Sigma Male Test. The Most Accurate 2024 Updated Quiz

Here is an accurate Sigma Male Test that helps you discover what type of man you are. It analyzes 10+ factors to identify if you are a lone wolf.

Sigma Male Test

Sigma Male Test Explained

It is a set of questions to reveal if your masculine type is Sigma (aka Lone Wolf). The test looks for signs of independence, introversion, self-management, and rebellion to categorize you.

The premise of the quiz is similar to that of the ‘Men Type Test.’ However, it offers more insight into your manly traits and how they affect your personality.

How to know if you are a sigma male?

You are a sigma male if you have all the characteristics of an Alpha man, but you hate authority and leadership. Sigma men play the game by their own rules and do not care what others think of them. They are also cunning, confident, and calculated.

Is it bad to be a sigma male?

No. It is not a bad thing to be a Lone Wolf. Sigma is a given name to men who are self-assured and independent. And it does not carry any negative meaning.

Does the sigma test work for women, too?

The quiz on this page is designed for men only. So, it might not be 100% accurate for sigma females.

How does it differ from the A/B/O Test?

An Alpha/Beta/Omega Quiz is based on the Omegaverse rules. Plus, it does not include Sigma males. However, the Lone Wolf Test is based on real-life data, and it includes all the six main masculine types. (See below).

Which of the 6 Male Types Are You?

The good thing about the Sigma Male Test is that it does not exclude other possibilities. So, you have the chance to discover your true type—even if you are NOT a Lone Wolf.

Here are all the results you might end up with.


The goal of the test is to answer questions like, “Am I a Sigma male?” So, that is the first thing you learn. A Lone Wolf is the one who is confident to lead a pack but prefers to be on his own.

Signs you are a Sigma male:

  1. You reject common expectations.
  2. You have a minimalistic lifestyle.
  3. You are excellent at self-management
  4. You are private about your life and interests.
  5. You make changes in your life only if necessary.
  6. You need a lot of personal space.
  7. you do NOT fit in the other masculine typologies.


A man who is on top of the Dominance Hierarchy is known as Alpha. Unlike Sigma, such males love to lead and domineer people around them.

Signs you are an Alpha male:

  1. You are outgoing.
  2. People find you charismatic.
  3. Leadership positions and heavy responsibilities sound appealing to you.
  4. It is challenging for you to follow others’ orders.


In short, a Gamma male is an Alpha who is more experienced and aware of his actions. Some suggest that maturity leads men to become Gamma.

Signs you are a gamma male:

  1. You are adventurous.
  2. Creating your path is your priority.
  3. People think you are an eager person.
  4. You are empathetic towards others.


An Omega is a self-assured male type. He is neither as dominant as an Alpha nor is he as submissive as a Beta.

Signs you are an omega male:

You are intelligent.

Your interests are diversified.

External validations do not matter to you as much as others.

your confidence relies upon your self-assessment—and not others’ comments.


A Delta is resigned and slow to trust. Failures and traumas are likely to make a male go Delta.

Signs you are a delta male:

  • People think you are resentful.
  • You might be self-sabotaging.
  • Loneliness sounds fun to you.
  • You do prefer actions over words when it comes to solving problems.


On the bottom of the power hierarchy, you can find Beta males. They are kind, likable, and respectful. And they find it easy to follow orders. Unlike a Sigma man, a Beta cannot ignore others’ comments on him.

Signs you are a beta male:

  1. You are friendly.
  2. People think you are extremely loyal.
  3. You are orderly and lawful.

Why Is This Sigma Personality Test So Reliable?

Most men-type quizzes online promote masculine toxicity. But the Sigma Male Test on this page values all personalities and is against any discrimination. It also uses reliable methods such as the Enneagram Test to expose your true personality before making any decisions.

Things to Have in Mind

We would like you to know that the Sigma Man Quiz is only a fun way to assess your personality. And it is not meant to label. So, here are a couple of things to know before taking the actual test.

The test is theoretical.

Like all other personality tests, Sigma Male Test is theoretical. No scientific data proves that you can categorize men into categories based on the power hierarchy. So, please, take the results lightly.

All masculine types have their advantages.

Unfortunately, society advertises toxic Alpha masculinity as the most attractive and appealing type. However, no matter what category you are in, there are some features you and others can benefit from. For instance, (and despite popular beliefs), Beta men are excellent at teamwork and make reliable friends.

Your type can change throughout your life.

Although it is a theoretical concept, your masculinity style changes as you gain more experience in life. So, taking a Sigma Test or other typology quizzes is not a sufficient way of assessing your personality.

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  1. Somehow I think i’m a SIGMA type of male, but not sure if it’s fall into DELTA.


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