Which Disney Villain Are You? Let’s Match You By 20 Factors

Which Disney villain are you? Have you ever wanted to know? If yes, this is the right quiz for you. Answer questions to find out which bad guy represents you.

Which Disney Villain Are You

A Disney Quiz for the Wicked Ones!

Aren’t you tired of stereotypical questions like, “Which Disney princess are you?” Sure, they are fun and all that. But what about your dark side? Our quiz is designed for the ones who are not afraid of their antagonistic inner persona.

The test on this page includes malicious plans, mean statements, and cruel curses to reveal the bad guy in you. If that is not a thing, head back and try something cute—like, our Ultimate Disney Trivia quiz. But if you are tough enough to face your dark core, hit the start button and go!

Which Disney Villain Are You? (3 Ways to Find Out)

Not many animation fans are up for online quizzes. And that is okay. Here, we teach you three methods to discover your bad guy match without taking a test. However, be aware that the quiz results are much more accurate than the following procedures.

Define Your Bad Guy Type

Identifying your characters’ type helps to answer, “Which Disney villain are you?” According to THE TAKE, Walt Disney anti-heroes are either outsiders or bullies and oppressors. Each type represents a set of stereotypes and behavioral issues that leave the hero with conflicts. More on this below.


One of the primary bad characters in Disney movies is outcasts or outsiders. These are the type of people who are living away from or opposed to society. Maleficent is a good example of such an anti-hero. She lives in a mysterious, dark place away from everyone else. And no one wants her. However, she feels superior to others.

If you, too, feel disconnected from society, you might be an outcast villain.


Many people want to match a Tyrant when taking the ‘What Disney Villain Are You?’ test. That is because such bad guys are powerful and strong. Take Shan-Yu as an example. He is the leader of a huge army. And he is not afraid of destroying anything or anyone that tries to stop him.

Think About Your Motives

What would make you turn into a baddie? Revenge? Money? Fun? Your motives help to answer, “Which Disney villain are you?” For instance, most outcast type of rouges wants to rule over ordinary people—because they feel like they deserve it. So, their motivation is becoming notorious and powerful. Tyrants mainly manipulate the power they already have to achieve specific goals, such as taking revenge.

Compare Your Backstories

This one might be the hardest way of answering, “Which Disney villain are you?” It requires basic knowledge about every bad guy in the Walt Disney universe—which few people have. However, knowing the origins of a baddie or relating to their memories is a reliable way of finding your match.

3 Fun Questions Before Taking the Test

The premise of this page is to answer the big question, “Which Disney villain are you?” But it can be even more entertaining with some cool facts. Below you find three interesting pieces of information about the anti-heroes in the Disney movies that you probably never knew.

Why Do We Empathize with Antagonists in Animations?

According to the Self-Positivity Bias, humans tend to see themselves as good people. So, why do we love the bad guys? Studies show that our biases change in a fictional setting. “In a story world, we are free to explore the darker sides of our personalities without having to worry if we are bad people. Because if the villain is not real, we cannot be like them.”

So, Disney baddies might be an exaggerated form of our negative thoughts and imaginations. And we show love to them because we do not have to feel guilty about it.

Another reason is that movies storify the villain’s motives and intentions. Such an approach makes it easier for us to relate to them and even love them. The same thing happens when people watch crime shows. They might relate to the anti-hero because they get to know the person as a human—and not a monster.

It is, therefore, understandable why people ask, “Which Disney villain am I?” or “Which wicked character has my personality?”

Who is the Most Dangerous Disney Villain?

It is Chernabog. According to the Disney Fandom website, “Chernabog is a demon featured in the Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria segment of 1940 film, Fantasia. He is based on the God of the Night in Slavic mythology.” He is a ruthless demon with no particular motive, personality, backstory, or emotion. Chernabog is the purest and most dangerous Disney villain because he chose to be bad for no reason.

Who is the Most Popular Disney Villain?

It is probably Hades in the original Hercules animated film. He is a sarcastic and lovable bad guy who makes the most malicious plans seem cute. And that is why he is the most popular Disney villain of all time. But some honorable mentions are Captain Hook (Pitter Pan), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), and Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove).

Let’s Find Your Perfect Walt Disney Antagonist Match

You are all set up to find the answer, “Which Disney villain are you?” All you have to do is take the test on this page and let us analyze your personality in no time.

You Don’t Want to Be a Bad Guy? Read This

Hey, you do not have to match a Disney baddie to have fun. We have some other fun quizzes for you if you believe to be a pure, innocent soul. Take the ‘Which Disney Character Are You?’ test instead of the one on this page. It will reveal the protagonist within you—instead of the antagonist one. And yes, we are sure a little malevolent-ish person is hiding deep inside your brain.


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