Amazing Presidents Quiz. Just Geniuses Score More Than 70%

This US presidents quiz will change your view on the previous POTUS. Answer 20 trivia questions about the USA leaders, test your knowledge, learn fun facts, and get a score to show off.

Presidents Quiz

What Is a Funny US Presidents Quiz?

US presidents quiz is a set of 20 questions about the previous leaders of the united states. It’s based on funny details, statistics, and stories about each candidate’s presidency. The goal is to reveal the bizarre, underrated, and exciting facts about the Oval Office heads in the past 232 years.

3 Reasons Why You Should Take It

Learn Fun Facts

Each question comes with a fun fact about a particular president.

Assess Your Knowledge

How much do you know about the history of US presidents? Taking this test can expose that. Those who score 90-100 on this test are the real gurus of America’s presidential past.

Laugh It Off

The funny US presidents quiz makes you go LOL – even about some sensitive topics. It’s a good way to laugh the politics off. And it’s an excellent tool to learn how ridiculous policy and politicians could get.

It’s a Kids-Friendly Presidents Quiz

The questions of the USA presidents quiz are kids-friendly. That means there is no age limit to take it. The facts are intended to be beneficial to people of all ages.

Of course, it might be difficult for kids to answer all the questions correctly. However, that’s not an issue as the test is interactive. The correct answers pop up right after choosing an option. So, kids will have the chance to learn about the subjects while proceeding with the process.

Things to Know Before Taking the Funny USA Presidential Quiz

1. There’s no time limit.

Many other presidents’ quizzes on the web have time limits. That’s why kids and beginners find them hard. QuizExpo’s US presidency quiz does not contain any time restrictions. You have enough time to read the questions, think about the options, and select the correct answer.

2. You can check out the questions in advance.

Most other quizzes are mysterious. You don’t get to see what’s going on before “clicking a button.” At QuizExpo, we don’t like to waste your time. So, if you scroll down on this page, you’ll see a list of all the quiz questions. If you don’t find them attractive, there’s no need to take them. That’s our policy here—no ambiguity.

3. You learn the correct answer immediately.

Our funny US presidents quiz is kids- and beginners-friendly. That’s why the correct answers pop up after selecting an option. The goal is to learn something new—rather than challenging your history class information.

4. You get a score after finishing the quiz.

There’s a scoring system for those who like challenges. You get a grade (on a scale of 0-100) right after finishing the US President quiz. The higher you score, the more knowledgeable you are about the united states presidential past. Scoring 100 on this test is quite rare. So, you have all the right to show off such achievement.

US Presidents Quiz FAQ

– Can I share the results?

Yes, you can share the American presidents’ quiz results after taking the quiz.

– How does the scoring system work?

Each question has a specific value, depending on how complicated it is. So, the QuizExpo algorithm calculates the final score according to your performance. Those who answer more challenging questions get higher scores.

– What type of questions do I need to answer?

You’re taking a funny US presidents quiz. That means the questions are typically based on fun facts. You may know who was the first president of the USA. But do you know which president never got married? Who is known as the hottest president in America’s history? And who is the poorest president yet? These are the type of questions you are going to face.

– Is it a president in order quiz?

No, it’s not. The quiz is not designed in any particular order.

– Can I retake the funny us presidents quiz?

Yes, retaking the US president’s quiz is possible. All you need to do is to get back to this page and press the “Take the Quiz” button on top.

– Are my results private?

Yes, all the results are privately shown to you. QuizExpo doesn’t collect any data regarding your performance/responses. You have the right to share the results with others publicly.

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