Which AO3 Tag Are You? AO3 Personality Quiz

Your personality could theoretically match one of the controversial tags of Archive of Our Own (AO3); and here’s a personality quiz to back this theory.

Which AO3 Tag Are You

💡 What to Expect: The AO3 Tag Quiz pairs your personality with one of the well-known—and sometimes controversial—categories from Archive of Our Own. You might end up as a Romance, Angst, or Smut fanfic genre, or you could get something totally unexpected.

✏️ About AO3 Tags: AO3 stands for Archive of Our Own, a nonprofit website that hosts fanworks. It offers users a safe, ad-free space to create, share, and promote their fanfictions. AO3 Tags are specific categories on this website that help readers find fanfictions based on genres and themes. (Think of Tags as the way to navigate the vast collection of stories on Archive of Our Own.)

The fanfic glossary keeps growing, making it tough to stay updated with all the new terms and subgenres emerging in the community. But if you’ve been around long enough to be a member of Fanfiction.Net (or similar sites), you know one thing for sure: understanding those weird-looking Tags is crucial if you want to find some high-quality fanfics to read.

Now, in a peculiar yet cool trend, fanfic enthusiasts are eager to discover which of these unique Tags, particularly those on AO3, best represent their personalities. Essentially, they want to find out which AO3 Tag or fanfic genre sums up their lives. And the good news is, we’ve put together a personality quiz with fifteen questions that will reveal your perfect AO3 Tag in no time!

Create your own OC, answer a few questions, and kick back while we whip up the most accurate AO3 Tag match for you. But hey, no hard feelings, okay? We all know some of those fanfic categories can stir up controversies, so let’s keep the tears and regrets at bay.

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