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Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match

Which YouTuber Are You

Hey, which YouTuber are you? This 20-question viral quiz reveals your YouTube personality accurately. Are you PewDiePie, MrBeast, Logan Paul, Addison Rae, or?

The Ultimate YouTuber Persona Quiz!

Here is a set of creators- and influencers-related questions to discover the YouTuber similar to you. It includes all the top names in the app, matching you to them with 90.9% accuracy.

It is nothing like a niche-specific test. So, do not expect it to have anything in common with our other trending quizzes. By participating in this one, you compare your characteristics to the world’s top YouTubers, finding your perfect counterpart in no time.

Discover Which Famous YouTuber You Are

You spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours watching your favorite streamer, fashion vlogger, makeup artist, or productivity influencer on YT. And now you are like, “Which YouTuber am I?” The good news is that you are about to find out because our quiz analyzes your personality to determine which world-known creator on the platform looks like you—persona-wise.

Get Cool Additional Info About Your YouTube Career

The test does more than reveal your YT character. It provides you with fun pieces of information about your imaginary channel. Here is everything you learn by taking the questionary.

  • Niche

We analyzed over 15 popular and profitable YouTube niches, creating a list of dominant characters in each category. So, your results will include the topics we think you could go viral in—based on your characteristics. See the list of the niches below:

Finance & Investing, Educational Videos, Tech, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, Cooking, Reactions, Fitness, and Video Games.

  • Subs

You wonder which YouTuber you are, but here is another fun question: how many subscribers would you have? The quiz can estimate the extent of your community by evaluating your mindset.

  • Monthly/Annual Views

You are not a profitable YouTuber if you do not pull off millions of views per month. So, besides revealing your online personality, we let you know how successful you could be as a creator.

  • YouTuber Income

What would your Ad revenue be if you were, say, MrBeast or Shane Dawson? The YouTube character test predicts how much money you could make online if you were that particular person. (And hey, all numbers are going to be legit).

  • Awards

After revealing your YouTuber match, we will also reveal how likely you are to win awards. Could you bring home a Kid’s Choice or Streamy Awards? That is something you will never know unless you take the quiz.

Everyone Is Included in the YouTube Personality Quiz

Unlike other tests, our YouTuber persona quiz has the platform’s biggest names on the list. You might come up with the craziest matches possible.

But if you do not have enough time, here are other ways of knowing which YouTuber you are.

Age match:

A stupid (but also) fun method is to find your matching YT personality by birthday. The table below might come in handy to do so.

YouTuber Birthday
PewDiePie October 24
MrBeast May 7
Corpse Husband August 8
Charlie D’Amelio May 1
Emma Chamberlain May 22
David Dobrik July 23
Logan Paul April 1
James Charles May 23
MKBHD December 3


Personality match:

Another less stupid method is to read the description of each YouTuber’s personality, figuring out which one you relate to the most.

#1: MrBeast

Jimmy Donaldson is the giveaway monster of YT. He has given away millions of dollars, helping charities, people in need, and just random people. If MrBeast is your YouTuber match, you are a philanthropist with crazy ideas.

#2: PewDiePie

AKA king of YouTube. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the only single person (not a company or Indian music label) with 100,000,000+ subscribers. He is a funny, sarcastic, and vivid YouTuber who is already in his 30s—and still domineering the YT trends. If you are PewDiePie, you are a reaction master who can make a potato meme the world’s most interesting topic. Plus, you are good at torturing yourself by playing silly games.

#3: David Dobrik

Despite all the 2019-2020 controversies, David remained a top YT vlogger. He is a witty, easygoing, loud-laughing, party-loving boy who hangs out with his Vlog Squad, recording every interesting moment they have. If your YouTube character is David, you are a Hollywood boy/girl who loves the lavish lifestyle of celebrities and enjoys spending time with them.

#4: Logan Paul

The older Paul brother, Logan, is an ex-controversial YouTuber—or at least that is how he introduces himself. Now a professional boxer, Logan has always been on the trending side of YT for not-so-family-friendly reasons. He is an ambitious, confident, and bold person who speaks his mind no matter what.

If someone asked, “Which YouTuber are you?” and you were like, “I’m Logan,” you are a goal-oriented, motivated, and tough individual. It also indicates you do not care for what people think of you or say behind your back.

#5: Charlie/Dixie D’Amelio

The D’Amelio family has been dominating the entertainment side of YT for the past few years. And now, Charlie is even nominated for the Streamy Awards in 2021. If the YouTuber within you is one of the D’Amelio sisters, you love being in the spotlight and having all the attention.

#6: James Charles

Being the second most subbed makeup content creator, James is a beloved YouTube personality. He has a cute and loveable persona and speaks openly about his emotions and opinions to his subscribers. If someone asked, “Which YouTuber are you?” and you wanted to say, “I’m James Charles,” something is for sure, you love makeup. Plus, you are quirky and sassy at the same time.


Marques Brownlee is the tech review guru of YT. He has been around since he was a kid, recording on a basic webcam. If you took the YouTuber character match test and you matched him, here are things to know: 1) You are a super geeky and (probably) nerdy person. 2) You are extremely analytical to the point where 90% of your analysis turns out to be accurate, and 3) You are an innovative person.

Other YouTubers!

The list goes on. There are dozens of more YouTube personalities you could match if you took the test. So, press the green button on top of the page and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel, I mean, website. 😉


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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

How many questions does this quiz have?

20 questions

How long does it take to complete this quiz?

9 minutes

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    How would you like your viewers to feel when watching your YouTube videos?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 1
    • Relaxed

    • Sassy

    • Cool

    • Excited

    • Safe

    • Stunned

    • Entertained

    • Scared

    • Happy

    • Mixed feelings

  • Question 2

    How much money would you like to put in producing each of your videos?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 2
    • Less than $100

    • About $500

    • About $1,000

    • $3,000-$5,000

    • About $6,000 to $7,000

    • Millions of dollars!

    • About $10,000

    • About $12,000

    • About $15,000

    • Nothing

  • Question 3

    YouTube is a platform where you can ______________.

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 3
    • Connect to people

    • Show your skills

    • Become a world-class model

    • Have fun and make money

    • Teach people what you already learned

    • Make the best videos possible and enjoy it

    • Play games and make money (somehow)

    • Be a free-spirited artist

    • Try cool stuff and make money off it

    • Be famous and show the middle finger to haters

  • Question 4

    What would you like to be the media’s main focus about you?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 4
    • My thoughts and ideas

    • My art

    • My style

    • My lifestyle

    • My knowledge

    • My production skills

    • My jokes

    • My voice

    • My random skills

    • My gossips

  • Question 5

    Of the following options, which one has the lifestyle you wish you had?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 5
    • A talk show host

    • A makeup artist

    • A fashion blogger

    • A Hollywood actor

    • A tech company owner

    • A famous film producer

    • A top-ranked gamer

    • A beloved singer/rapper

    • A world-class athlete

    • The Kardashians!

  • Question 6

    How much time would you spend to produce each video?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 6
    • Less than an hour

    • An hour or so

    • Two or three hours

    • 24 hours

    • 2-3 days

    • 2-3 WEEKS

    • I don’t really know

    • I prefer streaming

    • 1-2 months

    • Whatever it takes

  • Question 7

    What type of content do you usually consume?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 7
    • Interviews

    • Tutorials

    • Dance

    • Vlogs

    • Reviews

    • Random cool stuff

    • Gaming

    • Music

    • Sports

    • Breaking news

  • Question 8

    Pick a nickname for your YouTuber persona.

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 8
    • She-Talk

    • Da Real Fairy


    • The Vlog Banger

    • Geeky101

    • The Boss

    • The King

    • The VOICE

    • TeamkillerGang

    • Da Boy with No Hoodie

  • Question 9

    Which of these YouTubers would become your best friend?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 9
    • Dixie D’Amelio

    • Yuya

    • Emma Chamberlain

    • Jake Paul

    • MrWhoseTheBoss

    • PewDiePie

    • MrBeast

    • Sykkuno

    • Dupree Trickshots

    • NELK boys

  • Question 10

    How would you spend the money you earn on YouTube?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 10
    • Save it

    • Buy new makeup

    • Buy new clothes

    • Party and have fun

    • Buy new gadgets

    • Hire more people

    • Buy new gaming stuff

    • Buy instruments

    • Buy more cameras

    • Buy expensive watches

  • Question 11

    You need to hire your first crew member. Which one would you hire first?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 11
    • A therapist! (Or life coach)

    • A makeup artist

    • A dance teacher

    • A stripper

    • A writer

    • A producer

    • An assistant

    • A musician

    • A cameraman

    • A driver

  • Question 12

    Choose the YouTube section that you like the most?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 12
    • My feed (Home)

    • Explore

    • Library

    • Shorts

    • Subscriptions

    • Creator on the Rise

    • Gaming

    • Music

    • Sports

    • News and Live

  • Question 13

    What would be the average age of your viewers?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 13
    • 14-16

    • 18-20

    • 10-13

    • 20-23

    • 24-28

    • 0-99

    • I have no idea

    • Teenagers, I guess

    • It depends

    • Hopefully adults!

  • Question 14

    What would be your #1 goal as a YouTuber?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 14
    • Be me

    • Be my best

    • Become the most famous YouTuber

    • Make millions while having fun with friends

    • Learn something new every day

    • Create the best videos possible

    • Create a community of people like me

    • Show my art to the world

    • Try crazy stuff all the time

    • Top the news headlines all the time

  • Question 15

    What is the best strategy to get the most viewers possible?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 15
    • Don’t be extra and fake

    • Look hot and attractive

    • I have no idea

    • Live life as if it’s a sitcom

    • Enrich your videos with more and more info

    • Make the best videos possible or go home

    • Forget about the views and have fun

    • Don’t show your face and keep things mysterious

    • Do things no one has ever done before

    • Be controversial. That’s it.

  • Question 16

    If you had to describe your ideal lifestyle in one word, what would it be?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 16
    • Stress-free

    • Lavish

    • Adventurous

    • Luxurious

    • Humble

    • Unpredictable

    • Buzz-free

    • Isolated

    • Active

    • Celebrity-like

  • Question 17

    What do you love about creating content the most?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 17
    • Talking to people

    • Being in the spotlight

    • Being famous

    • Making easy money

    • Teaching and learning

    • Trying to be the best in the world

    • Who cares?

    • Sharing my stuff with others

    • Trying new things and experimenting

    • Giving people what they want

  • Question 18

    How much time do you spend watching YT videos per week?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 18
    • 1-2 hours

    • About 3 hours

    • About 5 hours

    • About 6 hours

    • Less than 30 minutes

    • About 7 hours

    • About 8 hours

    • About 9 hours

    • 10+ hours

    • Less than 15 minutes

  • Question 19

    If your life was a movie, what would its genre be?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 19
    • Drama

    • Tragedy

    • Romance

    • Sitcom/Comedy

    • Si-fi

    • Action

    • Western

    • Horror

    • Epic

    • Documentary

  • Question 20

    Final question; which one is an activity that you’d enjoy doing on the weekends?

    Quiz: Which YouTuber Are You? 100% Accurate Match 20
    • Reading

    • Trying new makeups

    • Shopping

    • Grabbing a drink or two

    • Watching a documentary

    • Working on new videos

    • Chillax and game

    • Listen to music

    • Play sports

    • Watch a boxing or WWE match

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