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Only professional drivers can identify all of the dashboard signs in a car. If you think that you are one of them, why don’t you challenging yourself by answering these 10 questions?

There are many control units on the most common vehicles. Warning lights tell the driver that there is a problem with the system. There are two types of warning lights: Red( stop your car immediately) and yellow (drive your vehicle to repair shop).

Some general dashboard signs

Engine Temperature Warning Light

when this light is on, It has two meanings: The coolant level is low, or so high.

Battery / Alternator Charging light

In normal mode, this light only illuminates when the car is started, but if it is turned on while driving, it means that the car’s battery is not being appropriately charged; thus this shows us that a low voltage has been detected.

Engine/Check Engine Light

If this light is off, it means everything is normal, but when it is on, it means there is a problem with the car engine. At this time you should stop the car fastly and control the fuses.

ABS/ Antilock Brake Warning

ABS is made to avoid locking your brakes completely when you panic.When this light is on, ABS is off.

 Oil Pressure Warning Light

This light should usually be switched off, but when the oil pressure is low it will turn on. In this situation, you must switch off the car immediately. Otherwise, the engine may be severely damaged, and you will have to replace the entire engine.

Fuel Level Indicator Light

When you have enough fuel, these lights will stay off.  So turning it on means reducing fuel in the tank.

Airbag/SRS Light

When this light illuminates, the airbag control system is off. So when Airbag light is off, everything is normal.

Oil Level/Temperature Warning Light

Like other lights, off meaning normal. But when the oil temperature rises or drops, the light will turn yellow.

Immobilizer/Key Symbol

Turning on this light indicates that the system does not detect your car keys.

Power Steering light

This warning lamp indicates a problem with your power steering system.

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