What Sport Should I Play? 2024 Trending Sports Quiz

What sport should I play? Or what activities was I born to do? Find out what sport is for you in less than 5 minutes with this straightforward quiz.

What sport should I play

A Quiz to Choose the Sport You Should Play

It could be confusing to select an athletic activity to pursue. The choices seem to be unlimited. And you cannot consult a professional sportsperson in each field to make up your mind. Our quiz, therefore, is designed to answer your big question, “What sport should I play?”

It is like an expert test to find out what makes an excellent activity for your current situation. More on this below.

How Does the Sports Quiz Work?

The premise of the test is to answer, “What sport should I play?” It is a set of 20 questions that assess your skills, body, time, and even money to suggest the best activity.

Evaluating Your Age and Physical Attribute

Yes, you should be an active person no matter how old you are. But some sports require certain age-related restrictions. For instance, plyometric exercises or heavy weight lifting is not a good idea when you are over 50.

It is also important to know your physical advantages and disadvantages when choosing a sport to play. For instance, being 6’6” or taller means you have the average height of an NBA player. So, basketball would already be an option for you.

Estimating Your Budget

According to ESPN, the average cost of sports for each child per year is $692. That means you need to pay at least $57 per month to pursue a sports activity. However, that is only an estimation. Some sports like skiing, ice hockey, and snowboarding cost more than $2,000 per year, which means a higher monthly fee. So, you should consider possible expenses when asking, “What sport should I play?”

Calculating Your Time

Reuters Health claims that 1-2 hours of daily sport enhances the well-being of the young. But that is the minimum amount of time to spend on such activities. So, the numbers would be much higher if you wanted to pursue sports as a career and become a professional.

What Sport Should I Play Based on My Body Type?

One of the traditional ways of choosing athletic fields is by determining the body type. One of the oldest systems used to do so is somatotype that divides human physical shapes into three categories. Some employ the said classification to identify the best sport for themselves. Here is what you need to know about each type.

Ectomorphs are lean with less muscle mass and fat compared to other types. It is usually difficult for this group to gain weight or increase their muscles.

Endomorphs have lots of fat and muscle. It is primarily easy for this group to gain weight. But they might find it hard to increase their muscle mass.

Mesomorphs are athletic. They are muscular, and it is relatively easy for them to both lose or gain weight.

Body Type Description Sports to Play
Ectomorph Lean, less fat, less muscle swimming, soccer, cycling
Endomorph Fat, fewer muscles weightlifting, rugby, rowing
Mesomorph Athletic, muscular skating, artistic gymnastics, bodybuilding

Note: The suggestions of the above table are according to the general attributes of the said body types. Take the sports quiz on this page for more specific results. You can find your type by this body type quiz.

Choosing Your Fitting Sports Filed Based on Your Purpose

Another way of answering, “What sport should I play?” is by looking at your drives and motives. Why do you want to work out or do sports activities? The answer to such questions can clarify what options are best for you.

Burning Calories or Losing Weight

One of the main reasons why most people think about playing sports is losing weight. If that is the case, you can choose the following fields. Swimming, running, rock climbing, or flag football.

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, it is your unhealthy lifestyle that is urging you to start playing sports. If that is the case, you can choose squash, rowing, or bicycling. (According to Forbes, these sports are the healthiest options you have).

Building Muscles or Gaining Weight

Asking, “What sport should I play?” might be because you like to go bigger. The best sports to gain muscle are gymnastics, cheerleading, wrestling, boxing, and surfing.

Having Fun

Athleticism does not have to be about gaining or losing weight or muscle. You can play a sport as a hobby. If that is why you are here, the best options are frisbee, yoga, jump rope, dancing, or biking.

Starting a Career

If you want to pursue sports as a career, make sure that you choose the one that you love. That is because becoming a professional athlete requires an immense amount of work and dedication. And the chances are pretty low to succeed in a field that you do not even like.

The highest paying sports as of 2021 are soccer, NBA, MLB, and football. But the thing is that there are career opportunities for non-athletes as well. Some of the highest paying non-athletic jobs are physical therapists, general managers, sports psychologists, and athletic trainers.

Most Popular Sports in 2021 (According to People Who Tried Them)

You might feel like it is only you who wonders, “What sport should I play?” But you are not alone. According to the pre-pandemic survey by Aspen Project Play, the most popular sport among kids is basketball. 22% of the participating parents claimed their child plays basketball—or would like to do so. Other popular sports among people are baseball, soccer, tackle football, and gymnastics.

However, the said statistics are for kids’ sports. Among adults, the most popular fields are soccer, badminton, field hockey, volleyball, and basketball.

It Is Okay to Play Multiple Sports at Once

The quiz on this page will answer your question so you do not have to keep asking, “What sport should I play?” However, you should know that it is okay to love and even pursue multiple sports at once. Michael Jordan, for instance, left NBA to pursue a career as a baseball player. Nate Robinson played both as a professional NBA and NFL player. So, you do not limit yourself if you do not feel like to.

As Michael Jordan says, “Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just illusions.”

Now, take the quiz and have fun.

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