Am I Bipolar? This 100% truthful quiz will let you know

Are you wondering am I Bipolar or not? This 100% truthful quiz will let you know. Just answer some simple personality questions to find out.

am i bipolar

What Does the Am I Bipolar Quiz Do?

The am I Bipolar quiz exposes the likelihood of being diagnosed with this disorder. You answer a set of 20 personality- and behavior-related questions. And you get a result based on the responses.

How Do I Know if I Am Bipolar Without Taking the Test?

Only a certified medic or field specialist can diagnose such disorders. However, you can still determine the likelihood of having Bipolar Disorder. According to the DSM-5, people who have this mental illness should have at least 3 of the following symptoms.

You Need to Have at Least 3 of the Following Symptoms

The symptoms should last for at least a couple of days.

  • Distractability: You can’t focus on a single task. You’re easily distracted even if there’s no external interference. People with BD often feel so energetic that they lose the ability to concentrate on one particular mission/job.
  • Impulsivity: Sudden changes in decisions or moods are possible when you suffer from this illness. You may change your mind about and make a significant decision in an hour. Some patients reportedly spent their whole fortune in one day. However, the impulsivity level differs in patients and doesn’t necessarily have to be as severe as the example.
  • Grandiosity: Patients who undergo a manic phase develop incredibly high levels of self-worth. Some even ended up claiming they’re God—or the savior of the world. But again, the levels of grandiosity vary in patients.
  • Flight of Ideas: “You can talk to a patient for 5 minutes and hear hundreds of ideas,” says Dr. Dom Sportell, a double board-certified psychiatrist.
  • Hyperactivity: During the manic episodes, patients are hyperactive. They are [metaphorically] a ball of energy. It’s hard to stop them. And they might even become aggressive if you try to prevent them.
  • Insomnia: Due to the high levels of energy, people with Bipolar Disorder tend to become insomniac. They sleep less than 4-3 hours a day—and still do fine. Dr. Sportell claims that one of his patients claimed having not slept for a week. The interesting fact is that the patients physically cope with the lack of sleep.
  • Rapid Speech: If you have this mental illness, and if you’re in a manic phase, it’s hard to understand you. Again, due to high levels of energy, patients tend to speak abnormally fast.

Are There Different Types of Bipolar Disorder? Yes

People with this condition are divided into two groups: Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2. The main difference between the two is the duration of symptoms. (See below).

  1. Bipolar One: Patients with three of the seven symptoms mentioned above for at least seven days are diagnosed with type-one Bipolar Disorder.
  2. Bipolar Two: If the symptoms last for 2-4 days, the patient has a type-two disorder.

Does the Am I Bipolar Quiz Determine Which Type of Disorder I Have? Yes

By taking the am I Bipolar quiz, you can figure out what type of disorder you have. The results tell you whether you’re likely to experience type one or two—or none.

Bipolar Myth Busting: Things to Know Before Taking the Quiz

You don’t have to go through a depressive episode to be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

One of the myths about this mental issue is that you HAVE to feel depressed once in a while. However, that’s not correct. According to Dr. Sportell, some patients only undergo the manic phases, which are the opposite of depressive episodes.

Taking the AM I DEPRESSED quiz is a better idea if you constantly feel hopeless and down.

Even one manic episode in your entire life is enough.

Dr. Sportell also clarifies that going through a manic episode once in your life is enough to be diagnosed with this disorder. Of course, being overly hyped or energetic once in your life doesn’t mean you’re Bipolar. However, if a psychiatrist can identify an abnormal manic episode in your life, you’re likely to have it.

It’s different from mood swings.

“If mood swing is a campfire, Bipolar Disorder is a forest fire out of control,” says Dr. Sportell. Feeling a sudden change in your mood doesn’t make you a candidate. Concerning mood swings are usually because of other conditions, such as BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder.

Why Do I Need to Take the Am I Bipolar Quiz?

People don’t google am I Bipolar out of a sudden. You must have felt or observed something. Taking the test is a proper way to look deeper into yourself. Of course, only a trained medic can diagnose your condition. However, a quick quiz could help you figure out whether or not it’s time to visit a psychiatrist.

Other reasons to take the am I Bipolar quiz are listed below.

Reason #1: More People Are in Danger These Days

According to Statista, 0.59 percent of the population suffered from Bipolar Disorder from 1990 to 2013. However, the number of patients has increased by 0.01 during the last seven years. That means more people are ending up struggling with this condition. So, it’s best to be cautious rather than ignorant.

Taking the am I Bipolar quiz can lead to an early diagnosis and proper treatments.

Reason #2: People with This Disorder Have Shorter Lifespan (if Ignored)

Dr. Sportell says, “the numbers suggest that people with this condition have shorter lifespan by fifteen years.” So, ignoring your symptoms could be terminal in some way. However, by taking the am I Bipolar quiz, you can notice the possibilities before it’s too late.

Reason #3: You Might Unintentionally Hurt You (Or Others)

Manic episodes in people with these conditions can be dangerous. Sometimes the over excitement levels require hospitalization. That’s because the patient becomes likely to hurt themselves as well as others. For instance, Kevin Hines, a best-selling writer, jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in the act of committing suicide. He is diagnosed with BD.

So, taking the am I Bipolar quiz shows you are a responsible person—who cares not only about themselves but also others.

Reason #4: Your Children Are 10 Times More Likely to Develop It

Statistics show that people with close relatives who have this mental illness are more likely to have it. They are ten times more likely to struggle with Bipolar symptoms than others. So, taking the am I Bipolar quiz is a way to save not only you but also your children.

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