What is My Superpower? 100% Fun Superhero Personality Quiz

Do you secretly wonder, “What is my superpower?” This comic book-inspired quiz reveals what your superhero-ish power could be based on your personality. Flying, invisibility, or else?

What is My Superpower

A Mysterious Quiz to Reveal Your Superpower

Should you be a mutant, what superhuman skills would you have? That is the question the quiz on this page answers. It analyzes 20 personality and trait factors to determine what your real power is.

We already have a trending quiz called, ‘Which Superhero Are You?’ So, give it a try if you want to find your DC or Marvel match.

But the test on this page is a bit different. We will not match you with Batman, Spiderman, or else. The goal here is to expose your unique hero—and its abilities.

Things that the Superpower Quiz uncovers:


Your sci-fi superpower

What abilities would you have as a superhuman? Would it be something as generic as extraordinary speed or something as rare as Omnifabrication? Participating in the test is your only chance to find out what skills you could have as a mutant.

Your superhero cap and suit

Other superpower quizzes on the internet do not care about your style. But we do. The test results have detailed explanations of what your uniform could look like as a real hero.

Your real-life inner superpower

You know what, you might already be a superhero in real life. Empathy, kindness, determination, hard work, and forgiveness are all real-life powers. And we did not want to ignore your actual abilities in the test. So, the results will also let you know what skills you already have that make you an actual mutant.

Superheroes who are similar to you

Everyone wants to know what extraordinary humans are similar to them. That is why the results include a list of cool heroes that share the same personality and traits as you.

How Does the Superpower Quiz Work?

The test is a set of twenty personality questions to expose your superpower(s). But it consists of four different stages.

Step #1: Personality analysis

Most Marvel and DC superheroes gain their powers through mutation or by accident. Spiderman, for example, was bitten by a spider—and that is how he got his abilities. But the Superpower Quiz decides what your extraordinary skills are by analyzing your character.

You have to self-report your traits, behaviors, and thoughts on various topics during the first stage. That allows the test to create a reliable profile of your actual persona for further analysis.

Step #2: Mutation procedure

The Superpower Quiz put you through some fictional happenings to inspect your reactions. The decisions you make will affect the results significantly.

Every superhero goes through a series of events to unleash their powers. Take Batman, for example. He has no godlike abilities at first. But (with a little bit of financial help), he manages to turn his body and mind into a supreme weapon.

Step #3: Choosing the right uniform

The last few questions of the Superpower Quiz are about your style! Your responses enable the test to find the best superhero suit for you.

Step #4: Revealing your ultimate superpower

The final stage of the quiz is where you discover your actual power. The results are instantly revealed, and you do not need to provide us with any personal info to see them.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Results

Your big question is probably, “What is my superpower?” And you want to know what the options are. So, here are some of the abilities we handpicked for the results. BUT the actual test includes way more powers.


Did you know that healing is the most popular superpower in the United States? According to Statista, “34 percent of [Americans] stated that, if they could have any superpower, they would like to have the ability to heal others.”


The second most popular superpower among Americans is flying. Based on Statista’s survey, 16% of people would like to be able to fly. That is why we included it in the quiz.


Probably one of the oldest superpowers, invisibility is still quite popular. The cool thing about this ability is that it requires no special suit. So, it is budget-friendly!

Super strength

Few people would refuse to have Hulk-like powers. Even in ancient times, people used to worship powerful creatures like Hercules, the son of Jupiter. So, it is one of the most wished-for abilities on the list.

Or other extraordinary powers!

X-ray vision, body manipulation, shapeshifting, teleportation, telekinesis, and more. There are many more abilities in the Superpower Quiz that you might be your match. So, make sure to give it a try to find your perfect hero skillset.

3 Questions You Might Have About the Superpower Test

Regular people may not get why you take online quizzes like this. But you, too, might have unanswered questions about the test. So, here are some of the FAQs we usually receive.

Why People Ask Things Like, “What Is My Superpower?”

Having an extraordinary ability would grant most of your wishes come true. Fame, popularity, money, and influence can be easily achieved with a superpower. That is why people wonder what their superhero skills could be—even though they are aware of its fictionality.

As ScienceLeadership states, “Humans all desire power, and every single one desires different types of power. Power makes people feel different because it gives them what they want.”

Of course, many comic book fans take the test just for fun. So, there is also that.

Can You Get Superpowers in Real Life?

There are some medical conditions, such as Werewolf Syndrome and Polymelia, that give you superhuman-like features. The former makes the patient grow hair everywhere on their body, while the latter causes the person to have multiple limbs.

What Do I Do Whit the Test Results?

Share it with a friend. We included a brief personality analysis in the results that helps others get to know you better. You can also share it on your social media so others can comment on it. (That way, you can find out which superpowers THEY think you could have).

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