Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Weekend Getaway? 2024 Ideas

The weekend getaway quiz plans the perfect trip to a nearby destination based on your budget, time, and purpose. Let’s find our 2023 ideas.

What's Your Ideal Weekend Getaway

The Weekend Getaway Quiz Plans Your Perfect Trip

With its 20 tourism questions, the weekend getaway quiz determines which destination is perfect for your short trip.

Domestic travel has been increasing in the past couple of years. And more Americans want to exploit their weekends with a nice, little trip. But they have yet to learn what their ideal getaway is.

This quiz analyzes your budget, time, current location, and purpose to plan your next vacation.

What’s Your Ideal Weekend Getaway?

Ideally, the perfect weekend getaway has three features: it’s a short drive, has reserved accommodation, and costs less than a foreign trip.

For some budget travelers, a foreign trip for a weekend makes more sense. A 2-day trip to Paris, for example, could cost as low as $160 per person. But not every getaway-seeker would be able to pull that off.

What to Consider Before Planning a Getaway?

Usually, you must consider so many factors before a trip. But for a weekend getaway, you should focus on three primary aspects: time, budget, and place. In other words, consider how much time and money you have and where you’ll be staying.

·       Time

On average, people in the US spend 5-12 hours driving for their weekend trip. So, choose your destination accordingly. If you want to save some time, go to a nearby city or use faster means of transportation.

·       Budget

In the US, the average price of a weekend trip is about $448 per person. But you can lower that to $150 with some planning.

·       Accommodation

Your weekend getaway will not be perfect if you don’t have a place to stay. Whether it’s a tent, a motel, or a luxurious hotel, your accommodation must be booked/decided ahead.

Ready to Find the Perfect Destination? Take the Test Now!

Okay, the big question remains: What is your ideal weekend getaway? Take this domestic travel quiz to find the perfect destination for your next trip.

The following questions help you decide where to go for a 2-day vacation in the US—and they do so by analyzing your time, budget, and goal.

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