Water Dating Test. 100% Fun & Accurate Love Quiz

Want to know your dating type as a water drop? The Water Dating Test exposes your lover persona with watery questions!

Water Dating Test

Water Dating Test, Explained

With 20 romance questions, the Water Dating Test is a dating personality analyzer. It identifies the way you show affection and reveals how romantic you are using the primary essences of water: Fluidity, Transparency, Cleanness, Nurture, Life, and Harmony.

As a fondness typology quiz, the Water Dating Test uses your relationship experience, dating profile, and romanticism to assign a water type to your emotions.

For those seeking to find their Water Dating Type without a test, the following table lists prominent profiles and their respective features.

Water Type Romance Personality
Raindrop Uplifting, Adaptive, Healing
Lake Calming, Spiritual, Trustworthy
Ocean Free-Spirited, Independent, Adventurous
Oliver Creative, Nurturing, Modern
Sapphire Wise, Loyal, Composed
Ruby Passionate, Confident, Risk-Taking


How Can Water Determine Your Dating Personality

Water has always been a symbol of different loves in romantic literature. In Shakespeare’s work, for example, Juliet shows her affection for Romeo by comparing her love with a boundless and deep sea. But how can it expose your dating personality? The answer is in water’s poetic properties.

Figuratively speaking, water is generous, as it gives life to the living; it is nurturing, as all the living need it; and it is innocent, as it cleans the dirt. But water is also quite dangerous, destroying everything in its way when in a rage. And that’s similar to people in relationships: Some are generous lovers, others are refreshing comrades, and many are just toxic and destructive forces.

The Water Dating Test, however, utilizes six figurative features of water in literature and poetry to expose your romantic persona. These attributes are Fluidity, Transparency, Cleanness, Nurture, Life, and Harmony.

How Is the Water Dating Test Related to Smile Dating Test

The Water Dating Test is similar to the Smile Dating Test in that they both reveal the participants’ lover archetype using subtle cues. One significant difference, however, is that the former is more considered with poetic aspects of dating, while the latter works based on physical and sexual preferences.

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The Water Dating Test Results

In the Water Dating Quiz, you are matched with a water type that symbolizes the same qualities as your lover persona. For instance, one of the most common results is Ocean Water Type, which resembles a free-spirited, independent, and bold lover who’s seeking adventure.

Here are other notable results of the Water Dating Test:

  • Raindrop Type
  • Lake Water Type
  • Ocean Water Type

Who Should Take the Water Dating Quiz

Do you want to know what kind of boyfriend or girlfriend you are? Then you should take the Water Dating Test—now! Despite its simple premise, this dating topology quiz offers profound insights into your love life and exposes the secret repeating pattern in your relationships. (Give it a try; you won’t regret it.)

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