Chakra Quiz: Find Your Imbalanced Chakra 100% Accurately

Use this Chakra quiz to discover which of your circles is the strongest, and which one is imbalanced. Find out your excessive and inefficient energy sources.

Chakra Quiz

What Is It?

Chakra, also known as चक्र and cakra, is an ancient belief of psychological and physical centers in the body. The idea is rooted in some Indian religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. But it is believed that other relating ideas like Aura and Aristotelian elements and states of consciousness popularized in the modern world.

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Explaining the Chakra Quiz (for Beginners)

It helps you identify what is wrong with your bodily and spiritual energy. The quiz has seven sets of questions, inspecting functionality of all the primary Chakras, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, the Third Eye, and the Crow.

Here is how the test works.

· Function Analysis

Your body energy centers are similar to car engine parts. They should all work together to keep you moving. So, the Chakra Quiz will make sure all your circles are functioning and running correctly.

· Imbalanced Chakra Check

A blocked or clogged energy wheel can cause both physical and mental problems. So, you want to know which of your Chakras is imbalanced before it is too late. (And that is what our quiz helps you with).

· Identifying Type of Deficiency

Anodea Judith, a best-selling author, and evolutional activist says, “There are two types of inefficiencies when it comes to Cakras.” She suggests that excessive use of particular energy might cause a compensating issue. And moderate use of it can lead to an avoidant response. So, the Chakra Quiz identifies which of the said problems are causing an imbalance in your body, so you can fix them.

What Causes Chakra Imbalance?

According to the well-known guru, Anodea Judith, “Blockages happen when we have to increase or decrease our energy repeatedly. Doing so in particular areas of our lives like emotions, power, love, etc., may leave us with imbalanced energy wheels.” However, here are some of the main reasons such a one-sidedness may occur.


Things you eat, the way you work, the amount of sleep you get, and your overall lifestyle affect your circles. A sudden or gradual change in any part of your routine can leave you with Chakra energy impermeant.

Emotional Upsets

A sudden loss, a breakup, or even an excessively joyful moment may alter your wheels’ balance.

Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

Unpleasant feelings have undeniable effects on your energy levels. They activate your fight or flight instincts, which directly increase or decrease your physical and mental power. Take our accurate Anxiety Test to see if that is holding you back.

What Is It Like to Have Imbalanced Chakras?

Clark Kegley, a world-famous spirituality and self-improvement coach, explained the side effects of having an imbalanced Chakra in one of his recent videos. Here is everything you need to know about each circle and its deficiencies.

Root (Red)

Originally known as Muladhara, this circle is responsible for your survival instincts. So, it is the source of your will to eat, drink, sleep, and even reproduce. It is located in your spine base.

When the Root Chakra is blocked, you may feel extremely greedy or, by contrast, uninterested in making money. Both of the said changes are red flags of having a Root problem—pun intended.

Sacral (Orange)

This circle’s original name is Svadhishthana, which means Where the self is established.” And it is the source of sexuality along with creativity, sensuality, and manifestation. The sacral imbalance might be physically felt as hip or lower back pain. Plus, it causes Libido to increase or decrease.

Solar Plexus (Yellow)

Also known as Manipura, this energy wheel is the source of wisdom, self-discovery, and confidence. It is located between your belly button and nipples. And its unevenness causes a lack of self-wroth while interfering with your desires.

Heart (Green)

If the Chakra Quiz says your Anahata is blocked, it means that you may face relationship issues. The heart circle is the source of emotion regulation. And when it is functioning properly, you feel self-love, as well as unconditional love for others. However, when clogged, you do not want to hang out with others, and you also feel unlovable.

Throat (Blue)

Vishuddha is communication and expression Chakra. You will find it difficult to remain truthful and honest when it is blocked. Plus, you may find yourself keeping more and more secrets from others.

Third Eye (Indigo)

If the Chakra Quiz finds an imbalance Ajna circle in your body, it means that you are facing spiritual problems. This wheel is the source of body-soul connection and psychic powers. People with inefficient Third Eye functionality often feel purposeless and empty inside.

Crown (Violet)

Sahasrara is the highest spiritual center of your body. When blocked, you feel unattached and lost in the world. But when it is functioning properly, you are welcoming towards the possibilities and conscious decisions.

The following table explains the side-effects of functioning/malfunctioning energy resources of your body.

Chakra Imbalanced Balanced
Root Greediness Survival
Sacral Libido issues Sexuality
Solar Plex Lack of self-worth Wisdom
Heart Relationship issues Self-love
Throat Secrets Communication
The Third Eye Purposelessness Spirituality
Crown Unattached and lost Conscious and present


How Does the Chakra Quiz Help You?

The test’s premise is to find out which of your Chakras is imbalanced and which one is the strongest. However, the questionary also provides you with a comprehensive analysis. So, by the end, you discover what the issue is (if there is any) and how to solve it.

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