Quiz: Is My Wrist Broken or Sprained? Based on 20 Symptoms

Are you worried about your injury, self-questioning, “Is my wrist broken or sprained?” This quiz examines your symptoms to discover if it’s a fracture or not.

Is My Wrist Broken or Sprained

Fractured Wrist Vs. Sprained One

You should know the difference before even looking for a quiz or asking, “Is my wrist broken or sprained?”

A sprain happens when an injury or impact tears some or all ligaments in your wrist.

A fracture is when one or more of your wrist bones are broken due to external damage.

20 Questions to See If Your Wrist is Sprained or Broken

It’s difficult to know if you’re facing a sprain or fracture when it comes to the wrist. However, the quiz on this page uses medical information and clinical examination techniques to help you find the right answer. It’s a set of twenty analytical questions, helping us go through all your symptoms and pain levels to come up with a reliable result.

What Does The Quiz Do for You?

The premise of the questionnaire is to help those who ask, “Is my wrist broken or sprained?” But it also enables you to consider other possibilities and conditions. Unlike other online tests, the quiz here is a genuine self-report process with results that you can count on. Here’s what you need to know.

It helps you examine your wrist.

The process of the ‘Is my wrist broken or sprained quiz’ is similar to that of a clinical examination. We ask you questions that a doctor would normally ask you. That’s why it’s more of a self-assessment process than a casual test. If your pain level is high, ask someone to assist you while taking the test, and don’t use your wrist for as long as possible.

It considers all symptoms you have.

Having a broken or sprained wrist might cause lots of symptoms. It’s sometimes confusing for the patient to understand, evaluate, or see all of them. Therefore, the quiz guides you through the process, telling you what to look for and how to examine functions and muscles.

It offers a reliable evaluation.

People who look for an ‘is my wrist broken or sprained quiz’ need genuine answers. That’s why we tried to create the most clinically accurate test possible. You’d still need to visit a doctor for a 100% reliable examination and X-ray analysis. But the results of our quiz would give you an idea of what’s going on, what you need to do, and what the options are.

The Only Quiz That Determines the Type of Wrist Sprains

Most online tests only tell you if your wrist is broken or sprained. However, our questionnaire is able to distinguish between different types of conditions, leaving you with a much more precise result. It’s important to know your sprains type because some of them heal after a couple of days without the need to see a doctor. But others might lead to severe and more serious conditions if neglected.

Grade 1: the least dangerous type of wrist sprain is called Grade 1. It includes symptoms like minor pain and damage to ligaments. If cared for properly, you can recover from such an injury in a few days.

Grade 2: It’s a bit more severe than Grade 1. Symptoms include pain and more damage to the torn ligaments. You may also lose some minor functionality around the wrist.

Grade 3: If your injury is in Grade 3, you need to visit a doctor immediately. It means that most of your wrist ligaments are torn, and you might face serious consequences such as major functionality loss and pain.

The Challenge with Creating an Accurate Sprain or Broken Wrist Quiz

It’s understandable when an injured person asks, “Is my wrist broken or sprained?” That’s because the two conditions have pretty much identical symptoms. And the challenge with creating a precise quiz is that you cannot distinguish between fracture and sprain due to their similarities. Most other online tests have unreliable results because they don’t consider the tiny details. However, we tried to overcome the challenge by asking you specific questions and giving you more options to pick from.

Symptoms of a broken wrist

  • The pain level in a fracture is severe and unbearable. But it depends on the intensity of the injury.
  • The patient usually faces swelling around the wrist and the impact area.
  • Your wrist might become overly tender if your wrist bones are broken.
  • It’s also standard to see bruising around the damaged area the next day or after a couple of hours.
  • You may also notice physical changes and deformation near the injured part of the wrist.
  • Symptoms of a sprained wrist
  • Slight pain and swelling around the impacted area.
  • Feeling like your wrist is warmer than the rest of your body.
  • A popping or tearing around the damaged parts.
  • Slight bruising.
  • Losing the ability to move your wrist as you used to.

Why Would You Need a Quiz to Know if Your Wrist is Broken or Sprained?

You can actually break your wrist without knowing. That’s why taking a quiz is helpful. Be mindful that neglecting a fractured bone leads to unrecoverable movability injuries. So, it’s vital to know what has happened to your wrist after an accident or incident.


‘Is my wrist broken or sprained quiz’ is not equivalent to a clinical examination process. The test is a self-report process to help you analyze the symptoms. Please, make sure to visit a doctor if you believe that you might have broken your bones or sprained ligaments.

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