Do I Have a Concussion? This Quiz is Based on 20 Symptoms

If you have some Concussion Symptoms, take this Do I Have a Concussion Quiz to find out if you have a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) or not.

Do I Have a Concussion Quiz

A Quick Quiz to Figure Out if You Have a Concussion

This quiz comes in handy if you are at home asking yourself, “Do I have a concussion?” Usually, a direct hit to your head or a sudden shake might worry you about brain damage. And the test here examines your symptoms to see if you have one.

· Analyzing the 20 symptoms.

According to Dr. Neha Pathak on WebMD, you can evaluate your condition by evaluating twenty-one factors, such as Confusion or feeling dazed, clumsiness, slurred speech, nausea or vomiting, headache, balance problems, dizziness, blurred vision. However, it is challenging for a person to know and examine them right after an injury.

Note: After taking a blow to your head, having one of the MTBI symptoms is enough to diagnose you with the condition.

The Concussion Test helps you overview symptoms, estimating the possibility of having the condition.

· Discovering possible MTBI grades.

A Traumatic Brain Injury can be mild or severe. Doctors suggest three categories for MTBI based on its severity. The test can identify how dangerous your condition is by inspecting the signs you report.

Grade 1: a concussion can be so mild that it lasts only a quarter of an hour or less.

Grade 2: sometimes, the injury might cause problems that last longer than fifteen minutes. But as long as the patient does not lose consciousness, it is not considered a severe condition.

Grade 3: Your condition is severe if you lose consciousness and blackout after a blow to your head or shake—even if it is for a couple of seconds.

· Reviewing the possibility of other TBIs.

A concussion is the mildest brain injury type. However, any accident involving damage to your head can cause other conditions, too. So, it is vital to make sure you are not facing other TBI types. The test, therefore, reviews your symptoms for other possibilities as well.

Should I Take the Test Before Visiting a Doctor?

You can take the test before seeing a doctor if you did not pass out after the accident, and the symptoms only last less than 15 minutes. But please, make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible if you blacked out after the hit and your symptoms are persistent long after the accident.

The Concussion Quiz is a quick way to make sure what type of TBI you have. But it is not a medical diagnosis at all. You have to let a doctor examine your situation to receive a 100% reliable answer.

Things to Do When You Have a Concussion

What if you took the test, and the results were positive? If it says you have a Grade 2 or Grade 3 MTBI, visit a doctor right away. However, you can do things if you feel completely fine and the results say you have a Grade 1 condition.

#1: Stop and relax.

A false belief is that you might sleep in a coma after a concussion. However, if your symptoms are gone in less than 15 minutes, you can get some rest and sleep with no worries. Make sure to avoid any intense activities for at least a couple of days.

#2: Have someone monitoring you.

If the Concussion Quiz says you have it or don’t feel good in general, have someone keep an eye on you. Ask them to monitor your mental and physical state, being prepared to take you to a hospital or call for an emergency if necessary.

#3: Don’t take unprescribed medications.

Whatever you do, avoid any self-prescribed drugs after a possible Traumatic Brain Injury. Some medicines can worsen your situation, leading to unrecoverable damages or even death.

#4: See a doctor as soon as possible.

Regardless of the Concussion Test results, it is wise to let an MD examine your symptoms after a worrying head injury.

Taking the Concussion Test Can Save Your Life

Traumatic Brain Injuries can be fatal. However, most of them are treatable if spotted early. MTBI is among the conditions that benefit from an early diagnosis. So, taking the quick test on this page might help you stop further damages and start your treatment promptly.

Some Eye-Opening Concussion Facts to Know

  • 5 to 4 million athletes face concussions each year in the United States.
  • The majority of MTBI cases heal with no particular medical treatment.
  • You might face PCS or Post-Concussion Syndrome after a head injury.
  • 50%-80% of MTBI cases remain undiagnosed.
  • Brain damage after a blow to your head can proceed for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Contact sports carry higher risks of causing TBIs.

What if the Concussion Quiz Result Was Negative?

You still need to take things seriously. An online test is not enough to examine all your symptoms. Brain damage can be tricky to diagnose. So, consult a doctor even if the test says you do not have a concussion. Steven Laureys, MD Ph.D., the director of the Coma Science Group, says, “The brain is delicate. If you shake it, you break it.” So, make sure your delicate and vital organs are still healthy after taking damage.


The Concussion Quiz is not a medical tool to diagnose the condition. You should not rely on the results for any health-related decisions. Only a trained MD can diagnose you with a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

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