Quiz: Should I Ski or Snowboard? 2024 Winter Update

Do you ask yourself, “Should I ski or snowboard?” This sports quiz reveals which activity is best for you based on your budget, skill set, age, and interests.

Should I Ski or Snowboard quiz

Ski Vs. Snowboard: A Real-Deal Quiz

The test consists of twenty questions about the crucial aspects of choosing the right snow sport for you. It matches your responses to the database to decide if skiing is your best bet or you should go snowboarding. Professional athletes and instructors provide the data we use. So, the results are 100% reliable.

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Help yourself decide.

The quiz is designed for people asking, “Should I ski or snowboard?” It analyzes all the affecting elements to suggest the best option. Regardless of your proficiency level, the test can determine what kind of activity suits you. We’ve talked to instructors and athletes to create a genuine questionnaire. The questions you face on this page are those that a professional trainer would probably ask you before putting you in a proper course or class.

Understand the upsides and downsides of each.

The good thing about the ‘should I ski or snowboard quiz’ is that it sheds light on each sport. So, beginners can use the information to make up their minds based on the advantages or disadvantages.

Find out why you’re better off without skiing or snowboarding.

One of the perks of taking the quiz is learning why a specific snow activity fits you. The results explain why we think you’re better off without skiing or snowboarding. And you can always make the final decision according to the insights you get.

Things that the ‘Should I Ski or Snowboard Quiz’ Considers

When choosing between skiing and snowboarding, you need to consider all the affecting factors. But it’s usually a challenging task, especially when you’re a beginner. The quiz, therefore, lends a hand with that and walks you through everything you should think about before making any decisions. Here are the crucial elements that it considers before suggesting any snow sports.

#1. Overall Entry Fee

Both skiing and snowboarding in the US cost anything from $80 to $200. But the additional fees like gear rental and lessons might add up to your overall bill. When someone asks, “Should I ski or snowboard?” it’s vital to know what their overall budget is. And that’s why the quiz considers the fees and prices.

#2. The Gear

Although mostly similar, the skiing and snowboarding gears have some dissimilarities. For instance, most athletes agree that skiing boots are super-uncomfortable. That’s while you can wear snowboarding boots to anywhere as if they’re your casual boots. The quiz takes into account such factors to come up with the best option for you.

#3. The Learning Process

It’s usually a beginner who might ask, “Should I ski or snowboard?” So, our quiz suggests an activity that matches your current skills and schedule. We offer the option that you’d most likely find easier to learn and, therefore, enjoy more. Professionals agree that both activities have a similar learning process. But small details can lead to huge differences for individuals. So, that’s why we didn’t want to ignore such a crucial factor.

#4. Injuries

Both skiing and snowboarding are action sports. So, you should expect a fair level of injury risk. However, each of them comes with specific dangers. While it’s easier for a skier to face a knee injury, arm and shoulder damages are more common for snowboarders. When it comes to choosing one, it’s smart to think about the type of risks and dangers. (That’s why the quiz includes some related questions to customize the results for you).

#5. Age

Learning to ski or snowboard at 40 is not the same as learning at 8. Your age affects the whole process and its outcome. So, we wanted to ensure that the quiz considers your physical attributes and features. You can be sure that the results match your current age and shape.

#6. Other Important Factors

The ‘should I ski or snowboard quiz’ is the most accurate tool to help you make up your mind. It analyzes other elements such as the trails, overall weather, obstacles, your previous experiences with snow sports, and more to finetune the results.

What’s Harder Ski or Snowboard?

According to Kevin Lupschen, a professional instructor, “Skiing is easy to learn but hard to master. However, snowboarding is hard to learn but easy to master.” Once snowboarders figure out how to do the turns, they improve much faster and catch up to skiers.

It’s also noteworthy that your experiences with other sports can affect the difficulty level of skiing and snowboarding. For example, individuals familiar with board sports usually find it much easier to learn snowboarding. And it’s often less challenging for people with no sportive background to learn skiing.

The Best Way to Decide if You Should Ski or Snowboard

Trying out both activities and consulting a professional instructor are the best ways to choose your favorite. You don’t need to worry about the fees because you can always rent the gear instead of buying them. Give yourself enough time to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each activity before making any decisions.

Read Before Taking the Quiz

The ‘should I ski or snowboard quiz’ is designed to help you make up your mind when deciding between the two activities. It’s not meant to encourage you to try out any action sports without proper lessons. Please, consult a professional instructor before trying out any of them. Otherwise, you may face serious injuries.

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