Are You Girl Pretty or Boy Pretty? Discover Your Style

Do you want to know if you are Girl Pretty or Boy Pretty? This attractiveness quiz reveals which gender finds you beautiful.

Are You Girl Pretty or Boy Pretty

💡 What to Expect: The “Girl Pretty or Boy Pretty” quiz determines whether you are perceived as beautiful or attractive by men or women.

💅🏻 Are You Girl Pretty or Boy Pretty? Girl Pretty describes a type of beauty that is mostly appreciated by women. Boy Pretty, on the other hand, refers to attractiveness typically preferred by men. Essentially, Girl Pretty individuals get most of their compliments from other girls, while Boy Pretty individuals receive most of their compliments from men.

For the curious minds out there, the concepts of Girl Pretty and Boy Pretty actually have a scientific explanation. According to Macken Murphy, a human behavior researcher and Oxford graduate, there are psychological reasons why attractiveness differs between genders despite beauty and sexual attraction being universal topics.

Macken suggests that people often struggle to identify attractive same-sex candidates for the opposite gender due to three reasons: 1) Competitor derogation, where jealousy leads to downplaying someone’s beauty; 2) Failure of cross-sex mind-reading, as people find it challenging to understand what the opposite gender finds attractive; and 3) Overvaluing unimportant features, where people focus on traits their peers find attractive but the opposite sex does not. For instance, while women may value thinness, studies show that men are less concerned with this trait.

Now that you understand the somewhat scientific basis behind Boy Pretty and Girl Pretty, which do you think better describes you? We already have the answer! Take the quiz below to find out if you attract boys, girls, or maybe even both.

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