What Color Looks Best on Me? 2024 Color Suggestion Quiz

What color looks best on you? It depends on skin tone, hair, eyes, and body type. This quiz reveals what hues are good for you with accurate color analysis.

What Color Looks Best on Me

Choosing Your Best Colors Based on the Seasonal Color Analysis

Swiss expressionist painter Johannes Itten found out that some colors look better in certain seasonal backgrounds. So, people used his ideas to analyze hues and identify a scheme to choose the most fitting colors to wear.

3 Steps of Identifying What Color Looks Best on You

You have hundreds (if not thousands) of hue choices when adding to your wardrobe.

“Color is the most important element of appearance. This is the first thing that anyone pays attention to. They can make you look outstanding or completely ruin the impression,” says Lizabeth Kemrov—a fashion & style coach.

So, here is how to narrow down your options based on your temperature, saturation, and brightness.

Step #1: Identifying Your Temperature

The basic form of temperature is divided into three types: cool, warm, and neutral. The hues that match your temperature look best on you. So, identifying yours will make it easier to choose the right palette for you. Here is how to do so.

You can take our specific Skin Tone Quiz to find out what your temperature is in no time.


Look at the veins on your wrist. If they look blue or purplish, you have a cool temperature.


If your wrist veins look greenish, you have a warm temperature.


If the veins around your wrist are somewhat bluish, purplish, and greenish at the same time (or none of them), you have a neutral temperature.

Step #2: Defining Your Saturation

You should be aware of your saturation to answer the big question, “What color looks best on me?” In short, saturation refers to how rich, vivid, and intense your overall hue is. For instance, being blond and having light blue eyes increases your saturation. And having dark hair and skin decreases it.

Bright and Vivid

If your overall look consists of bright colors, you should wear the same or similar hues.


If your overall appearance consists of greyish tones, the muted palette looks best on you.

Step #3: Detecting Your Brightness Level

Brightness indicates how the hues are close to pure white or black. Usually, the color of hair and eyes determine the brightness of a person. So, if your eyes and hair are dark, shadowy palettes will look good on you. And if the opposite is true, white tones are the best bet.

Find Your Seasonal Color with a Professionally Designed Test

The above information might not be enough to answer your questions because it takes a lot to identify your season and fit hues correctly. However, you can take our quiz and answer 20 simple questions to discover what color works best for you in no time.

We asked experts in the fashion & style field to help us with the test. So, the results are 100% accurate. Here is everything the ‘What Color Looks Best on Me’ quiz reveals after analyzing you.

Get to Know Your Undertone

Just because you have greenish skin does not mean you are olive, and you should wear cold colors. Your undertone is the actual parameter to identify the best dress for you. Our quiz can determine your undertone accurately, so you know what exact colors look good on you.

Understand Your Season

Are you an autumn person? Winter? Spring? Or summer? Seasonal color analysis can discover what season you are in to tell you what colors look fabulous on you. We used the same scheme to create our quiz, so you do not need any other tests to get a solid answer.

Choose the Best Colors for Your Wardrobe

We get it; your primary question is, “What colors look good on me?” And you might not have enough time for the stuff that comes with analysis and all that. So, we are going to give you the exact palette that matches your skin, eye, hair, and even style.

Is It Important to Know What Colors Look Good on Me?

Yes, it is. The answer defines what kind of dress you should wear and why. Here are the top three reasons you are doing the right thing by asking, “What color should I wear?”

Easier Online Shopping

As Audrey Coyne, a well-known fashion blogger, says, “Most websites use models that have matching color type to the dress they are promoting.” That is why the dress that looks gorgeous on the website’s model looks terrible on you. Knowing your best colors makes your online shopping easier because the images will not fool you.

Discovering Your Power Colors

“What color looks best on me?” That is an empowering question. Knowing your hues and using them in your favor makes your style eye-catching and noticeable.

Buying Matching Makeup Hues

Other correlative questions affect your appearance, such as, “What color should I dye my hair?” Knowing your best palette helps you with identifying the right makeup hues to perfect your look.

The Simplest Way to Know What Color Looks Best on Me

Wearing universal colors is the simplest way of avoiding confusion and puzzlement. The said hues are the perfect balance of cold and warm colors that look good on almost anyone. Black, pure white, blush pink, eggplant, and true red are some of the universal tints you can wear no matter what.

One Last Thing to Know Before Taking the Quiz

As Emily Mariko, a fashion blogger and YouTuber, says, “It is not like the colors will split in half, and only warm-tone people can wear yellows and oranges but never blues. And it is not even like only cool-tone people can wear blues and purples but never yellows. Every color has multiple shades within it. And of the variety, some lean warmer and some lean cooler.”

So, the answer to “What color looks best on me?” is not definitive. You still have the chance to wear clothes with the opposite palette’s hues—and they would still look good on you.

With that being said, hit the green button and start the quiz to determine what decisions you should make about your wardrobe. Let’s go!

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