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We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz

Giving You a Brutal Kin

We’re giving you a brutal kin based on your personality. This ruthless quiz doesn’t care how nice you act to others. And it finds your inhumane match regardless

Beware: This Quiz Will Give You a Brutal Kin

The test is a set of 20 messed-up questions, assigning you to a brutal anime character. But it’s unique in that it has a storyline. You have to complete the manga-like story to find out which f-ed-up personality is your relative.

Using the quiz, you can:

  • Find the messed-up character that could be your family.
  • Understand why you’re such a psycho.
  • Get to know your dark side better.

The Most Brutal Personality Quiz with Messed-Up Results

We have handpicked the craziest characters of all time to create a psychopath-level questionnaire. Some of the results are so freaky that you might want to unsee them right away.

If the test sounds too brutal, try taking the Anime Stereotype Test. It’s less freaky and will not cause emotional damage.

But if you dare to participate, please, take the results lightly—because you will not enjoy them.

You’re NOT Going to Like Your Match

The fact that we’re giving you a brutal kin might catch you off-guard. But few people are actually ready to face their dark core.

It might sound fun to ask, “Who’s my brutal kin?” But you have to be prepared for the worst.

Taking the quiz encourages confronting your inner monster. It doesn’t care about your social masks and fake attitude. It exposes the darkness in you ruthlessly.

How Does the Kin Assignment Quiz Work?

Brutal personality quizzes often work based on your preferences. So, the more f-ed up choices you make, the freakier results you receive. But we have created the first genuine questionnaire to assess your evilness without forcing you to make irrational choices.

Here is how it works:

It analyzes your Dark Triad without you noticing.

How narcissistic, deceitful, and psychopathic are you? That’s a question we answer based on your choices. In fact, you’re being watched throughout the process and the algorithm picks up on the slightest negativity in your personality.

It looks for anime characters that are as brutal as you.

We’re giving you a brutal kin with an anime-inspired quiz. It’s because manga and Japanese animations are the #1 resource for messed-up people. Think JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s characters.

Once we have your dark side profile, we match it to the database of the most inhumane personalities. And we reveal your perfect counterpart in no time.

Examples of Brutal Kins Some People Got in the Test

Johan Libert, Gasai Yuno, Hibana Daida, and Hisoka are some examples of psychopathic anime kins.

Why they are brutal, you might ask. Well, there are fairly good reasons.

#1. Johan Libert

Disguised in a child’s appearance, Johan from Monster anime is the incarnation of the devil. He forced his classmates and teachers to fight to the death and set his school to fire.

#2. Gasai Yuno

No one really knew how brutal an anime Dere could be before Gasai’s story. She’s the scariest yandere who might kidnap, torture, amputate, and murder anyone interested in her boyfriend.

#3. Hibana Daida

Another child monster of the anime world, Hibana is a master of brutality. She tortures and kills others as if she were born to do so.

Anime Kin Brutality
Johan Libert Extreme
Gasai Yuno Moderate
Mideri Ikishima Minor
Kumagawa Misogi Extreme
Hibana Daida Moderate


How to Kin Assign a Person

You need to know how arrogant, careless, and crazy a person is to assign a brutal kin to them.

One way to do so is by putting them in fictional scenarios, and asking them to make controversial decisions. People are more likely to reveal their cruel aspects when they are not afraid of the consequences. So, by creating an imaginary environment (Similar to that of a personality quiz), you can kin assign any person.

The Problem with Other Brutal Kin Quizzes

Inaccuracy is what most brutal kin assignment tests suffer from. They are created by random people and don’t consider your actual personality when matching you to weird characters.

You may never understand why a specific brutality quiz thinks you look like a particular personality.

But we’re here to put an end to that. The test you’re about to take explains why you matched a character and how you should interpret the results. Plus, it’s overly accurate since it works based on your Dark Triad.

What’s the Point of Giving You a Brutal Kin?

The point is to identify what kind of messed-up background you could have had if you were an anime character. You may also use the brutal kin quiz to determine if you are a mean person.

But if you dig deeper, the only point is having fun. It’s an entertaining way to overview your persona type and get to know your less-pleasant sides better.

Analyze Your Personality to Meet Your F-ed Up Anime Kin

Start the quiz if you are ready to receive your brutal kin. But again, beware it’s not going to be a sympathetic process. So, take it at your own risk.

By the way, don’t take the results too seriously. It’s only supposed to be an entertaining quiz. So, no hard feelings, please.


QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the Brutal Kin Quiz. No copyright infringement is intended. Please, get in touch with us if you have a removal request.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Choose your character to start the brutal kin game.
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 1
    • A high schoolgirl.

    • A mental hospital patient.

    • A former boxer.

    • A high schoolboy.

    • A king or queen.

    • A depressed clown.

  • 2
    You have to create a story to discover your inhumane relative. Start by choosing the genre.
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 2
    • Romance

    • Thriller

    • Action

    • Drama

    • Tragedy

    • Sci-fi or comedy

  • 3
    Which one is the best opening sentence for your story?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 3
    • “I couldn’t forget his warm smile. I was obsessed.”

    • “I was so close to ending it all. But then she showed up.”

    • “All I could see was blood and human flesh.”

    • “I wasn’t sure if it’s love or lust. But I had to have her in my life.”

    • “The final war broke out when the king was asleep.”

    • “She could barely breathe. But she asked him to pull the belt tighter.”

  • 4
    Who is the antagonist in your story?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 4
    • Finding true love.

    • Forgetting their traumatizing past.

    • Killing all the bad guys and making the world a better place.

    • Finding their purpose in life.

    • Conquering the world and building an empire.

    • Creating a cult or becoming a prophet.

  • 5
    Which one describes the biggest struggle of your story’s hero?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 5
    • Relationships

    • Mental health

    • Abusive parents

    • Self-doubt and insecurity

    • Ambition, greed, and lust

    • Seeing or hearing things that others don’t

  • 6
    Your protagonist needs a companion. Which one could be their best friend?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 6
    • An insecure but kind girl.

    • A crazy but loyal scientist.

    • A martial arts coach.

    • A confident boy.

    • An intelligent and sneaky advisor.

    • An alien who talks in fart language.

  • 7
    Okay, now it’s time to add details to your story. Start by choosing the setting.
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 7
    • School

    • Jungle

    • Gym

    • Bathroom

    • Mansion

    • Abandoned cemetery

  • 8
    One of your story’s characters was murdered. Who is the murderer?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 8
    • An obsessive ex-girlfriend or boyfriend

    • They probably committed suicide

    • A spy

    • A friend killed them. But it was an accident.

    • Their spouse poisoned them for the insurance money.

    • They were killed by the alien who impregnated all cows.

  • 9
    Your story’s hero finds a bloody knife under their bed. What do they do with it?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 9
    • They hide it from everyone else.

    • They lick the blood on it.

    • They look for the MF who put it there.

    • They put it back and pretend they didn’t see it.

    • They use it to sacrifice more animals to their god.

    • They test the knife’s sharpness by cutting themselves.

  • 10
    There is a strange character in your story who talks to the antagonist at midnight. How would you describe the creature?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 10
    • It looks like their dead mother

    • It has two horns and three large breasts

    • It looks muscular and has a long tail

    • It doesn’t have a face. But it has eight arms.

    • It looks like an ancient god or goddess.

    • It is Ronald McDonald (the clown guy)

  • 11
    The antagonist of your story has a strange habit. What is it?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 11
    • They enjoy watching sleeping people.

    • They talk to themselves out loud.

    • They have to break something when they’re mad.

    • They stare at random objects for hours.

    • They enjoy watching people who’re in pain.

    • They lick their armpits.

  • 12
    Fill in the blank. My protagonist needs to ___________ to recharge their powers.
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 12
    • Hug someone

    • Slap someone

    • Choke someone

    • Undress someone

    • Suck someone’s blood

    • Chew on someone’s nails

  • 13
    How does your hero feel about their parents?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 13
    • Loves them

    • Doesn’t know much about them.

    • Dislikes them.

    • Respects them.

    • Hates them more than anything in life.

    • Wants to feed them to their family dog.

  • 14
    What is a frequently used weapon in your story?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 14
    • Poison

    • Magic

    • Fists

    • Knives

    • Explosives

    • Chainsaws

  • 15
    How does your protagonist kill the antagonist?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 15
    • Pays an assassin to kill them

    • Seals a deal with demons to kill them.

    • Kills them in a brutal battle.

    • Kills them in a fake car accident.

    • Feeds them to wolves.

    • Gives them so many Viagra pills that they overdose and die.

  • 16
    There is a mysterious tribe that your hero’s kin live in. How would you describe it?
    • It’s a small tribe in a polygamous society.

    • It’s a tribe of weird witches and wizards.

    • It’s a tribe of elite warriors.

    • It’s a tribe of ancient shamans.

    • It’s a tribe of cannibals.

    • It’s a tribe of alien species.

  • 17
    What’s your story’s take on romance? How’d you describe your protagonist’s love life?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 16
    • My protagonist is madly in love with a girl.

    • My protagonist used to be madly in love.

    • My protagonist doesn’t love anyone.

    • My protagonist is trying to discover what love is.

    • My protagonist hates romance and finds it disgusting.

    • My protagonist wants to date 5 different people at once.

  • 18
    Which one sounds like a cool twist for your plot?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 17
    • The protagonist dies.

    • Demons conquer the world.

    • The weakest character kills everyone else.

    • The human race goes extinct.

    • The queen betrays the king and kills him.

    • The protagonist’s girlfriend gives birth to a four-legged alien.

  • 19
    Final question; how does your story end?
    We Are Giving You a Brutal Kin With This 100% Fun Quiz 18
    • Happy

    • Mysterious

    • Epic

    • Tragic

    • Scary

    • Weird or funny.

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