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Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions

What Vitamins Should I Take

This may be a challenging question in 2021, what vitamins should I take? This free quiz analyzes 20 factors to tell which vitamin deficiency you have.

A Quiz to Decide What Vitamins to Take

You probably want to find out what micronutrients does your body need. To answer such questions, our quiz examines your performance and symptoms to come up with an accurate result.

Unlike similar quizzes like the Metabolic Type Test, identifying what vitamins to take is complicated. And that is because it has many aspects. You may have several deficiencies at once or have false symptoms caused by other conditions.

Here is everything the test does for you, though:

Exposing Your Vitamin Deficiencies

The goal here is to answer questions like, “What vitamins should I take?” By investigating your responses, we identify which of the 13 essential micronutrients your body lacks.

Suggesting Ways to Deal with Vitamin Shortages

By taking the test, you receive expert pieces of advice on how to improve your diet and what supplements to take.

Offering a List of Foods to Get the Vitamins You Need

Nutritionists and doctors say the best way of providing your body with vitamins is by having a healthy diet. That is why the quiz results give you a list of food to eat to balance the micronutrients in your system.

Explaining Why You Should Take a Particular Vitamin

Consuming supplements can become pretty confusing when you do not know the reason behind it. You may find hundreds of articles, videos, and guides on what vitamins to take. But few of them explain why specific products or micronutrition are good for you. However, the Essential Vitamins Test gives details on the results and the reasons behind them.

When Should You Use a Quiz?

Honestly, you should avoid any self-prescribed vitamin or micronutrition supplement. That is because excessive use of such products/tablets might cause more harm than good. So, taking an online quiz should be your last option—and you should always prioritize consulting a doctor first.

But an online test would come in handy if you are curious to know what micronutrition to take. Here are the three most common reasons why people take a Quiz.

#1: When You Have Chronic Malabsorption Syndromes

Some digestion-related conditions make it difficult for you to absorb certain nutrition properly. If that is the case, taking the online test could shed light on what supplements you should take and avoid.

#2: When You Have a Specific Diet

Most of the essential micronutrition are found in animal products such as meat and dairy. However, people with restricted diets such as veganism or vegetarianism cannot consume such products, leading to vitamin deficiency. Taking the quiz could help such individuals understand what supplementary products they should take to avoid any health-related issues in the future.

Side note: Being a vegan or vegetarian does not mean you will face micronutrition insufficiency. It is just that such diets lack animal products—and that could be a warning sign for specific vitamins if they are not consumed any other way.

#3: When You Are About to Get or Already Are Pregnant

Studies prove that an unborn child might suffer health issues in the future if faced with vitamin deficiency before birth. That is why experts advise prospect moms to consume nutrition-rich food and take supplementary medicine if necessary. So, taking an online quiz could help pregnant women to get to know their needs better.

Questions to Ask Before “What Vitamins Should I Take?”

Contrary to popular beliefs, few people actually need to take supplementary products to balance their micronutrition levels. So, it is not like you HAVE to take them. You should answer the following questions before even opting to take a test. Otherwise, you will spend both your money and time and drugs, tablets, and powders that have little to no effect on your body.

Do I have a documented vitamin deficiency?

Only a doctor can diagnose you with malabsorption syndrome or other conditions that cause a lack of essential nutrition. So, check your medical history before asking ‘what vitamins should I take?’ If no doctor has required you to take supplementary drugs, then do not do it.

Will the supplements improve my lifestyle?

Many people want to consume extra vitamins to cope with their unhealthy lifestyle. But that is not how your body works. No vitamin supplement would heal the harm caused by your bad habits.

Am I willing to pay for supplements?

According to Statista, “The average price per unit of multivitamins amounted to about 10.41 U.S. dollars in the United States.” So, bear in mind that being on supplements is not cheap. Before asking what vitamins should I get, assess your budget and the price tags.

Am I aware of the risks?

Misuse of micronutrition supplements might not be fatal. However, it still threatens your health. It is best to consume them under a doctor’s surveillance. (See below for more).

The Risks of Taking the Wrong Vitamins

Doctor Mike, a world-known YouTuber, believes that Americans are obsessed with supplements. And it might cause health-related problems such as toxicity. Here are some of the risks you take by being on such products.

Financial problems

As doctor Mike says, “you do not need to take lots of vitamins per day unless you want an expensive urine.” What he means is that your body excretes most of the water-soluble vitamins. So, taking those fancy tablets would only enrich your urine and have little to no benefit for your organs or muscles. In short, you are better off without such products when you have a healthy diet. (No need to waste your money).

Interference with other medicines

Some supplements might reduce the effects of drugs. So, self-prescription can lead to other major health problems, especially when you are on specific medications.

False reassurance

Taking vitamins might make you feel like you are enriching your body with what it needs, and that should guarantee a perfect health condition. But as Doctor Mike explains, that is only a false reassurance, and supplements are ineffective when it comes to major deficiencies and bad habits.

Note: Statistics show that 86% of Americans are taking a vitamin or supplement. But only 20% of them have tested positive for nutrition deficiency.

Potential toxicity

You might not get the toxicity of water-soluble vitamins. However, fat-soluble products might cause toxicity as they can build up in your fat stores.

Other unknown dangers

The FDA does not have a system to approve vitamin supplement products. You can create your brand and start selling, say, vitamin c capsules legally—and no one would check to see if they are safe. So, lots of risks of taking such products are rooted in their unknown ingredients and manufacturing process.

How to Know What to Take without a Quiz

Not everyone needs a test to decide which micronutrition their body lacks. The quickest way to get an answer is to analyze your symptoms and decide which vitamin you need to take based on that. Below you see the signs of deficiency for the six essential vitamins.

C Weakness, easy bruising, dry skin, tiny red-blue bruises on the skin
B Heart palpations, shortness of breath, pale skin, behavioral changes
A Night blindness, dry eyes, haze vision, slow bone growth
K Oozing from nose and gums, blood in urine or stool, heavy periods
D Fatigue, bone pain, cramps, mood changes
E Loss of body movement control, weak immune system

Things to Consider When Choosing the Vitamins to Take

Factors such as age, gender, and lifestyle can determine what micronutrition your body needs the most.


Kids in their early years and elderly people require to take vitamins more than others.


Women are prone to iron, D, and B-16 deficiency. In comparison, men do not get enough vitamin B on average.


Your routine, job, and diet affect the vitamin levels in your body. Considering your lifestyle, therefore, is crucial when deciding what supplements to take.


People usually ask, ‘What vitamins should I take?’ when they feel something is wrong with their body. So, you have to take a closer look at your symptoms to discover what essential micronutrition you need to feel better. For example, poor night vision and uneven nails are signs of having a vitamin A deficiency.

Medical history

You need to consult a doctor to make sure you do not have any other condition that could cause vitamin deficiency. If you already have such a condition, you might want to consider getting proper supplements.

Disclaimer: Read Before Taking the Vitamin Quiz

QuizExpo wants you to be aware that the online test you take on this page is not a medical diagnosis. Only a trained doctor can tell what vitamins to take or avoid. So, please, do not attempt to self-prescribe any drugs/supplements after reading the results. The test is created for entertainment purposes, and you should take the results lightly.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which one describes your skin condition?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 1
    • Brown spots and dark pigmentation

    • Acne, rashes, dry and flaky skin

    • Prematurely aging

    • It has lots of cracks and wrinkles

    • It has lots of scars that do not heal

    • It is prone to sunburn

    • My skin is perfectly healthy

  • 2
    Choose the statement that is true about your eyes and vision.
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 2
    • My vision is not sharp

    • I feel like my eyes are aging

    • I have cataracts

    • There are dark circles in my eye's orbital area

    • I struggle with the night vision deficiency

    • I have blurred or reduced central vision

    • None of the above

  • 3
    Pick a sentence that describes your hair condition better.
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 3
    • My hair has split ends

    • I have slow hair growth

    • I'm struggling with hair loss

    • My hair does not regrow

    • I have a dry scalp

    • My hair roots are weak

    • None of the above

  • 4
    What is your energy level like?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 4
    • I get tired quickly

    • I have anemia

    • I don't have any energy at all

    • My energy level is okay

    • It depends

    • I usually feel fatigued

    • I typically feel energetic and healthy

  • 5
    Which one is true about your muscles?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 5
    • I feel pain after working out

    • I feel like my muscles are weak

    • I easily get injured

    • I usually feel physically strong

    • I don't have any muscles

    • I quickly get tired when using my muscles

    • I have a fit body with average muscle mass

  • 6
    Which statement is closer to your current mood?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 6
    • I'm depressed

    • I usually feel down and blue

    • I'm usually moody

    • I can't say I'm energetic

    • My mood is causal

    • I'm anxious

    • I'm happy and energetic

  • 7
    How would you describe your immune system? (How weak or strong do you think your body is?).
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 7
    • I get sick quickly and frequently

    • I'm don't get sick, but I get headaches

    • I get sick quick and recover slowly

    • My wounds heal slowly

    • I get the same sickness over and over again

    • I frequently get ill but heal fast

    • I rarely get sick

  • 8
    Have you experienced any of the following types of bleeding recently?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 8
    • My bleeding takes a while to stop

    • I feel like my bleeding has increased

    • I have experienced several major bleeding

    • I feel like I don't get blood clotting anymore

    • I don't experience many bleedings

    • My bleeding wounds used to heal faster

    • My bleeding stops quickly

  • 9
    How have your periods been lately? (Skip the question if you don't experience periods).
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 9
    • My periods are less frequent than before

    • I missed a couple of cycles lately

    • My periods are more extended these days

    • I have excessive bleeding

    • I have normal menstruation as usual

    • My periods are more painful these days

    • Skip the question (I don't experience menstruations)

  • 10
    Which urine-related problem have you experienced lately?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 10
    • Kidney stones

    • Having a bright yellow urine

    • Overactive bladder

    • My urine seems to be normal

    • Lower urinary tract infections

    • I'm not sure

    • I recently took a urine test, and it was fine

  • 11
    Which one is true about your teeth health?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 11
    • I have weak teeth

    • I have irritations in or out of the mouth

    • I'm struggling with dental decay

    • There are lots of cavities on my teeth

    • I had to deal with impaired tooth formation

    • I have weak gum

    • None of the above

  • 12
    Which one is true about your wound healing process?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 12
    • The wounds' marks don't heal quickly

    • My wounds heal slowly

    • My wounds usually get infected

    • I think my wounds heal normally

    • My wounds remain open longer than others

    • My infected wounds heal very slowly

    • None of the above

  • 13
    Do you constantly feel depressed?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 13
    • Yes

    • Most of the time

    • Once in a while

    • Not really

    • It depends

    • I used to

    • No

  • 14
    Which one describes your job better?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 14
    • I work in cold environments

    • I work at a 9 to 5 job

    • I work from home

    • My job is intense

    • My job is NOT intense

    • I sit behind a desk for a long time

    • I don't work

  • 15
    How old are you?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 15
    • 16-20

    • 21-26

    • 27-35

    • 36-45

    • 46-50

    • Above 51

    • Below 15

  • 16
    Do you have any of the following conditions?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 16
    • Scurvy

    • Atrophic gastritis

    • Obesity

    • Cystic fibrosis

    • Fat malabsorption, or liver disorders

    • Chronic pancreatitis or cholestasis

    • No, none of the above

  • 17
    Why did you feel the need to take a Vitamin Quiz?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 17
    • I constantly get sick

    • I feel fatigued

    • I have no energy

    • I feel like something is wrong with my body

    • My periods have changed

    • No particular reason

    • Just to make sure I'm doing fine

  • 18
    Of the following fruits, which one do you avoid in your diet?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 18
    • Kiwi

    • Apple

    • Orange

    • Avocado

    • Mango

    • Black Currants

    • None of them

  • 19
    Final question; how much direct sunlight do you get per day?
    Quiz: What Vitamins Should I Take? 13 Best Suggestions 19
    • 0-5 minutes

    • 15 minutes

    • No sunlight at all

    • More than 25 minutes

    • I'm not sure

    • It depends

    • About 10 minutes

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