Quiz: What should I be for Halloween? 2024 Creative Ideas

Looking for the perfect answer to “What should I be for Halloween?” Take this spooky and fun quiz to discover your ultimate 2022 costume.

what should i be for Halloween

Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume in 5 min.

Take the Halloween Quiz. It is a set of twenty questions that reveal what you should be in a few minutes.

Our test analyzes your character to come up with interesting ideas. So, the cool thing is that you receive personalized suggestions. See below for more on how the questionary works.

3 Questions to Ask Before, “What Should I Be for Halloween?”

Pro partiers know that it takes more than a fancy costume to catch the eyes. The following three questions are key to identifying what to wear for Halloween without looking overdressed, underdressed, or totally random.

#1: How much money do I want to spend?

According to PumpkinPatchesAndMore, 36% of American’s Halloween budget goes towards costumes. Considering the average expenditure, which is $185.50, you are expected to spend about $66.78 buying spooky season clothes.

Anything above or below that number affects the outcome. An above-average budget means you can go for fancier and upmarket products. But below-average funds might push you towards Do-It-Yourself kind of costumes.

#2: Should I go DIY or buy a ready costume?

Not all Halloween DIY projects are cheap. Some designers spend months creating their unique cosplay or dress. So, the question is, are you up for crafting and creating? If yes, do it yourself. If not, check out Amazon’s offers for the sake of your time and energy.

#3: Do I want a solo or group design?

Sometimes, the question is, “What should WE be for Halloween?” Either as a couple or a friend group, you want to try creative non-soloist designs. Such dresses are usually more expensive. But the good thing is that you can split the bill.

Things the Halloween Costume Quiz Considers for More Accuracy

The premise of our test is to answer existentially bothersome questions like, “What should I be for Halloween?” And we take the following factors into account to do that.

Your Personality

The test suggests tailored ideas based on your character. You answer slightly spooky questions to figure out what type of person you are before discovering what you should be on this All-Hallows’ Eve!

Your Age

Age-play is a thing when it comes to costumes and cosplays. But we still wanted to consider your age to come up with appropriate ideas.

Your Budget

Americans spend $66.78 on Halloween wear. The test considers how much YOU are going to pay for such stuff, so the results are budget-friendly as well.

Your Interests

Are you into superheroes, classic characters, or other totally random categories? Your interests shape the test results in real time.

The Type of Party You Are at

As soon as you say, “What should I be for Halloween?” costume experts be like, “Where you wanna be at?” You would probably be better off without a scandalous cosplay at a family party. That is why our quiz considers the type of your party to suggest fitting concepts.

We Got 30+ Personalized Halloween Ideas for You

The quiz has six main Halloween costume categories with over thirty unique designs. Here is everything you need to know about dress types.

Category 1: Scary/Spooky Costumes

The most traditional thing to do on Halloween is to dress as something scary. A couple of thousands of years ago, people used to do so to keep the spirits and ghosts away during the All-Saints’ Day. It is also a common go-to category for people asking, “What should I be?”

Category 2: Hilarious Ideas

The spooky season gives you a chance to prove your wittiness. The second category on our Halloween costume test is full of amusing ideas for those who prefer entertaining over impressing.

Category 3: Creative Juice

Some might never find the answer to “What should I be for Halloween?” unless they go creative. The third costume ideas list includes original and artistic concepts to help such people.

Category 4: Iconic Person or Cosplay

When money is not a concern, you can go big. That is why you receive fancy and somewhat expensive suggestions in the fourth category. (Only a few of the dresses on this list are DIY-friendly).

Category 5: Familiar Person

You can always dress up like your dad, boss, or even that naggy neighbor for Halloween. And it would be hilarious—especially when you are good at impressions. The fifth category gives you cheap and accessible ideas on how to get inspired by people around you to create the perfect costume.

Category 6: Sexy/Scandalous Costumes

You might be the one who goes naughty and sassy every All Saints’ Eve! If that is the case, the sixth category is your thing. It is filled with concepts for the baddies. But you have to use them at your own risk.

Things You Should NEVER Be for Halloween

Culture is not a costume. You should never be something that triggers or offends specific groups of people or individuals. Halloween is about having fun—not making fun of others. So, make sure to be something everyone relates to instead of wearing something controversial.

One of the worst ideas one could have is to dress as a race or ethnicity. Keep in mind that coloring your skin or wearing traditional dresses of certain people might disrespect them. So, think twice.

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