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Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer

How Rare Are You

Would you like to know how rare you are? This personality quiz estimates your rarity based on your personality and characteristics. Are you normal or not?

A Quiz to Estimate How Rare You Are

The rarity test analyzes your characteristics, compares them to that of others, and decides how atypical you are. It’s a personality quiz in nature. But it focuses on your unique features that others lack.

The questionnaire helps participants who self-question things like, “Am I weird or extraordinary?”

What Makes a Person Rare?

Generally, all humans are unique in their own ways. However, some specific physical or mental features and life experiences can make a person rare.

Physical features

Only 1 in 10 people is lefthanded, 1 in 200 has the 25th rib, and less than 2% of the world’s population has red-colored hair. These are a few examples of physical features that could increase your rarity compared to others.

Physical feature Rarity
Red hair 2%
Gray eyes 1%
Different color eyes 1%


Personality type

Specific behavioral differences can make you unique. So, it’s crucial to know what type of person you are before estimating your rarity. And Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a reliable tool for that.

The rarest MBTI personality type is INFJ: less than 2% of humans have it. INFJs are described as intuitive, empathetic perfectionists.


Sometimes, your life experiences can determine how rare you are. Think Thomas Musgrave, an Australian sailor who survived on an abandoned island for over 18 months. Such unusual happenings can easily turn you into an extraordinary person.

3 Subtle Signs You Are a Rare Person

The big question is, “How rare are you?” But you need to know what to look for when evaluating someone’s uniqueness. Is it how you look? Should you focus on personality? Or is it something else?

Usually, rare people have three characteristics.

#1. You feel like an outsider all the time.

Uniqueness comes with its price: loneliness. It’s almost impossible for a rare person to bond with many people. They often feel like they are weird—and that might even give them insecurity. But alienness is actually a sign of rarity. You cannot connect with others because your vibe and energy are unmatching.

#2. You are overly empathetic.

It’s believed that rare personalities often gravitate towards helpless people. Their empathetic nature pushes them to help others no matter what. So, your compassionate nature is indeed a sign of your rarity.

#3. You are a perfectionist who procrastinates.

Not all signs of being rare are positive. Being a perfectionist is common among exceptional minds. But the same feature is why many of them procrastinate. The urge to do everything in the finest way possible negatively affects such people’s performance. So, they want to be perfect, but the pressure of perfection makes them inactive.

Who Are Some Rare People?

Mandy Sellers: Her legs weigh more than 210 pounds, while her upper body is 84 pounds.

Shin Hiomin: He looks like a 10-year-old guy. But he’s actually 30 due to rare highlander syndrome.

Zion Clark: He was born without legs but became a professional wrestler.

Deepak Jangra: He can stand the shock of 11000 volts and is completely resistant to electricity.

Is It Good to Be Extremely Rare?

It depends. Uniqueness comes in many different shapes and forms. Some are rare in their personality type; some others have rare physical features; others have extraordinary life stories that make them exceptional. But being a rare person doesn’t make you any better than others. It’s somewhat narcissistic to think being unique equals being superior.

Appreciating your gifts is a good idea. But you should never use them against others or humiliate them.

The Problem with Other Rarity Tests Online

The main issue is that most quizzes focus on your facial and bodily features. But those are not the only signs of being unique. Yes, it’s easier to assess how rare you are rarely based on your look. However, a genuine test should also leave some room for your personality and life story.

Think extraordinary people like Einstein. He had a pretty normal face and body. And he’d probably be labeled normal had he taken any of the said quizzes. But we all know that he’s one of the rarest humans in our history.

However, the good news is that the rarity test on this page considers all of your aspects: Looks, personality, and even memories. That’s why the accuracy of the results is guaranteed.

Get to Know if You are Rare or Normal with a Quiz

Do you still want to know how rare you are? Take the test, then. The simple 20 questions on this page can determine your uniqueness level better than any other online tool.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    How do you feel in gatherings and friendly meetings?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 1
    • Enthusiastic and energetic

    • A bit bored and distracted

    • Alienated and disconnected

    • I feel like I’m the center of attention

  • Question 2

    Do you have any physical feature that often surprises others?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 2
    • No, not really.

    • Some people think I look unique.

    • Yes, I have pretty distinct physical features

    • I have a unique style

  • Question 3

    How often do you see one of your peers with the same facial features (Same hair/eye color, skin tone, etc.)?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 3
    • Every day and everywhere

    • I see people like me quite often

    • I rarely see a person like me

    • I see lots of copycats

  • Question 4

    Which one describes your life story better?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 4
    • Predictable and boring

    • Funny and interesting

    • Unbelievable and surprising

    • Mysterious and unique

  • Question 5

    Do you have any anecdote or memory that makes people go “WOW” upon hearing?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 5
    • No, I don’t have many anecdotes like that.

    • I think so. I have a couple of funny stories to tell.

    • Yes, my life surprises everyone.

    • No. But my personality is unique enough to shock them.

  • Question 6

    How do you spend your time alone?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 6
    • I watch movies or play video games

    • I read or do other relaxing activities like yoga.

    • I delve into my imagination and lose track of time.

    • I spend most of my time on social media.

  • Question 7

    How empathetic are you towards others?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 7
    • Enough to be a considerate person.

    • I’m more empathetic compared to others.

    • I’m overly empathetic. It’s becoming an issue.

    • I’m not empathetic at all. I mind my own business.

  • Question 8

    What do you think about small talks?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 8
    • I like them.

    • I’m not good at small talks.

    • I hate small talks.

    • My small talk charms others.

  • Question 9

    Are you usually struggling with your past, or are you worried about the future?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 9
    • I’m mainly focused on the moment.

    • I’m usually thinking about my past.

    • I’m extremely focused on the future.

    • I don’t care about time. I just enjoy being alive.

  • Question 10

    How do you feel about helpless people? How do you react to them?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 10
    • I pity them.

    • I’d like to help them.

    • I feel like I HAVE to help them.

    • I don’t care about them.

  • Question 11

    How many friends do you have?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 11
    • 5+

    • 2-3

    • One or no friends at all

    • I’ve lost the count

  • Question 12

    How difficult is it for you to fully trust a person and befriend them?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 12
    • It depends.

    • It’s not easy for me to trust others.

    • I trust only a few people in my life.

    • I don’t trust anyone but me.

  • Question 13

    Do you think you’re good at reading people? How easy is it for you to understand others?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 13
    • I understand my family and friend pretty well

    • Well, I’m better than others.

    • Yes, I’m unbelievably good at reading people.

    • I don’t know. But I’m sure no one can read me.

  • Question 14

    What’s the main reason you usually give up and stop trying?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 14
    • Frustration

    • Lack of motivation

    • Perfectionism

    • Boredom

  • Question 15

    How do you feel after finishing a task but NOT perfectly?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 15
    • I still feel good

    • I feel okay but not really good

    • I feel bad and blame myself

    • I don’t even care. I’m glad it’s done.

  • Question 16

    Do you hide specific information from others because you think it might hurt them?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 16
    • No, that’s lying.

    • Yes, I do that sometimes.

    • Yes, all the time.

    • No, but I wish I did that.

  • Question 17

    What do people usually compliment about you?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 17
    • My personality

    • My achievements

    • My wisdom and knowledge

    • My style and look

  • Question 18

    How do you think it would feel to be one of the rarest persons in the world?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 18
    • I think it’d feel good

    • I don’t think it’d be any different

    • I think it would feel lonely

    • It’d feel like you’re superior to others

  • Question 19

    Which one describes your thoughts and ideas better?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 19
    • Predictable and casual

    • Stressful and random

    • Detailed and imaginative

    • Ambitious and unique

  • Question 20

    Final question: What does it mean to be an intelligent person?

    Quiz: How Rare Are You? Get 100% Honest Answer 20
    • Studying and learning lots of stuff

    • Making knowledge your #1 weapon

    • Knowing how to use your knowledge

    • Being smarter than others

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