Should I Get A Male Or Female Dog? 100% Honest Suggestion

Do you want to know if you should get a male or female dog? This dog quiz reveals the answer based on your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Dog

How to Know What Dog Gender You Should Get

Generally, if you want an energetic, affectionate, and protective pet, you should get a male dog. But if you’re looking for a calm, independent, and mature pet, you should get a female dog. Another factor is price; if you have a low budget (around $300), getting a male dog is a better option.

If you’re wondering what dog you should get, look for the answer in subtle differences:

Male dogs tend to be larger, heavier, and slightly more aggressive. But their bond with their owner is deeper. And they tend to retain their puppy-like attributes around their loved ones.

With a female dog, it’s sometimes hard to tell if your puppy loves you because female canines don’t need constant validation from their owner. But they are independent, less aggressive pets that enjoy staying home with little to no need for roaming around.

The Pros and Cons of Male and Female Dogs

Technically, the difference between getting a male or female dog is subtle because their pros and cons are similar. But what most adopters should consider is the size, expense, and temperament of the dog. The following table shows all advantages and disadvantages of boy and girl puppies.

Dog Gender Pros Cons


·       Strong

·       Energetic

·       Affectionate

·       Larger

·       Louder

·       Wanderlust



·       Calm

·       Independent

·       Trainable

·       Moody

·       Expensive

·       Heat



Boy Vs. Girl Puppy: Which One’s Better?

Neither of the genders is notably better because male and female dogs have a lot in common. But the answer ultimately comes down to the adopters’ preferences and current lifestyle. An active lifestyle with lots of outdoor adventures suits male dogs, while a peaceful lifestyle with indoor activities is best for female dogs.

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Questions to Ask Before Getting a Male or Female Dog

What should you consider before deciding your dog’s gender? Experts advise potential pet parents to ask the following questions in advance.

  • What pets do you already own?

Different dog breeds react differently to other pets—especially to cats. But usually, female dogs find it easier to get along with other animals.

  • What’s the budget?

While the average price of a puppy is about $300, female dogs are slightly more expensive—they cost $350+. So, it’s best to set a budget before getting a boy or girl puppy.

  • How will your lifestyle affect dogs?

While both female and male dogs are more intelligent than cats, they rely on their owners for many needs. If you’ll leave them alone for long hours, it’s best to get a female dog that is more self-reliant and can handle loneliness better.

  • How many kids will be around the dog?

Female dogs are gentler and more protective around babies. But male canines tend to ignore kids—because they are not affectionate with their own puppies either.

Find the Best Dog Gender with This Canine Test

Do you still want to know if you should get a male or female dog? If yes, take our expert-level canine chooser quiz to decide your next pet’s gender based on essential factors.

The following questions analyze your household, family, lifestyle, needs, expectations, and budget to suggest the best dog gender.

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