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NewJeans is a unique girl band. Why do you think that is? 5

  • Their music is unmatched

  • Their vibe is so unique

  • Their chemistry and backstory are phenomenon

  • It’s probably their lyrics

  • It might be their style and dance


Question: NewJeans is a unique girl band. Why do you think that is?

Quiz: Quiz: Which NewJeans Member Are You? 2023 Fun K-pop Quiz

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K-pop fans, which NewJeans member are you? This Bunny Quiz reveals if you are Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, or Hyein.

This K-Pop Quiz Reveals Your NewJeans Persona

By taking the personality test on this page, you get to see which of the NewJeans girls looks like you—both physically and mentally.

NewJeans, also known as NWJNS or 뉴진스, is a five-member girl K-pop band that debuted in 2022 under the ADOR and HYBE labels. You may know them by the “Super Shy” song that turned them into an international phenomenon in 2023.

The girls in the group are Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. However, unlike many new K-pop bands, none of them have specific positions or roles—except for Minji, who’s the leader, and Hyein, who’s the band’s Maknae.

What Bunnies Need to Know About NewJeans Girls

As a newly debuted band, NWJNS is still a hidden gem to many Korean pop lovers. But the girls’ recent singles have helped them reach a much wider audience and amass new fans from all over the world.

To all the newbie Bunnies, here’s what you should know about each member.


Ms. Leader, Minji, is a protective, reliable, and wise girl who’s always watching out for the rest of the group. She’s like the oldest sibling—or maybe even the mommy—to Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.


Hanni, with her adorably exaggerated reactions, is a character known for her goofiness, uniqueness, and humor. She has a knack for brightening everyone’s day, whether it’s through playful teasing or showering them with positive energy. As a result, she has become a vital member of the band, relied upon by all the other girls.


Danielle is the adventurous and free-spirited soul of NewJeans. She’s bold, confident, and modern, inspiring all young girls to be themselves with no fear.


Haerin is as sassy as a cat but as sly as a fox. Despite her introverted personality, she has a naughty little girl inside who enjoys playful teases as much as she relishes adoring her friends.


A true Maknae, Hyein is cute, lovely, and innocent. She’s like the youngest sibling in the band whom everyone wants to nurture and protect. But despite her blameless face, Hyein is actually a goofy fangirl who can’t stop talking about K-pop boys, especially the iconic BTS members.

The First MBTI NWJNS Test Ever!

My problem with most other tests is that they’re rather random. Like, they ask you about your favorite color and all that to come up with a bias or match. But my approach is quite different: I reveal your NewJeans counterpart using MBTI.

If you want to ensure that your match is 100% accurate, use the following table to compare your MBTI and star sign to those of the girls.

NWJNS Member MBTI Star Sign
Minji ESTJ Taurus
Hanni INFP Libra
Danielle ENFP Aries
Haerin ISTP Taurus
Hyein INFP Taurus


Which Bunny Are You? Let’s Find Out

For those of you wondering which NWJNS member you are, I’m with you. The test I created is the ultimate solution to your problem: It exposes your 뉴진스 bias—the girl that looks most like you—with relatable questions.

But hey, since NewJeans is in the same company as our beloved K-pop boys, I would also recommend you to take the “TXT Member Quiz” to see which one could be your soulmate—or maybe even your boyfriend.

With that being said, here’s your NewJeans counterpart! (Click “Start” to meet her.)


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