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5000 Character Quiz. Let’s Have The Most Accurate Match

5000 Character Quiz

Discover what percentage you match these 5000 characters (fictional and real-world) with a personality quiz. Here’s the viral TikTok test everyone’s talking about.

What Is the Five Thousand Character Personality Test?

The test is a series of 23 questions about your preferences and characteristics to reveal what percentage you’re similar to famous fictional characters, celebrities, or historical figures. It is called the 5000 Character Quiz because it’s based on a database of over five thousand personality profiles.

It All Started on TikTok

The 5000 Character Quiz took over the internet in 2022 mainly because of TikTokers. It received so much attention after some of the biggest names on the platform shared their results. Soon after, the five thousand personality test became a trending topic on TikTok, and users shared their own results with hashtags like #5000charactersquiz.

An Unbelievably Accurate 5000 Character Quiz

You’d think it’s not possible to find someone’s perfect match out of thousands of candidates. But we did it. The personality test you’re about to take reveals what percentage you look like movie and pop culture names with shocking accuracy. That’s because it’s based on your actual MBTI type. We determine your true persona before suggesting a list of similar celebrities or fictional characters.

How to Take the 5000 Character Quiz

If you want to play the five thousand personality quiz that got viral on TikTok, you’re on the right page. All you have to do is answer 23 questions about yourself. Please, tap the Start Quiz button to dive into the test or continue reading for more info.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the questionnaire:

No email or registration is required. Unlike other online tests, we do not ask for your email address, and you’ll see the 5000 Character Quiz results right away.

Shareable and fun results. You’ll receive a customized result, brief enough to share on social media platforms and specifically designed to look good on TikTok.

Find Out Which Fictional and Real-World Characters Are Similar to You

We have used a database of over five thousand famous names for this particular quiz. And unlike others, we included real-world celebrities and historical figures to finetune the results. Most other online quizzes will only tell you which fictional characters you match. But we do more than that.

Movie and TV show characters: QuizExpo is home to hundreds of viral TV & movie personality quizzes. So, we used the data to reveal what percentage you’re similar to Hollywood actors and trending celebrities.

Anime and cartoon personalities: Have you ever wondered what anime character you are? What about your cartoonish counterpart? Our 5000 Character Quiz can find your perfect fictional match based on your behaviors and beliefs.

Famous names in history: Don’t you want to know which philosopher looks like you? What about your lookalike notorious king or queen? The quiz includes a database of the world’s most prominent historical names so you know what kind of person you’d be had you lived a couple of thousands of years ago.

Singers and rappers: You cannot create a 5000 Character Quiz without the top musicians in the world. That’s why we used our database to add world-known singers and rap artists to the results.

Writer and poets: The Five Thousand Personality Test is so vast that you might even match Shakespeare or Stephen King.

Influencers and internet personalities: You may also find out that you look like a famous Youtuber or a TikToker. Everything’s possible because you’re talking about thousands of characters.

The Problem with Other 5000 Character Quizzes

The main issue is that most other online tests leave you with a freakishly long list of names that are supposed to be your matches. But it would only confuse you because you don’t want to spend the rest of the day googling the names on the list. And most of the time, the matches are so random that you can never figure out why in the world you’re 89% similar to some guy from an 80s Korean sci-fi drama.

Another thing is that most 5000 Character Quizzes on the internet are just clickbait. They never reveal your true matches and throw a bunch of famous names at you.

This Quiz Is Based on Your MBTI Personality Type

How can an online quiz discover which characters share the same personality with you out of 5000+ options? By using your Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. We already have a huge database of the celebrities and fictional characters’ MBTI type. So, by analyzing your characteristics, we can create your accurate profile and match it to the existing data. And that’s why your results are guaranteed to be shockingly precise.


QuizExpo is not associated with any names or organizations mentioned on the page. The 5000 Character Quiz is an independent personality test inspired by social media challenges.

QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the test. Please, contact us if you own any and want them removed. (No copyright infringement intended).

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

How many questions does this quiz have?

20 questions

How long does it take to complete this quiz?

8 minutes

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    You like your favorite movie character because they are ___________.

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 1
    • Heroic

    • Protective

    • Creative

    • Bold

    • Reliable

    • Serious

  • Question 2

    It's a Sunday morning. What's the first thing you want to do?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 2
    • Check-in on others

    • Make breakfast for others

    • Enjoy the sunlight

    • Check out my social media accounts

    • Read news

    • Jump off the bed and go to work

  • Question 3

    If your life was a movie, what would its genre be?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 3
    • Drama

    • Tragedy

    • Romantic

    • Comedy

    • Documentary

    • Horror

  • Question 4

    People respect you because you are ______________.

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 4
    • Caring

    • Kind

    • Unique

    • Funny

    • Successful

    • Intelligent

  • Question 5

    What kind of information do you need to decide whether a person is good or bad?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 5
    • I need to know about their past

    • I need to know how they describe themselves

    • I can tell if a person is good or bad looking into their eyes

    • I need to see a person's garderobe to judge their personality

    • I should analyze their achievements and goals for that

    • I need to talk to the person for 5 minutes to tell you that

  • Question 6

    Imagine you live in a parallel universe where anything is possible. What kind of person would you be in such a world?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 6
    • A detective

    • A superhero

    • An inventor

    • A singer

    • A politician

    • An intergalactic leader

  • Question 7

    Of the following options, what pisses you off the most?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 7
    • Ignorance

    • Disrespect

    • Dullness

    • Shyness

    • Uncertainty

    • Weakness

  • Question 8

    How would you spend your time if you had only one week to live?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 8
    • With my family

    • With my partner

    • I'd drink and smoke

    • I'd party like animals

    • I would ensure my family is fine after I go away

    • I'd stick to my routine

  • Question 9

    What's the type of person you cannot stand and don't want in your life?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 9
    • A cruel person

    • An emotionless person

    • People with no creative aspect

    • Serious and boring ones

    • A lazy and depressed person

    • Messy and disobedient ones

  • Question 10

    Imagine you won $1000 in some random giveaway thing. How would you spend it?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 10
    • I'd give it away

    • I'd buy gifts for loved ones

    • I'd buy myself something practical

    • I'd spend it on partying and having fun

    • I would invest it

    • I would save it

  • Question 11

    Money and career aside, what's your moral priority in life?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 11
    • Respect

    • Love

    • Spirituality

    • Being inspirational

    • Being a role model

    • Success

  • Question 12

    What makes a movie character great and memorable?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 12
    • The intention

    • The inner growth

    • The backstory

    • The performance of the actor

    • The outcome of their actions

    • I don't really know

  • Question 13

    Which one can be a summary of one of the best days of your life?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 13
    • A great vacation with my family

    • Helping someone achieve something important

    • Doing something unique or experiencing something new

    • Hanging out with friends and laughing all day long

    • Achieving a goal after working hard for it

    • Seeing my plans work and feeling smart

  • Question 14

    A completely random question; what do you think about superheroes?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 14
    • I love them

    • I'd like to be one

    • They're cool and creative characters

    • I like most of them

    • I don't like the idea of superheroes

    • I think superheroes are made for kids

  • Question 15

    How do you usually deal with your tasks? What's your strategy or approach?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 15
    • I usually ask for help

    • I try to get them done without asking for help

    • I like to postpone them until I'm in the mood

    • I don't like doing tasks. I freestyle.

    • I usually create a strategy to increase my proficiency

    • I create a funnel where people do most of the work for me

  • Question 16

    Which one describes the feeling you have right after waking up in the morning?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 16
    • Grateful

    • Calm

    • Inspired

    • Tired

    • Focused

    • Eager

  • Question 17

    If you have a time machine, what would you use it for?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 17
    • To go see my late relatives

    • To go see famous historical figures

    • To go see famous historical places

    • I'd use it to go to the future and live there

    • I'd use the time machine to predict the future and invest accordingly

    • I'd use it to change some timelines and create an ideal one

  • Question 18

    Some say revenge is a dish best served cold. What do you think?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 18
    • I don't like the idea of revenge

    • I know that revenge is not a remedy

    • I think that's a beautiful quote (but it doesn't mean much)

    • I totally agree with that

    • I don't want to spend my time planning revenge. It's pointless.

    • Sometimes, revenge is your best option.

  • Question 19

    If you had to live in a movie for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 19
    • The Lion King

    • Titanic

    • Star Wars

    • La La Land

    • King Arthur

    • 12 Angry Men

  • Question 20

    Final question; how old are you?

    5000 Character Quiz. Let's Have The Most Accurate Match 20
    • 40 or more

    • 35-39

    • 30-34

    • 26-29

    • 22-25

    • 21 or younger

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