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Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version

Which Wednesday Character Are You

This Addams Family quiz answers, “Which Wednesday character are you?” Wednesday Addams, Enid Sinclair, Eugen, Otinger, or others?

This Quiz Exposes the Wednesday Character in You

With 20 personality questions, the Wednesday quiz identifies which character you resemble in real life.

Wednesday is a Tim Burtonesque coming-of-age comedy horror on Netflix featuring Jenna Ortega as the protagonist. It’s about Addams Family’s daughter as she goes through the struggles of a teenage goth psychic.

The test on this page compares your traits with that of the show’s characters, revealing the one with the most similarities.

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See What Supernatural Powers You Could Have

Wednesday takes place in Nevermore Academy, a Hogwarts-like school for abnormal kids.

But what if you attended the same school? What would your powers be?

The coolest thing about the Wednesday Character Quiz is that it discovers your superpowers, too. Put simply, it exposes if you’re a vampire, a werewolf, a Gorgon, a siren, or a psychic.

Discover Your Nevermore Clique too

Reminiscing Harry Potter Houses, the cliques are social groups in Nevermore Academy to distinguish students. The four main groups are the Fangs, the Furs, the Stoners, and the Scales.

Here’s what to know about each.

·       The Fangs

Also known as vampires, the Fangs are sun-avoiding, garlic-hating bloodsuckers. Yoko Tanaka, a Harajuku-inspired Goth, is a notable character in this clique.

·       The Furs

Comprised of furry half-human, half-wolf students, the Furs is the werewolves’ clique. The most notable Fur character is Enid Sinclair, who becomes Wednesday’s best friend later in the story.

·       The Stoners

Descendants of mythical creatures, the Stoners are Medusa-like people—also known as Gorgons. Ajax Petropolus, Enid’s boyfriend, is a well-known Stoner.

·       The Scales

With their manipulation ability, the Scales can affect others’ thoughts, feelings, and actions. Bianca Barclay, Xavier’s ex-girlfriend, and a recurring character, is a prominent siren.

How to Know Which Wednesday Character You Are

One way to find your perfect match is by reading Wednesday characters’ descriptions. The following guides help with that.

1.     Wednesday Addams

As an INTJ, Wednesday has a confident, analytical, and ambitious personality.

Although cold and blunt on the outside, Wednesday is a caring teenage girl. She can’t stand injustice and goes the extra mile to confront bad guys—and sometimes, bullies.

2.    Enid Sinclair

A loving ESFP, Enid is energetic, fun-loving, and slightly insecure.

She is empathetic towards others and loves them as they are. Despite her occasional spontaneity, Enid is a reliable friend who’d risk her life to save her loved ones.

3.    Eugen Otinger

A quirky young man, Eugen is a true INFP. He is sensitive, compassionate, and caring—while being socially awkward.

4.   Xavier Thorpe

The Nevermore’s introverted artist, Xavier, is an ISFP character. He’s a caretaker with low-key enthusiasm for art, animals, and nature.

Find Your Wednesday Match with MBTI

For the first time, the Wednesday Quiz utilizes MBTI types of the show’s characters to deliver accurate results.

If you already know your MBTI type, use the following table to find your match.

Character MBTI
Wednesday Addams INTJ
Enid Sinclair ESFP
Eugen Otinger INFP
Tyler Galpin ISFP
Thing ENTP
Larissa Weems ENTJ


Ready to Meet the Strange Outcast in You?

Are you still wondering which Wednesday character you are? If yes, hit the start button now and dive into the test.

The Wednesday Quiz exposes your soulmate character, supernatural abilities, and species in no time.


Netflix owns the images used in the Wednesday Character Quiz, and QuizExpo intends no copyright infringement.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Would you like to attend Nevermore Academy? Why?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 1
    • No, it’s a scary place.

    • No, it’s full of bullies.

    • Meh, whatever.

    • No, I prefer normal schools.

    • Yes, I like its ambiance.

    • Yes, I’m unique and should be in that school.

    • Yes, I’d like to fight monsters.

    • Yes, I like scary places.

  • 2
    What kind of job would you like to have in a fictional world?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 2
    • Teacher

    • Scientist

    • Hunter

    • Politician

    • Journalist

    • Model

    • Boxer

    • Con Artist

  • 3
    Which superpower would you want to have?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 3
    • Shapeshifting

    • Invisibility

    • Mind-reading

    • Flying

    • Teleportation

    • Mind-control

    • Hulk-like invincibility

    • None. I’d like to have a lethal superpower.

  • 4
    Which mythical creature are you most into?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 4
    • Mermaid

    • Loch Ness Monster

    • Griffin

    • Unicorn

    • Dragon

    • Hippogriff

    • Ghoul

    • I like demons

  • 5
    What do you think of black magic?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 5
    • I don’t like it.

    • It sounds interesting. But I wouldn’t try it.

    • I’d like to try it. What’s the worst that could happen?

    • I like the idea. But I don’t believe in magic.

    • I would only use it if I had to.

    • I’d definitely use it to achieve my goals.

    • It’s a useful technique. I’d use it to destroy my enemies.

    • I love black magic. I’d do anything to learn it.

  • 6
    Which word describes Netflix’s Wednesday better?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 6
    • Lovely

    • Unique

    • Cool

    • Nostalgic

    • Inspiring

    • Overrated

    • Boring

    • Stupid

  • 7
    What trait turns you on?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 7
    • Protectiveness

    • Confidence

    • Kindness

    • Intelligence

    • Creativeness

    • Charisma

    • Toughness

    • They’re all turn-offs

  • 8
    What would you use your powers for if you were a psychic?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 8
    • I’d help others

    • I’d discover or invent stuff

    • I’d solve crimes

    • I’d avoid using it as much as possible.

    • I’d write stories.

    • I’d make money off it.

    • I’d use it to mess with others.

    • I’d use my powers to become respected and famous.

  • 9
    What should the Nightshade Society prioritize?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 9
    • Saving innocent people.

    • Saving innocent students of Nevermore.

    • Solving mysteries and catching bad guys.

    • Keeping peace.

    • Teaching young students.

    • Hiding their identities.

    • Killing bad guys.

    • None. Nightshade Society is a stupid organization.

  • 10
    How would you react if you came across Hyde in the woods?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 10
    • I’d scream and run away.

    • I’d hide and hold my breath.

    • I’d attack it.

    • I’d distract it with noise and then escape the woods.

    • I’d hide in the bush and watch it.

    • I’d gather a team and come back to hunt it.

    • I’d ask it to turn me into a Hyde.

    • I’d catch it and turn it into my killer pet.

  • 11
    Fill in the blank. Vampires in Wednesday are_________.
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 11
    • Hot

    • Inaccurate

    • Dumb

    • Predictable

    • Interesting

    • Unattractive

    • Cringy

    • Unnecessary

  • 12
    Choose a magical companion for yourself.
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 12
    • A horse with wings.

    • A talking bird.

    • A talking crow.

    • An invisible talking owl.

    • A talking spider that can teleport.

    • A talking fox.

    • A half-lion, half-wolf creature.

    • An invisible, venomous snake.

  • 13
    Pick a costume you’d wear to the Nevermore Academy Halloween party.
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 13
    • Fairy

    • Spider-Man

    • Witch

    • Nurse or doctor

    • A DIY costume

    • Sexy dancer

    • Werewolf

    • Demon

  • 14
    What would it be if you could change one thing about Wednesday?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 14
    • I’d add more romance

    • I’d add more sci-fi elements.

    • I’d make it dark and tragic.

    • I’d cut back on teenager stuff.

    • I’d add more plot twists.

    • I’d add some hot actors.

    • I’d add more brutal scenes.

    • I’d make it a scary, R-rated show.

  • 15
    Wednesday aside, which Addams Family character is your favorite?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 15
    • Pugsley Addams

    • Cousin Itt

    • Thing

    • Margaret Alford

    • Gordon Craven

    • Morticia Addams

    • Lurch

    • Grandmama

  • 16
    What would you do if someone bullied your best friend?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 16
    • I’d hug my friend

    • I’d let my teachers know what happened.

    • I’d make the bullies pay for that.

    • I’d tell my friend’s parents about it.

    • I’d ask my friend how I could help.

    • I’d mind my own business.

    • I’d ask my friend to fight back.

    • I’d cut ties with my friend. I don’t like losers.

  • 17
    Would you date a Stoner? Why?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 17
    • Yes, love knows no boundaries.

    • It depends. I might date one.

    • No, I don’t like dating in general.

    • No, it would be too risky for me.

    • Yes, I love Stoners.

    • No, I don’t like Stoners.

    • No, the Stoners are weak.

    • Yes, I’d date one and take advantage of their powers.

  • 18
    How would you spend the weekends if you lived in the Wednesday universe?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 18
    • Watching movies

    • Reading or playing games

    • Sleeping or eating

    • Learning a new skill

    • Doing creative stuff

    • Shopping

    • Killing monsters

    • Taming monsters

  • 19
    Pick a nickname for your imaginary pet.
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 19
    • Cutie

    • D-2

    • Hey

    • Spongy

    • Weirdo

    • Prince or Princess

    • Hunter

    • I hate pets.

  • 20
    Final question: How old are you?
    Quiz: Which Wednesday Character Are You? 2023 Version 20
    • 16-17

    • 15 or younger

    • 18-19

    • 20-22

    • 23-25

    • 26-27

    • 28 or older

    • I don’t want to answer that question.

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