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Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys

Why Am I Single

This quiz is going to answer your question, Why Am I Single? It is a comprehensive test that can be used for girls or guys and for all ages, adults or teenagers.

Why Am I Single? Take a Quiz to Find Out

We let you know why you are still single after you answered all the questions. The test works based on the studies and surveys that analyze why people remain unmarried or unattached despite everything.

We used the most recent findings of three psychologists and sociologists, Menelaos Apostolou, Jiaqing O, and Gianluca Esposito. Their 2020 study found out that the most important reasons for remaining single are poor flirting skills, freedom, fear of getting hurt, having different priorities, and being too picky.

But the results include other possibilities such as poor social skills, biases, and traumas.

Note: if you think the reason for being alone is you being unlovable, please, take our quiz called, ‘AM I LOVELY?‘ It is the best way to prove yourself wrong.

A Relationship Expert Explains 8 Reasons You Are Single

Apollonia Ponti is a dating & relationship coach who helps people get over their solo-ish life—and build long-term relationships. She explains the most common reasons why you might be alone so that you can change for the better. More on this below.

#1: You Have Unrealistic Expectations

“90% of the time, when you have a list of expectations, you are not going to see it,” says the well-known coach. Moreover, Apollonia believes, “Not everybody is picture perfect.” So, having unrealistic criteria does more harm than good.

#2: You Are a Workaholic, or You Have an Isolated Life

Many of those who look for a ‘Why Am I Single?’ quiz or test is real-deal workaholics or loners. Apollonia says, “You need to get out there, get on the dating apps and all that to meet people.” But if your focus is solely on your work or current solo life, it is going to be challenging to find someone. And you will eventually remain alone for a long time.

#3: You Are Socially Awkward

Being shy or introverted is one of the reasons that might make you a single person. But, according to most relationship experts, fear of saying something stupid or rejection phobia holds many people back. And they tend to choose to be alone rather than facing and overcoming their fears.

#4: Your Criteria Is Limited

“Why am I single?” It might be because your criteria are limited to look, money, career, prestige, or social status. All the said standards are essential for a healthy relationship. However, being fixated on them stops you from having a reliable judgment.

#5: You Are too Eager and Focused

“I would die to have a healthy relationship right now. So, why am I still single?” Well, sometimes, you are alone because you are too eager and focused on experiencing a romantic affair that scars people off. You might push your potential partners away by your exaggerated needs and desires.

We recommend taking our other quiz called, ‘Will I Ever Find Love?’ It is designed for people too eager to get into a relationship that it is becoming a problem.

#6: You Cannot Let Your Previous Relationships Go

Apollonia says, “Bringing your wounds and memories into a new relationship will limit you from growing and will set you back.” Of course, you can always talk about your past to your current partner. But if it is at a toxic level where you compare everything with your past, you might want to rethink your attitude. It could be the actual reason why you are alone.

For some individuals, their previous romantic affairs are not the primary problem. Instead, they face relationship issues because they have had a problematic link to their parent(s). You can take our other test called, ‘Do I Have Daddy Issues?’ to find out if you fall into the same category or not.

#7: You Choose Unavailable Partners

Long-term romantic relationships require commitment and dedication. Sometimes, you want to cut to the chase, skip the pre-romance parts, and jump into the relationship. Unfortunately, such an approach leads you to ignore the red flags and choose an emotionally, physically, or mentally unavailable partner.

#8: You Are Biased

Surprisingly, many of those who ask, “Why am I single?” actually negatively affect romance and relationships. Of course, they might be biased due to their previous experiences or social stereotypes. But regardless of the reason, such beliefs hold you back and keep you alone.

How to Stop Asking, “Why Am I Single?”

Dr. Karyn Gordon, a relationship expert, was on CityTV once, talking about coping with the fear of breaking up—aka FOBU. She suggested three ways to cope with such phobias and how to prepare yourself for being alone without constantly asking, “Why am I still single?”

Stop and Think About What You Are Doing

Take a moment and rethink your criteria. Dr. Karyn suggests thinking about your top ten must-have features when it comes to your potential partner. Are they too high and unreal? Then you might need to lower them to a realistic level. Are your standards too low? Then change them for the better.

Ask for Others’ Reliable Opinions

Most of the time, people who constantly ask, “Why am I single?” are too focused on their relationship status. It would be wise to ask for others’ opinions to see what are your blind spots. Of course, as Dr. Karyn suggests, you do not need to make any decisions based on what others tell you. However, you might want to use their views to understand better where your love life is headed.

Be Happy with Yourself in Advance

You will continue wondering why you are alone as long as you rely on others for your happiness. If you want to get rid of FOBU or anuptaphobia, try being satisfied with who you are—before asking for others’ approval or validity to feel okay.

Things That Are Not Enough to Change Your Relationship Status

You may come across those who say, “I’m pretty. Why am I single?” Or “I make lots of money. Why I’m always alone?” (Actually, you could be one of such people). However, some positive features like wealth, look, or career is not enough to build a healthy relationship.

Sure, you want to have a good-looking partner who is financially independent and all that. But that is not it. Many other factors affect the success rate of relationships, such as attitude, beliefs, behavior, and ideologies.

How Does Our Quiz Help People Who Ask, “Why Am I Still Single?”

We have a definitive answer. The test on this page narrows down the possibilities based on your actions and thoughts. So, it is much easier to find out why you are alone or single after taking the quiz. You can also find a brief personality analysis and some tips on what to do next and how to change your relationship status—in case you want to do so.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

How many questions does this quiz have?

20 questions

How long does it take to complete this quiz?

5 minutes

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Which one describes your ideal partner?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 1
    • Kind and caring

    • Successful

    • Like my EX

    • I’m not sure

  • Question 2

    Fill in the blank. I cannot stand _________ people.

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 2
    • Selfish

    • Lazy

    • Confident

    • Romantic

  • Question 3

    Which one describes your working schedule better?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 3
    • 5 hours

    • 9-10 hours

    • I don’t work

    • It depends

  • Question 4

    What is your priority in life? (At least for now).

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 4
    • Myself

    • My career

    • Fixing my life

    • I don’t know

  • Question 5

    On a scale of 0-10, how difficult is it for you to approach new people and communicate with them?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 5
    • 0-3

    • 4-6

    • 7-8

    • 9-10

  • Question 6

    Which one sounds like your main struggle when it comes to meeting new people?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 6
    • I don’t have the will to do so

    • I don’t have the time to do so

    • I have bad memories

    • I don’t feel ready

  • Question 7

    Do you think you have to pretend to be someone else to make people like you?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 7
    • No

    • Maybe

    • Yes

    • I’m not sure

  • Question 8

    On a scale of 0-10, how bad do you need to have a relationship right now?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 8
    • 0-3

    • 4-6

    • 7-8

    • 9-10

  • Question 9

    What should be the main goal of a relationship?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 9
    • Growing into better persons

    • Becoming more successful

    • Starting a new life

    • I don’t know

  • Question 10

    Do your previous relationships make it hard for you to start a new one?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 10
    • No

    • Not really

    • Yes

    • I’m not sure

  • Question 11

    How scared are you to choose the wrong person?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 11
    • Not at all

    • Slightly scared

    • Terrified

    • I don’t know

  • Question 12

    Do you think no one could top your EX-boyfriend/girlfriend?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 12
    • No

    • Not really

    • Yes

    • I don’t have an EX

  • Question 13

    Would you ever fall in love with a married person?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 13
    • No

    • I don’t think so

    • Maybe

    • Yes

  • Question 14

    Would you be in a long-distance relationship knowing that you can never meet in person?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 14
    • No

    • Maybe

    • I don’t know

    • Yes

  • Question 15

    Which of the following statements about love is true?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 15
    • Love is not vital, but it’s beautiful to have

    • Love needs too much time

    • Love will always hurt you

    • Love is just a lie

  • Question 16

    How many long-term romantic relationships have you ever had?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 16
    • Skip this question

    • 0

    • More than 1

    • 1

  • Question 17

    How would you describe your parents’ relationship?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 17
    • Normal/Happy

    • Faded

    • Toxic

    • I don’t know

  • Question 18

    Do you love yourself?

    • Yes

    • Sometimes

    • Not anymore

    • No

  • Question 19

    Do you know what you are looking for in a partner?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 18
    • Yes

    • Not really

    • No

    • I guess so

  • Question 20

    Are you afraid of being alone?

    Why Am I Single? 100% Honest Quiz for Girls & Guys 19
    • No

    • Sometimes

    • Yes

    • I’m not sure

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