not my friend anymore

  • 12
    Should your partner pay for all your expenses?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 12
    • Not at all

    • I mean, if they want to

    • Yes, that's a must

  • 13
    What's a quality you look for in a partner?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 13
    • Supportiveness

    • Kindheartedness

    • Prestige

  • 14
    How do you feel when you fail at something?
    Quiz: Are You a Princess? πŸ‘‘ 100% Fun 14
    • Sad but fine

    • Strong and determined to succeed

    • Broken and disappointed

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