Quiz: Which iCarly Character Are You? 1 of 6 Match

Hey, which iCarly character are you? Carly, Sam, Spencer, Freddie, or else? This fun quiz matches you to one of the 6 main characters by your personality.

Which iCarly Character Are You

An Updated 2021 iCarly Character Quiz Is Here!

With only 20 abnormally interesting questions, this quiz identifies which character of the original and new iCarly you resemble. And it does so with 100% accuracy.

Unlike our VICTORiOUS Quiz, this one has no right or wrong answers and trivia questions. The test is designed to analyze your personality, matching it with one of the 8+ main characters of the show.

Get to Know Which iCarly Character You Are

The premise of the test is to answer questions like, “Which iCarly character am I?” Our editors rewatched all the episodes of the 2007 Nickelodeon hit to create an accurate match-finding system.

Here are some of the results you might end up getting at the end of the questionary.

· Carly

When asked, “Which iCarly character are you?” most fans would love to say, “I’m Carly Shay.” That is because she is the protagonist of the story. Despite her carefree nature, Carly is a bright, vivid, and loveable teen girl. She moderates everything around her, bringing out the best in her friends no matter what.

People who match Carly in the quiz have high levels of Libido. And they are described as rather spiled characters.

· Sam

Matching Sam in an iCarly quiz is not a piece of good news. She is an aggressive, unapologetic teen who hates it when people oppose her. Of course, Sam is also known as a beloved character who fans miss in the new sequel. But again, her anger issues make her a controversial match.

· Spencer

Many boys who watched the show as a teen would like to say, “I’m Spencer,” when asked which iCarly character are you? He is the man-child of the show who, surprisingly, has an active love life. Spencer is the cool (slash) funny (slash) protective guy other teenagers need to survive. But no one ever notices the importance of Spencer’s presence throughout the show.

Participants who match Spencer Shay in the iCarly Character Quiz are artistic, optimistic, and creative.

· Freddie

Nerdy and nice are Freddie’s middle names. His exposure to helicopter parenting has made him a somewhat insecure boy. However, we see that he grows into a more confident and reliable character throughout the story. Despite everything, Freddie Benson remains an honest guy who is loyal to his friends no matter what. And his unconditional love for Carly is still an admirable part of the show to this day.

Those who match Freddie in the test are nice, humble, and orderly.

· Other Character?

Just like any other Nickelodeon teenager sitcom, iCarly has lots of memorable characters. So, it is somewhat impossible to include all of them in one single quiz. However, QuizExpo’s test, which you are about to take, has most beloved personalities, such as Gibby, Nora, and other reoccurring characters.

Character Age
Carly 27
Freddie 27
Sam 27
Spencer 39
Millicent 11
Gibby 27


Are the New Sequel Characters Included, too?

Yep! The iCarly Character Test lists all the main cast and interesting personalities from the 2021 sequel alongside the original gang. You match newly introduced cast such as Millicent and Harper.

What Else Does the iCarly Quiz Reveal?

We wanted to do something more than just a casual match-finding test. That is why the results include additional information such as a free personality analysis and a personality disorder diagnosis! (For entertainment, though).

Your iCarly Crush

One of the coolest pieces of information the quiz has is your love interest. Despite being a teen show, iCarly had lots of controversial love scenes. So, we thought you might like to know which character could be on your hot boy/girl radar if you lived in Seattle and attended Ridgeway (Junior) High School.

Personality Analysis

What makes a particular iCarly character your match? That is the type of question the quiz results answer. The comprehensive persona breakdown you receive lets you know the why behind your result. Plus, it helps you better understand your true self through fiction and sitcom-ish methods.

Your Possible Personality Disorder!

It might sound too dark for iCarly fans, but almost every character in the show has some type of PD. Sam, for example, is antisocial. Carly has narcissistic behaviors. And Freddie seems to have a general anxiety disorder.

So, our editors thought that it would be fun to diagnose you with a personality disorder based on your responses. Of course, it would not be an official diagnosis. So, please, take the results lightly.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the iCarly Character Quiz. Nickelodeon owns all the said pictures.

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