Quiz: What Podcast Should I Listen To? 2024 Trending List

This podcast quiz suggests what podcast you should listen to based on your favorite genre, hosts, and personalities.

What Podcast Should I Listen To

Find the Podcast You Should Be Listening to

The Podcast Quiz is an online tool to discover audible shows. It asks you 20 quick questions that determine what type of audience you are and what pods you would like.

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Over 100 Popular Pod Suggestions

The Podcast Finder Tool suggests not one but 10+ pods to listen to. Put simply, each result comes with a list of the best shows you might enjoy.

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Based on Your Interests—and Personality!

Your likes and dislikes determine what content to consume. But to see the bigger picture, it’s actually your personality that affects your choices.

To fine-tune the results, the Podcast Quiz considers both your interests and characteristics. (That’s how it comes up with an accurately customized list of suggestions).

5 Ways to Choose the Podcast You Should Listen to

Yeah, finding a pod you can relate to is not easy. But it’s certainly possible. Here are five practical methods to discover your next favorite audible show.

1.     Choose by genre.

What type of topics interest you? Comedy, politics, arts, sports, mystery? The answer could determine the show to which you should listen.

Recent data by Statista shows that comedy, news, and true crime podcasts are the most popular podcast genres in the US.

But the following table can give you a better idea of pop genres.

Podcast Genre US Popularity
Comedy 22%
News 21%
True Crime 18%
Sport 17%
Health/Fitness 17%
Religion/Faith 16%
Politics 16%
Productivity 15%
Investigative Journalism 13%
Finances 13%


2.    Choose by hosts or guests.

What type of online personalities do you like? Would you rather listen to random people’s funny exchanges or a polished show with well-known or expert guests?

Podcasts have a lot in common with TV shows. Think of it like choosing the next Netflix show to watch. How much do you care about characters? Bring the same attitude to picking your podcasts.

If your favorite celebrity or influencer has a pod, you should give it a listen.

3.    Choose by popularity.

If you don’t have enough time to browse all pods, listen to the popular ones. A show’s popularity is an undeniable sign of quality.

The data from Edison Podcast Metrics reveals the top three podcasts in the US: The Joe Rogan Experience, Crime Junkie, and The Daily.

Find more well-liked shows in the following table.

Top Podcast Listeners
The Joe Rogan Experience 11 million
Crime Junkie 10 million
The Daily 2 million
This American Life 2 million
My Favorite Murder 1.1 million


4.   Choose by your routine.

94% of Americans take care of other tasks while listening to podcasts. That’s your sign to match your lifestyle with the pod you’re listening to.

One good way to find your fave podcast is by considering your routine. What will you be doing while tuning in to the show?

News pods, for example, are excellent choices for commuting. Comedies, on the other hand, make things like chores enjoyable.

Decide the accompanying tasks and pick your podcasts accordingly.

5.    Choose by quizzes.

Find the One on Spotify is a perfect quiz to discover your favorite podcasts. (You can find it in the PODCAST section of the app under the search bar).

If you’re not on Spotify, try our podcast finder. It’s quick, accurate, and free.

How Americans Discover Good Podcasts

According to surveys on StartupBonsai, 40% of Americans find their podcasts using in-app search functions. 18.3% ask for friends’ recommendations. And 15.2% take on social media to do the same.

Why It’s Overwhelming to Pick the Right Pod

Choosing a podcast is difficult because there are 850,000 shows. The number might seem insignificant when compared to 37 million channels on YouTube. But podcasting is a thriving niche, and the number of audible shows is increasing rapidly.

Save Time: Let Your Taste Choose Your Favorite Podcast

Still asking yourself, “What podcast should I listen to?” Hit the start button and find out now.

The following questions analyze your likes, dislikes, and overall personality to suggest the best shows.

Let’s discover your next favorite pod.


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