Would You Make a Good Entrepreneur? 100% Honest Quiz

This 15-question business quiz reveals if you would make a good entrepreneur by comparing your personality to successful millionaires.

Would You Make a Good Entrepreneur

Good Entrepreneurs Have These Features

Condensed into a short list, winning entrepreneurs benefit from the following advantages:

  • Vision. They are visionaries with realistic approaches.
  • Self-discipline. Self-made business owners need discipline to fill the management gap.
  • Flexibility. Entrepreneurship is a bumpy road that only the most adaptable survive.
  • Innovation. You’re not a businessperson if you don’t value creativity.
  • Networking. A great entrepreneur knows how to connect and communicate.
  • Passion. Booming businesses are born out of love, a love for creation and solution.
  • Persistence. The perfect executive doesn’t give up.

How to Know If You’d Be a Successful Businessperson

You will indeed make a good entrepreneur if your current mindset revolves around innovation, adaptation, resilience, discipline, and learning.

What makes you successful in entrepreneurship is essentially your problem-solving expertise. Entrepreneurs are the masters of detecting, analyzing, and resolving frustrations. However, you’d also need self-awareness, risk-taking, passion, and persistence to thrive.

As Gary Vee, a world-known American businessman, points out, self-awareness is a must for industrialists. You must be fully aware of the why behind your desire to build a business. Otherwise, you’ll never find success in entrepreneurship.

Why Everyone’s Chasing Entrepreneurship

According to Bloomberg, eight in ten entrepreneurs fail within the first eight months of their journey. Still, new one-man-band startups sprout every day. Why is that?

Mark Leruste, an inspirational speaker and bestselling entrepreneurial author, believes that we all want to become tycoons because of the media. We’re not chasing entrepreneurship; we crave recognition, comfort, and money.

The path to building a profitable business is lonely. However, the media shows us the super-stars of the industry, the multimillionaires who’ve made it. What they don’t show us is the fear in quitting your job, the depression in failing and trying again, and the anxiety in holding onto success.

So, instead of questioning whether you’d make a good entrepreneur, ask yourself, “Would you be willing to pay the price for becoming an entrepreneur?” (If your answers are money and fame-oriented, you’re unlikely to make a good entrepreneur.)

Assess Your Entrepreneurial Mindset with a Business Quiz

We want to help aspiring business-centric people looking to start their industrial journey. The Entrepreneur Quiz puts you through a self-assessment that could expose if you’re a genuine executive or an ordinary dream chaser—with no purpose.

The test is created using psychoanalytical data from the big names of startups and growing companies. However, it focuses on your personality, revealing if you have the potential characteristics of a good entrepreneur.

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