What Pet Should I Get? Pet Quiz Based on 20 Factors

Do you ask yourself, what pet should I get? This quiz has an accurate answer for you. Just answer 20 simple questions to get a suggestion based on 2021 factors.

What Pet Should I Get

Read if You Are Like, “What Pet Should I Get?”

Choosing the right animal companion is not an easy task. There are lots of things you should consider. Plus, the choices are too many, to be honest. Nowadays, you can even have exotic animals as pets. So, it is understandable to ask, “What pet should I get?”

Our quiz is designed to evaluate the affecting factors in your life to develop the best possible answer. We used pieces of expert advice to create an accurate test with reliable results. More on this below.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Pet

Wondering what animal companion to get is only the tip of the iceberg. You should consider your budget, free time, and even your family members or partner(s) to make the right decision. Here are things to think about before making your first move.

Prices and Expenses

According to The Spruce Pets, owning a non-exotic pet costs about $125 to $824 per month. So, it might add $1,000 to $9,000+ to your yearly expenses. You need to do the math before choosing a suitable furry mate for yourself.

Time and Maintenance

Many four-legged friend enthusiasts are so obsessed with the type of pet they should get that they forget about their current schedule and lifestyle. However, the most important thing to do is making sure you have at least a couple of hours of leisure time before asking, “What pet should I get?”

As Pawshake suggests, you need to spend at least 1-2 hours on your dog’s maintenance. You need to talk to the breeder or previous owner about that if your friend is not a puppy. They can give you an estimated maintenance time to make up your mind.

Hygiene and Oder

You do not expect an animal to smell like it has been wearing Chanel No. 5, right? Most animals naturally have an unpleasant odor. So, you better research the hygiene- and scent-related matters when choosing a pet. The heavier your pet’s smell is, the more frequent you need to care for it.

Safety of the Animal and People

Everyone’s go-to pet is a cat or dog. And we all know that they can unintentionally harm themselves or the people around them. However, that is true for almost all other animals. You should be aware that getting an animal companion will add up to your responsibilities. You need to make sure that it cannot hurt anyone—especially itself.

According to I Heart Dogs, poisoning, drowning, car accidents, and weather conditions are the most common reason for pets’ accidental death. That is why you have to make sure your companion lives in a safe environment.

Noise and Energy

A loud friend is not a good idea for people who live in an apartment—or value their peace. So, when asking, “What pet should I get?” make sure to consider the noises it can produce.

Some parrots, for instance, are too loud to have in a quiet neighborhood. According to the Spruce Pets, Cockatoo, Macaw, Eclectus, and Amazon Parrot are some of the noisiest birds you could have.

What Does the Pet Quiz Do for You?

The main goal of the test is to answer your big question, “What pet should I get.” However, we also offer some additional information that comes in handy when picking you a new animal friend.

Identifying the Right Pet for You

We let you know what kind of animal makes the best companion for you. Of course, it will not be a wild guess. The quiz can determine the right pet type based on your lifestyle, budget, and interests.

Suggesting Specific Animal Types

Should it be a cat? Okay, but what type of cat? Our test suggests specific animal species, so you will not get confused after reading the results.

Revealing the Pros and Cons of the Suggested Pets

Every animal comes with its advantages and disadvantages. So, the quiz’s results are as realistic as possible. We inform you of the pros and cons of getting the suggested pet so you can make up your mind.

Different Ways of Choosing a Pet

It is okay to ask a friend or two, “What pet should I get?” But you are better off without accepting whatever others tell you. Here are the best ways of deciding on your new animal friend.

#1: Consulting a Professional Breeder

A professional animal breeder is your go-to when getting a new pet. They are well aware of the different species. And they can suggest the most compatible ones to you after analyzing your lifestyle, needs, and desires.

#2: Checking Out the Trends

It is not the most convenient way of choosing a pet. However, there must be a reason why certain types of animals are popular among people. Right now, the most common pet in the world is fish. But in the US, dogs are the mainstream companions.

#3: Making a Decision Based on Your Purpose

Why do you want a pet? Is it because you are lonely? Do you want to experience something different? Or is it because you want to get more attention when walking down the streets. Your purpose can identify what pet you should get in no time.

#4: Taking a Pet Selection Quiz

The test on this page is for those wondering, “What pet should I get?” It offers simple questions that expose your readiness to have an animal companion. Taking the quiz is the easiest and fastest way of finding a reliable answer.

Here Is an Extra Exotic Offer for You

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