Hiragana Quiz: Just Smart Learners Score +80%

Do you want to test your Japanese Kana level? This Hiragana Quiz reveals how well you can write and read Hiragana characters.

Hiragana Quiz

Hiragana Quiz for Japanese Learners

With 20 spelling, reading, and writing questions, the Hiragana Quiz examines your knowledge of Japanese characters. With this test, you get to see how well you can use Hiragana, one of Japan’s three base methods of writing.

  • Answer Japanese Kana questions.
  • See how well you can use all 46 characters of Hiragana.
  • Get a score for your Hiragana knowledge.
  • Share the results with friends.

In plain English, Hiragana is a 46-character phonetic system of writing that allows for spelling out Japanese words without Kanji, which is complex, concept-based writing.

Foreign language learners seeking to improve their Japanese must familiarize themselves with Hiragana ASAP, as it’s widely used by Japanese people in informal writing, text messages, and casual daily conversations.

For those trying to brush up on their Hiragana, the quiz on this page offers basic to advanced practice: Answer 15 true-or-false questions to get your “onnade” knowledge tested.

Romaji to Hiragana

To make the Hiragana Quiz both educational and entertaining, we’ve added some romaji to Hiragana questions where you need to match the English syllables of a word to its corresponding Japanese form.

Phonetics and Meanings

A good chunk of questions on the Hiragana Quiz includes phonetic and semantic understanding. You need to guess the meaning of words written in Hiragana or choose the right sounds for the characters.

Beginner to Advanced

The coolest thing about our Hiragana Quiz is that it procedurally gets more difficult. While the first few questions are basic, the rest are slightly complicated to distinguish beginner learners from advanced ones. (By the way, the test will also keep count of your correct answers to grade your Hiragana knowledge at the end.)

Advantages of Taking a Hiragana Quiz

Who needs a Hiragana Test? Why would you take an online Japanese quiz to evaluate your Hiragana familiarity? The answer to these questions lies in your learning style.

While people have different learning style preferences, most learners benefit from educational procedures that engage all their senses. And, as for the good news, the Hiragana Quiz on this page does just that: It helps Japanese language learners memorize information by answering questions while using their Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinaesthetic skills.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of taking Hiragana Quizzes online.

Practice Reading and Writing Hiragana

The brain-teaser questions on the Hiragana Test help you exercise your reading and writing skills without having to spend hours behind your desk or going through hefty books.

Boost Your Confidence in Japanese

The Hiragana Quiz quickly reveals the correct answers, encouraging you with each response. With this quick-reveal system, you become more confident in your linguistic potential, and for every wrong answer, you learn new grammar facts on the go.

Learn New Vocabulary

Our Hiragana Test is designed to teach Japanese learners practical (yet memorable and basic) words. So, it’s a fun way to expand your vocabulary and catch some useful phrases.

Ready to Put Your Hiragana Knowledge to the Test?

Okay, let’s address the big question: How good is your Hiragana? Take the phonetic quiz on this page to estimate your student level in a few minutes.

Are you an advanced Japanese learner who knows everything about Hiragana—just like Katakana and Kanji—or you’re a newbie student trying to figure out how Japanese Kana work? Let’s find out the answer now with a fun Hiragana Quiz! 🎌📝


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