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Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms

Am I Codependent

Do you ask yourself, “Am I codependent?” This personality and relationship quiz can reveal your codependency level and determine if it’s excessive, toxic, or normal.

What Does It Mean to Be Codependent?

Julia Kristina, a therapist, defines codependency as “The need to be needed.” A codependent individual feels important and valued when someone else needs them. So, it creates a cycle of trying to fix others and helping them out in exchange for approval.

Unlike conditions such as BPD, codependency is not a personality disorder. But according to Jon Miele’s 2014 article on Army.Mil, “Some estimates suggest that over 90 percent of the American population demonstrates codependent behavior.”

Condition Definition
Codependency Feeling a need to be needed
Dependent Personality Disorder Feeling incapable of taking care of themselves


Signs You Are Codependent

Having excessive fear of abandonment, feeling valued only when someone needs you, struggling to maintain your sense of identity, constantly seeking others’ approval, avoiding conflicts, excessive compromise, low trust, and boundary issues indicate that you’re a codependent person.

This Quiz Has the Answer to “Am I Codependent?”

Since it’s not a diagnostic condition, it’s challenging to figure out if you’re codependent. That’s why we created a symptom-oriented test to help with that. It’s a set of twenty personalities, relationship, and behavior questions with the goal of identifying codependency signs.

Here’s how it works.

It looks into your experiences.

Codependent individuals are often victims of physical or emotional abuse. So, the quiz tries to figure out if you have gone through traumas or manipulation—especially during your childhood.

It analyzes your behaviors in a relationship.

Lots of people who ask, “Am I codependent?” might sense that there’s something off about their behaviors, especially in their romantic relationships. And that’s understandable. Certain behaviors such as excessive compromise can indicate you have “relationship addiction.” That’s why the quiz goes through your traits before generating any results.

It evaluates your self-confidence.

A codependent person feels valued only when someone needs them. Their self-esteem is pretty low when no one asks for their help. So, some specific questions of the codependency quiz focus on your confidence level.

Does Codependency Have any Symptoms? Yes and No

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders doesn’t list codependency as a personality disorder. So, there’s no clinical way to diagnose a one with the condition. However, particular symptoms help psychologists or therapists detect a codependent person.

#1. Feeling like your value comes from fixing others’ problems.

According to Dr. Todd Grande, “Codependency is an unhealthy relationship between a substance user or a person with some sort of personality disorder and a caregiver.” The caregiver is actually the one who might turn into a codependent person and try to fix the other party’s problems.

#2. Excessive compromise and being unable to say no.

One thing that leads to questions like, “Am I codependent?” is feeling unable to say no. Individuals with relationship addiction often say “yes” to ideas that would typically upset them.

#3. Feeling ripped off and abused all the time.

Codependency causes excessive agreeableness. And the person might feel like they’ve been manipulated and betrayed by their loved ones or friends.

#4. Losing your sense of identity.

It’s difficult for a codependent person to identify their needs and emotions. It could become as severe as self-questioning, “Who am I?”

#5. Seeking others’ approval.

When you are codependent, you feel like your value depends on others’ opinions about you. So, you constantly seek their approval.

#6. Feeling trapped in a relationship.

Being a caregiver worries a codependent person. They might want to escape the situation. But at the same time. They might refuse to due to their fear of change.

#7. Fear of abandonment.

Having a relationship addiction puts you in fear of losing your loved ones. A codependent person might get along with many unwanted conditions just to maintain their relationships.

#8. Depression or anxiety.

It’d be wise to ask, “am I depressed?” before asking, “Am I codependent?” Anxiety and depression are some of the byproducts of having a relationship addiction.

Take the Quiz for a Reliable Result

Do you want to know if you are a codependent person or not? If yes, you’re on the right page. After a thorough analysis, we’ve created an accurate test that determines your codependency level. Answer 20 questions about your experiences, relationships, and emotions and receive instant, reliable results.


The codependency quiz is not a diagnostical test. Please, consult a psychologist or therapist if you’re worried about your mental health.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    How do you feel when one of your loved ones is in trouble?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 1
    • I feel bad

    • I feel like I should do something about it

    • I feel like I must help them out ASAP

    • I feel powerless and stressed

  • Question 2

    Do you feel like you’re responsible for maintaining your relationships?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 2
    • No, it takes two to maintain a relationship

    • Sometimes, yes.

    • Yes, I’m definitely the one who maintains it.

    • No, I’m the one who always messes things up.

  • Question 3

    How do you feel when after you help out your partner?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 3
    • I feel good

    • I feel like they like me more

    • I feel worthy of love and attention

    • IDK. I can never help anyone out.

  • Question 4

    Which one sounds like something you’d do to avoid any conflicts with your loved ones?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 4
    • I’d go on a walk or something

    • I’d apologize even though I’m right

    • I’d do whatever they want and never bring it up again.

    • I’d admit that it’s always my fault and apologize.

  • Question 5

    How often do you feel like people are abusing you and you’re being ripped off?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 5
    • Rarely or never

    • Quite often

    • All the time

    • I feel like I’m the one who’s doing that.

  • Question 6

    Do you think you compromise a lot?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 6
    • Not really.

    • Sometimes, yes.

    • Yes, compromising is my love language.

    • Yes, but I have no other choice.

  • Question 7

    Which one is a valuable and lovable partner?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 7
    • One who supports you.

    • One who’s always there for you.

    • One who saves your butt when in trouble

    • One who can forget about your flaws and imperfections.

  • Question 8

    Do you think that people love you for who you are?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 8
    • Yes, most of them do.

    • I hope they do. (Not sure).

    • No, they love me because they need me.

    • No one actually loves me.

  • Question 9

    Do you feel pressure to save your loved ones or fix their problems?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 9
    • Not really.

    • Sometimes, I do.

    • Yes, I have that feeling all the time.

    • No, but I need them to save me.

  • Question 10

    How easy is it for you to identify your needs?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 10
    • It’s pretty easy

    • Sometimes, it’s a bit challenging.

    • It’s nearly impossible.

    • IDK, but I’m too needy and miserable.

  • Question 11

    Do you feel trapped in your relationships?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 11
    • No, I don’t feel that way.

    • Sometimes, I feel like I might be trapped.

    • Yes, it’s like I’m in a cage.

    • No, but I think people who love me feel that way.

  • Question 12

    How easy is it for you to cope with life changes?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 12
    • I’m fine with changes in life

    • I’m usually not okay with changes

    • I can’t cope with changes

    • I’m numb to changes

  • Question 13

    Which one are you afraid of?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 13
    • Being lonely

    • Being called unlovable

    • Being called useless

    • Being abandoned

  • Question 14

    Are you able to set your boundaries and stop people from crossing your lines?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 14
    • Yes, I’m good at that

    • Not really

    • I’m terrible at setting boundaries

    • I don’t want to have any boundaries

  • Question 15

    Have you ever experienced physical or emotional abuse?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 15
    • No, not really.

    • Kind of, yes.

    • Yes, I’ve been through lots of traumas.

    • Yes, but I’m okay with that because I feel numb.

  • Question 16

    What are you most insecure about?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 16
    • My look

    • My career

    • My skills

    • My personality

  • Question 17

    Are you worried that people might leave you alone if you stop helping them out?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 17
    • No, I don’t think I’m worried about that

    • Sometimes, I do think that could happen

    • Yes, I have that feeling all the time

    • People have already left me because of that

  • Question 18

    Are you worried that your loved ones cannot take care of themselves?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 18
    • No, they should be fine on their own

    • Yes, but I know they’re going to be fine

    • Yes, that’s why I’m watching over them all the time.

    • No, but I’m worried that I can’t take of myself.

  • Question 19

    On a scale of 0 to 10, how frustrated are you? 10 means extremely frustrated.

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 19
    • 0-3

    • 4-6

    • 7-8

    • 9-10

  • Question 20

    Final question; do you feel a need to be in control of your relationships?

    Quiz: Am I Codependent? Based on 20 Symptoms 20
    • No, that’s toxic

    • I can’t say no.

    • Yes, I have to be in charge.

    • No, I’m too stupid to be in charge of a relationship.

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