Quiz: Do I Like Him? 100% Honest Answer

Do you ask yourself, “Do I like him?” Take this fondness quiz to see if it’s a spark of love or something totally different.

Do I Like Him quiz

Signs You Like Him

You could tell if you like him by analyzing subtle changes in your behavior. Studies show that you get nervous around people you’re attracted to, feel the need to see them or talk to them, and are slightly jealous of them attending to others.

Here are the most common signs you like him:

  • You find him attractive.
  • You are excited to see him.
  • He makes you nervous.
  • You share the good news with him.
  • You fancy him.

How to Accurately Tell If You Like Him

When he has occupied your thoughts—in a positive way—it’s safe to say that you like him. But the only way to ensure that the feelings you have are fondness and affection, you must get to know that person. If the initial spark and mystery are gone, and you still fancy him, you actually like him.

Of course, there are levels to attraction. And your feelings for someone can go in all directions. But when you like him, your emotions grow deeper and get more intense. That’s while a subtle crush usually dies down as you get to know him.

By the way, we also have a quiz called “How to Tell if a Girl Likes You?” So, you might want to share that with your crush and low-key confess your feelings for him. Just saying.

What If You Actually Like Him

Don’t panic. You may overthink if he likes you back or if it’s going to work out for you. But you need to focus on your emotions first. Take some time and give yourself a chance to get to know him. Don’t rush. Ask him on a date, and maybe open up about the sparkling feelings you have for him. But don’t push him to respond or confess his emotions.

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If It’s Not Love, Then What Is It

When it comes to liking someone, love is not always the case. What you feel for him might be pure lust—which is fine, too—or it might be something more profound, a spiritual connection that awaits being discovered. The point is that you don’t have to squeeze your fondness for someone into the jar of love. You could like someone without loving them. And you could gradually fall in love with someone that you didn’t like.

This Gender-Inclusive Quiz Reveals If You Like Him

Are you overthinking things like “Do I like him?” If yes, we’ve got you covered; the questions on this quiz can expose your true feelings for him without assuming your sexuality or misgendering you—because, believe us, most other quizzes do that.

If you want to know whether it’s fondness or lust that you have for him, just press the start button and take the test.

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